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According to you, what makes life in the United States/Canada better than the rest of the world? They have lots of outdoors, said outdoors is very big and you can spend several years trying to explore it, what else?
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22LR is overrated as a survival round

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I've always heard that .22LR is the ultimate survival cartridge, but I've had a lot of trouble over the years implementing it as such in my practice and study of survival skills. 9mm is much better and 22LR is too redundant with 9mm to even serve as an alternate or secondary weapon system so there's no point in using it at all.

22LR might be very light and compact and cheap, but it can't substitute 9mm because you still need an effective and reliable defensive weapon. That means it's mass and cost are EXTRA, so you're not actually saving any storage space or money with it. Even if we're just talking a 22 pistol, the weapon itself weighs 2 pounds empty by itself, I would rather just carry 3 more Glock magazines instead. On top of that, the 22 ammo that is consistently accurate from lot to lot, reliable, and shipped in packaging suitable for long term storage and transport under harsh conditions and which would actually be worth stockpiling and carrying for survival such as CCI minimag isn't even that much cheaper than 9mm anyway.

It's not a good a handgun cartridge. Handguns have always been my primary survival weapons because they are light and concealable and I can take them anywhere, and because I live in the Eastern forest region of the USA where visibility is extremely low. 22LR loses most of it's advantages in a handgun. It becomes extremely loud in short barrels, loud enough to need earplugs and to alarm people in the area. It loses it's accuracy, which is critical because it's a very small, low-energy bullet so it's only useful for headshots on anything larger than a squirrel. It would be very difficult to get close enough to a medium to large game animal to shoot it in the head with a 22 pistol, I would rather just use my 9mm for a heart/lung shot. It definitely works, no matter what you might believe.
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Is there a service like Google Maps but for waterways? I'm trying to see if it's possible to get to the St. Lawrence from the Adirondack Reservoir but can't tell just looking at a map
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I have lost my job, I have no gf or wife, just turned 30 and I am alcoholic.

Nothing keeps me going in my miserable life. I think I'll buy a large cargo bike and ride around the world with my tent, power bank, solar panel and laptop.
I have saved a bit of money and think that as long as I have internet and a credit card I can earn a few hundred euros every month trading stocks and collecting dividend
What do I have to prepare for if I only live in a tent?
Has anyone here had any experience with this?
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Thru Hiking

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/Thru/ thread
who's planning a thru hike in 2024? Now's the time to start planning. Post your planned route, big 3 gear, base weight, whether you've done one before, and anything else thru hiking related

I'll go first
>Granite Gear Crown 3
Sleeping Bag:
>Kelty Cosmic 20
>Naturehike Vik 1

Base weight:
>16.5 lbs

Planning on doing the PCT as a flip flop hike, starting in Ashland, OR and hiking north before flipping back and finishing south from Ashland

This will be my first
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Where do young people get all this $$$$$$

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Dudes I went to high school with now have house, wife kids truck dirt bikes side x sides and fuckhuge camper trailers

I'm fucking disgruntled
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let's get a EDC thread going
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A cop was waiting at my car last night when I was out hunting. I came back 5:30, it was dead dark by then. He asked for my license and hunting license and the typical what are you doing out here, where are you from, etc. Wtf? Why would he have been out at a random park ok mg spot? I did nothing illegal and he just stopped and quizzed me. It was obvious that I was out hunting since I had my bow and orange on. Does this happen to you other hunters and is this normal? Can he do it again to on a different day at the same spot?
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Hiker almost dies on "fake" trail

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Is it better to have grass in your plant pot?

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If you could plant something in a pot with either bare soil, or in soil which contains already thriving grasses, which would be optimal?

Does it even matter? Scientific data or casual observations are welcome
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