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/out/ cooking/food

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Going on a little 4 day hike next week and currently prepping the food for it.
I don't go on multi day hikes nearly as often as I should so it never became much of a problem, but I've noticed I'm almost always making pretty much the same food, so I thought maybe a thread to see what other anons bring and eat while /out/ would be fun.

Picrel is the prep for me, I'm bringing:
Salted honey glazed cashews
Plantain chips
Mini salami
Dried berries/trail mix
Overnight oats, either chocolate flavored or vanilla&cinnamon berry flavor
Couscous with meat and spices
Creamy chili oil ramen with an egg

All of these can be cold soaked, which I used to do for a while, but these days I often prefer cooking it properly instead, a warm meal just feels more substantial for some reason. I also really like falafel with egyptian salad filling, but that requires fresh ingredients (cucumber, tomato and onion) as well as requiring you to cook it. Fine for backpacking as long as you eat it on day 1 though.
If I'm in the mood I like to make some homemade jerky or fruit leather, but those are more prep work. If I'm hiking near rivers or lakes I might take the fishing pole and a few potatoes and just cook those on a fire too.

What do you anons like to take? I want to diversify my meals for trips after this one.
Assume backpacking not car camping, so weight should be kept reasonable.
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#507- “Mepps FTW” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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Where has brit out gone?
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/bg/ - Boot General - Spring Edition

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Topics include:
>soakers and how to avoid them, dude
>non-slip grips, kid
>clearance sales, chief
>cleaning and treatments, boss
>wellies, chauncy
>vintage gear, toots
>stay-aways and ripoffs, jack
>liners or wool socks, professor
>hunting boots and camo options, rambo
>handmade leather and bespoke examples, fabio
>ropers, riders, and cowboys, huck
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Alone Season 11

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New season dropped last week, time for our yearly alone thread, talk about how bad everyone is that add on the show etc
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A Cat, Watches A Man, Watching A Dog, Protecting Sheep

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for over a decade, I rode over 500,000 miles around some of the most beautiful parts of America, on two wheels. camping for weeks in the back country. spending 10's of 1000's of dollars a year, to live like a homeless person.

life is slower now. we're married to the homestead. now we get anxious when we leave once every 3 months, for 5 hours, to go to poker. we may not take another travel vacation for decades.

the meadowlark sings from its post just yards away. ducks splash, chickens chase a grasshopper, a sheep bleats to its flockmates... this is where it's at.

grew up in the suburbs. it took decades of planning and saving, but we got out as soon as we could.

it is difficult to grasp that there are millions of people who CHOOSE to dwell in the city. trapped in a concrete jungle, no concept of space, and no connection to their food or resources. no peace and no privacy.

/cwg/ cold weather general

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thread for talking, explaining, and asking about cold weather environments, from alpine areas to tundra plains to the arctic, needed know how to operate in them, tips, experiences, equipment and other shit
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recent /out/

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Why is it that every normie girl I invite to hike with me always ends up wearing these things to go hiking? I thought this was only worn by low income minorities. What's the explanation behind this phenomenon, are these branded towards normies as hiking boots?
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unusual multi-tools thread

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I found one anon, thanks! Wish I had it while I was lost in the fog at night recently.
It gets many names but it was called a "10 in 1 survival tool" or "compass 10 functions" made by mil-tec where I am.
coin for scale.

original thread;
>3' long, 1/2' wide, 1' tall
>hygrometer & thermometer (mostly accurate)
>compass (works great)
>magnifying glass with measure (slides out)
>signal mirror (handsome)
>bubble level (liquid disappeared (magic)
>led light (surprisingly bright & lights up the compass & level)
>ferrocerium rod & striker (stored in top)
>whistle (also in top)
>no idea what weight, its light though
>don't remember who made it either, got it >many years ago
>how do you anons rate this thing?
I rate it highly. It's not amazing quality, but it's not total rubbish either. Has cute pin to access tools. I've defo owned worse compasses.
Post your unusual mutli-tools and things similar to this.
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