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>I spend my entire day inside playing video games.
>Been stalking my ex online for 15 years
>She posts some stupid cartoon about a hike she took in Spain with a guy that looks like this saying he "does a lot of rock climbing" in california
Why do people lie?
Is rock climbing considered something other than climbing up vertical cliffs? Is there something I'm missing? There is no way in a hell a guy that looks like this does a lot of rock climbing.
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Does anyone else like this? I like to go fishing (early morning) or I like to also go fishing (dusk to night) but not too late. I like to do this while listening to my favorite creepypastas while I listen with my white Bluetooth earbuds(ONN) I like to fish on the bottom with dead shrimp for the smell or I also like to fish with a bobber near the shoreline(sight fishing) with dead shrimp for the smell. Does anyone else like to do this and if so what creepypasta and headphones do you enjoy and use and also what is the bait that you like to use for the smell
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How can I go from someone who never leaves his room

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to someone who could be considered outdoorsey?

I want to change but I'm scared of the fact that it might just not be for me
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I love these lil niggas like you wouldnt believe
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YouTube Monetizing /out/ Hobby

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Is starting a YouTube channel a good idea to monetize one's /out/ hobby to be able to spend more time /out/ and afford to go to more remote/exotic places?
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Why aren't you carrying a full size axe?

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This expert army guy carries a 5 pound felling axe everywhere so he can build a survival log cabin at a moment's notice. What do you carry, a shitty little saw? How are you going to cut down a 3' diameter old growth oak tree with a ching chong pocket saw? Not gonna make it.
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Is going /out/doors the antidote to loneliness?
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What is the greatest /out/ store and why is it Sheels?
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sleeping mat

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i only have a thermarest zlite mat, i need a new one for winter, im looking at the thermarest neoair ztherm nxt as it seems the best one altough expensive

give me some advice
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how many skips have you gotten while skipping rocks?

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i've gotten four :3
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