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Kids and outside

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What went wrong /out/?
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/HGM/ - homegrowmen 393

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New USDA zone map has been released:

Koppen Climate Map:

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drone edition from silo guy again bc no one else made one
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Is there a way to use this shit safely?
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Hey /out/, not sure if on right board but I am moving to a new house soon and my backyard is 100 feet wide.

I was thinking of putting in a garden box the entire width of backyard (100 feet), is this a stupid idea?

If not, what should I put in the box? I was thinking of doing all of just 1 flower (lavender for example), or doing a bunch of vegetables.

Never gardened before so dont know anything.

(Pic is not my backyard)
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What can realistically be done against these? Specially in third world countries selling their resources to China and co.
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>be me
>last time i went in nature was a few weeks ago
>fast forward to now
>see all the tick threads
>realize i hiked in a tick area
>i might have lyme's disease
what do i do? i actually kinda forgot about ticks before i saw those threads.

Grizzlies should be eliminated

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These things are exploding in population. Why are they still protected? These are monstrosities early explorers feared more than cannibal natives. We had their populations down for a reason. Why are we welcoming back IRL monsters that literally want to eat us? We shouldn't be doing that until we have some sort of reliable technology where we can implant each one with a paralysis mechanism if it's close to a human and has the urge to attack. Hook up a bear nuerolink or some shit. But letting these things roam free is a hippie delusion. Wtf are we doing?
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I am going to Yellowstone National Park this October.
never been there, I have a week dedicated to it. I'll most likely be taking i90 into Wyoming
Where to go, what to see?
I wont be hunting or fishing
I like to hike, offroad, drive around aimlessly, swim, enjoy hot springs, chill by the campfire.
Whats weather like in mid October? any roads closed by this point?
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Tick spray

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What actually makes this different than the normal deep woods repel? As far as I can tell, the ingredients are identical
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Anyone has this? How is it?
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