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Prepping general

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Let's talk prepping

>What is your prepping situation like?
>What situation are you preparing for?
>What is something you could expand/do more of?
>What is your biggest issue right now?

I'll start

>What is your prepping situation like?
About a weeks worth of food and water, maybe a little more, plus firewood
>What situation are you preparing for?
Power outages, primarily during winter time. That or something getting fucky with the drinking water.
>What is something you could expand/do more of?
Mainly getting a proper rotation of food & water going, plus getting a small stock of freeze-dried stuff with 10+ year shelf life to hide away.
>What is your biggest issue right now?
Simple perishables needing to be chilled, like butter, cheese etc are going to be fucked quickly if the power goes, and I haven't really found out a good replacement to cover that.
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/UL/ Ultralight hiking

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Have you guys accepted ultralight supremacy yet? What's your baseweight?
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Damping off - Apple tree seedlings

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I started some apple seeds (yea I know not true to type, I don't care)
This is what I did:

- stratified in fridge for 3 weeks (ziploc bag with soil)
- potted them (they were already starting to sprout) under indoor grow light
- they grew OK for 1 month (true leaves were formed), then all 20 of them damped off suddenly, within 3 day window. I was watering from bottom

What went wrong? I can think of a couple of things:

1. - high fungal growth due to discrete temperature rise - in nature apple seeds experience gradually increasing bacterial/fungal counts, as the season warms into spring. In my case it went fridge (38F) to 75F room temperature overnight.

This may have caused bacterial/fungal explosions which the plants immune systems weren't designed for

2. - grow light spectrum gaps - in the past, I had a grow light which couldn't produce true leaves. Tomatoes and watermelons never grew true leaves under it. Once I put them outside, they did fine.

This is a different light, but I bought a cheap plastic spectroscope, and both this one and the past one have a small gap in the light blue part of the spectrum.

What it can't be:
- soil. This is my backyard's soil and everything else grows fine in it as long as it's planted inground
- lack of light. It was very bright and I monitored the light duration
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The foliage in the eastern US in the fall is much, much nicer than the foliage in the western US.
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Survivor story thread

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>be bong
>go on convoluted trip for meaningless glory
>get stuck on an ice pack for almost 2 years
>kill scores of animals
>ditch your men to try and rescue yourself
>by some miracle you survive and are forced to save the crew you deserted.
Are anglos stupid? All the stories of men dying for non existent glory seem to come from England.

/out/jobs and locations

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Where can a tentlet live and work a comfy loser job like groundskeeper or janny or even park ranger or something that doesn't Jew you over misdemeanors and live in a tent/car to save up and experience nature and get away from gangstalkers and voice to skull?
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Camping "Out Of Bounds" is a Class 2 Misdemeanor??

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Eric Hanson could have gotten 6 months in jail and 5 yrs probation plus a $5000 fine for sleeping 200 yards away from the permitted campsite after rescuing a friend who had rabdo. A Class 2 Misdemeanor category contains crimes like violent assault (punching someone at a bar). Source:

What would you do in this situation? He takes a plea deal for no jail and 1k fine, but I think I'd be pissed enough to take it to a jury trial rather than be convicted of a Class 2 Misdemeanor.
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I look away from this hobby for 10 minutes...

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This is the online product catalog of Mountain Hardwear when I search for all "Snow Shells."
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This is the Christmas gift thread. Share your best gift ideas for outdoorsy peoples.

Need new everyday shoes

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>3 year old picrels are breaking apart
do your thing /out/