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better fishing vessel?

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>Bellyboat (pic related)
>Fishing kayak
>Full boat

I'm done with being a bankcuck. Gonna buy a boat.
Which one is ideal price/performance wise? Mostly fish canals but want to fish lakes more often. I'm mostly hesitating between kayak and bellyboat I'd only consider a full boat if y'all tell me the other options suck. Any other options I'm missing?
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Imagine being such a faggot you spend 13k on a kayak converted into a bass boat.

B4 anyone is like
>ITS HIS MONEY let him spend it how he wants

Still retarded shut up
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Camping in Switzerland

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Good morning /out/, I am planning to go camping for a night next weekend in Switzerland near a lake and I was wondering if there are any restrictions on free camping, I am from northern Italy and sometimes it happened that we were caught by the forest rangers and had to leave.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm not planning to do a fire camp or anything special, just a quick day trip.

Ten days

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Could you survive ten whole days without TV, microwave meals and the internet?
Would you age 9 months or so, like this brave man.

Backpacks for vagrants in Europe

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What backpacks could you suggest to someone who wishes to go on a long odyssey?

>extra points if you can identify the backpack in pic related
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I bought a rock hammer

I bought a chisel

I have a respirator mask

I'm going into nature and with no training, by trial and error, I'm going to carve into a rock face a beautiful artwork or even build a home for myself in a boulder or with the stones and mud.

I'll work on it in my spare time.

In 10 years time, I'll have something that will make me legendary.

Men are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things…It is the action of an uninstructed person to reproach others for his own misfortunes; of one entering upon instruction, to reproach himself; and of one perfectly instructed, to reproach neither others or himself. - Epictetus, The Enchiridion of Epictetus

Rudy the Lil’ Candy-Ass

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So about a week and a half ago the neighbor brought me a duckling. Check out the old thread for the saga. Help me give this abandoned little wood duck the best chances at a long healthy life. All duck advice, bird advice, chicken or turkey farming, and general advice on raising baby birds is appreciated! Let’s hear more about those turtles and fish though too, egg layers rule!
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My first outdoor roadtrip

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I just wanted to let you guys know that i will be doing a month roadtrip in a small campervan across japan for the entire month of august, wish me luck. Any tips on how to maximize this once in a lifetime expierence will be greatly appreciated, since the only thing i've taken care of is a van to sleep and drive in.

I've never done this and always used to be a alcoholic city boi.
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finally found a nice spot to larp with my (air) gun in my shithole country. right now planning an expedition to an abandoned building i can see in google maps

nearly 9km2 with easy paved road access from my town, but no roads going thru, no houses, no fences, not part of a national park or private park, just forest and river bed.

count your blessings americans, everywhere else in the world people will call the police if they ever see your outside with a gun shaped object, then police will come and find any excuse to fuck you in the ass.

/14g/ - 14ers General

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A thread for discussing trips up mountains that are at least 14k feet (4267m) in elevation.

They’re generally located in Colorado and Alaska, but California and Washington have a few as well. Canada and Mexico have some too I guess.

Post trip reports and stories of mountain adventures.

Links: (Colorado only)
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