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Do you have a table? An entire thread for this topic.
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Went on a hike today

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And probably made the greatest webm known to /out/.
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/out/ music

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post music that you like to listen to while /out/
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/hsg/ Homestead General

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Homestead General /hsg/
> Biochar Edition
> Thread #07

Talk gardening, farming, livestock, beekeeping, building, electricity and plumbing, earthworks, waterworks, permaculture, raising children, market gardening, selling produce, barter, home economics, composting, mulching, pest control, diet, health.
Anything relevant to living on site, making a home out of the land.

Old Thread: >>2676468
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what's your gaymen/entertainment setup when backpacking, /out/?
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/seamen/ Sailing & Boating General

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Sunset Edition
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Do you let the slowest hiker in your group set the pace?
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If you cannot fearlessly plunge your hand into a bog can you really call yourself a real outdoorsman?
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what is the cheapest way to sharpen a hatchet? i dinged mine while cutting some stuff.
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What does /out/ think about these "plus-sized" women who wobbled up Mount Kilimanjaro? Does anybody believe that they maintained a >1 mph pace for over 40 hours on their 45-mile uphill trek?
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