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What National parks have you been to? What was your favorite? What was the worst?Where do you want to go next?
Yellowstone for best, Gateway Arch for worse (durr), Big Bend for Next
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The bottom layer of a wood pile; bark down or up? Also, what is the point of a design that does not facilitate first in-first out?
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Thoughts on the youtuber and author of hit book Modern Homesteading?
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Why bring food when you can snack on naturally occurring foods?
Post tips on quick foraging. Pic related was really tasty. Now please excuse me I have to take a shit
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Is the M65 superior to the modern fleece / softshell combo?

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I just got one of these as a beater jacket:,630822777153961,03072A,back

> Comfy as hell
> Outershell water resistant poly / cotton brushed fabric with cotton lining + detachable winter liner
> Small packing size / versatile
> Good pocket size / feature + integrated hood
> Cheap and rugged

Maybe I'd be warmer in the modern fleece + softshell (probs not and I love cold and rain) but softshell's not water resistant (I can't wear a military poncho in thencity and umbrella's are for coats)

So, is it better? At least for the average Joe?
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Wim hof fundamentals

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Anyone have a link to download the wim hof fundamentals course free?
I can share the 10 weeks course:
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Rain boots in the winter

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Anyone use rain boots/muck boots/wellies in the snow? It seems like a pair with aggressive tread, a thick felt insole, and good socks would be great for shoveling the driveway/going to the store/going on light walks/stuff short of hiking. What does /out/ think?
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