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> buying land and ruining it with invasive crops, invasive livestock, pesticides, and killing native wildlife because they are "pests" to your invasive crops and livestock.
Literally trust-fund kids LARPing for a couple of years before they flip the property for profit to another retard who doesn't understand that they're buying ruined land. When will this trend end?
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Deliberately burning nature as part of combat strategy

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So sad to see this making a comeback. I get wanting to clear foliages so your enemies can't hide behind them, but a lot of these are nature preserves that should be off limits to combatants

Do you think it's possible to ask the UN or whatever to do something about it? Maybe grant nature preserves a protected status similar to civilian/refugee areas or something

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>3' long, 1/2' wide, 1' tall
>hygrometer & thermometer (mostly accurate)
>compass (works great)
>magnifying glass with measure (slides out)
>signal mirror (handsome)
>bubble level (liquid disappeared (magic)
>led light (surprisingly bright & lights up the compass & level)
>ferrocerium rod & striker (stored in top)
>whistle (also in top)
>no idea what weight, its light though
don't remember who made it either, got it many years ago
how do you anons rate this thing?
also, post things similar to this
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>is land
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Is freediving /out/?

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Just got certed and i think it’s my new favorite activity. General discussion, also anyone in CO want to dive some alpine lakes with me?
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Backpacking Shelter Solutions

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I'm trying to spec a shelter I can cinch to a ~35 liter FILBE assault pack for short hikes on the east coast. What am I missing here? I think I've turned myself retarded looking at milsurp.
>modular sleep system
>10 lbs
>fucking huge bag
okay let's look at just a tent
>litefighter 1
>4 lbs
>not huge bag
>obviously needs more stuff to keep warm in winter
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Don't tell me you're still worried about ticks when these things exist, anon.

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>is the actual final boss of insects outdoors
>makes ticks look like fucking saints in comparison
>much smaller than ticks, your leg hairs won't sense them crawling
>impossible to spot unless you are actively looking closely for them
>by the time you realize you're bitten hours later, they're already long gone, you have no idea where you got them from
>never just one, usually half a dozen bites at least
>usually on your feet which slows the healing process even more
>bites are maddeningly itchy and disgusting, leak puss and blood, take weeks or months to heal, wounds are extremely easy to reopen and the whole process starts over
>the worst part, only those who have had experienced the misery will know the truth about them, meanwhile the tick wrongfully gets all the negative attention
Every tickpost here and elsewhere is another opportunity wasted to warn the people of the TRUE enemy. I envy the person whose biggest issue with the outdoors is ticks who are literally harmless by comparison. Pray you never end up having to learn the truth about chiggers. PRAY that the tick continues to be your biggest fear.
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Tree planting craze

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What is the real reason behind the tree cult of the 21st century? Most of the planet will not have trees naturally, yet somehow there is this idea that healing the World requires making everything into an endless forest. There is both media and government support for this. Is this just a new idyllic mythos, or are there more practical reasons behind it? Tolkien certainly contributed to this pendulum swing from the ideal of wheat fields to the one of untamed land. I like Tolkien, but seeing these ideas taken up and promoted by the elites makes him feel kinda tainted to me.
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i plan to live in car because that is based. can anyone tell me how to find campgrounds that will just let me park my car there? also what are some must-haves for car cookin? i already plan to get one of those portable coffee makers. any advice in general would be appreciated, thanks for reading!
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the tundra is shit
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