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Orienteering thread? Orienteering thread.

>What is orienteering?
Orienteering is a competitive sport that combines running with navigation. Participants use a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, aiming to complete the course in the shortest possible time.
>What equipment do I need?
For a beginner, all you need are comfortable outdoor clothing and sturdy running or hiking shoes. Clubs often provide maps, compasses and short introduction courses for beginners.
>Do I have to run?
No, you don't have to run. Orienteering can be enjoyed at your own pace, whether you prefer walking, jogging, or running. Many people start with walking to familiarize themselves with map reading and navigation before increasing their speed.
>What if I don't know how to use a compass?
That's okay! Many beginner courses are designed to be navigated with minimal to no compass use. However, learning to use a compass is easy and orienteering is a great way to learn and practice compass skills.
>What if I don't want go to a meet or see other people?
Many permanent orienteering courses exist that can be ran outside an official meet. There are even apps like UsynligO that allow you to run virtual courses. See your local club's website for more info.

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Bought a mountain bike today. Gonna go riding on some trails tomorrow.

Anyone here mountain bike? Can I get a quick rundown
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/HGM/ - homegrowmen 389

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New USDA zone map has been released:

Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
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Spring is in full swing! Stagger your bush bean plantings to get continuous harvests.
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Good outdoor dogs?

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I've tried asking on 'dog' forums but I get nothing but a bunch of hysterical fucking pearl clutching faggots who start throwing accusations and character defamation around because I may not be of the opinion that dogs are actually human babies.

I need a dog that can tolerate at the minimum sleeping overnight on its own, in a dedicated plush outhouse of its own, but still with some good guarding instincts and physical capabilities.

All the personal protection breeds are faggots who will start whining and crying and pissing themselves if they're physically separated from their owners and forced into the indignity of not sleeping in your house according to the literature.

Which rules out the otherwise ideal breeds ie Dobermanns, GSD. Any Anons had experience with dogs that are still down to ride like a Dobe/GSD but don't suffer separation anxieties?

Thanks outists.
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Getting over creeps while solo wild camping?

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Fore the record I've technically been solo camping a bunch but I've always been within eye sight of other campers. I've been wild camping with friends/my ex but never alone.

I'm not usually afraid of the outdoors and when I do feel nervous about something once I start doing it I'm fine. I love to go through night drives and explore hoods, which I know is way more dangerous.

My main fear is for some reason I'll go a bit crazy and flee from my campsite and get disoriented. There's some mountain lions periodically out here but they're super super rare. I slept in grizzly country before but, again, not alone.

Anybody else feel a bit nervous then realize it wasn't that bad once you got out there?
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Should I take the van life pill

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I’ve been bouncing on a bunch of ideas on how I could live my life as I am increasingly growing tired of living in my parents house (I’m currently working minimum wage at autozone delivering car parts to different stores while I am in school for welding.) but the idea of van life seems genuinely interesting to me. I’ve also heard of people working from their vans and I am willing to do just that. I am thinking of driving out west from the mid-Atlantic with a dirt bike/adv bike in the van. How do you even get started? What vans should I look into? What are the legal steps I need to take (if any)?
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I own a piece of land that is connected by a county road, and these amish fucks have recently started moving in near the road and they fucking DUG A 5 FOOT TRENCH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COUNTY ROAD WITH SOME GAY PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION CREW AND IT IS UNPASSABLE can I call the law on these retards I want to actually be able to access my land....
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*blocks you path*
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Is barefoot running/hiking a meme?

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I'm about to buy a pair of hiking boots. My old ones are Vasque with a typical vibram sole with heels and stuff. The ones I'm eyeing are available in "batefoot" style whatever that means.
Why should or shouldn't I pick that one over the traditional sole? I'm mainly going to use them orienteering.
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