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Hiker almost dies on "fake" trail

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/kg/ - knife general, sharpening general

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Edgy edition
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I need winter boots, I want them warm and with the rubber sides against snow, like pic rel ,I’ll be using them in the alps in winter snow so it can go down to -15C.

I also need normal general purpose boots for temperate weather with occasional wet areas and mud.

I can spend just not exorbitant amounts.
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Beavers are so underrated. They drop trees, dam up rivers to fish in the ponds and build homes inside the dams. How many other animals could ever do that?
Post beaver tales
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/ck/ kit

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Show and tell what you use to cook while out.

Would this reproduction german mess tin be safe to cook in or is it gonna be radioactive aluminium-lead alloy Chinese shit?
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Building a camp to for the end of the world. Build this firewood shelter. If I'd dry out the moss with a fire I'm sure I could sleep dry there, but working on something bigger for keeping warm to try this winter.
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All you need

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Is Filson really worth the price?
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Bivy sleeping bags?

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trying to find a minimalistic sleeping bag that covers the face so insects don't get on you, but Amazon has shit reviews for them. Anyone got a suggestion?
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>Keeps you warm AND gets you laid
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