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Gonna be traveling through pic related from up north. What's worth visiting? What's a waste of time. I've already been to shannendoah.
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tent cot

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Anyone use these for camping?

I like the idea that you sleep off the ground and it sets up fast
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>go on hike
>everything fine
>get a single tick on leg
>suddenly whole body feels uncomfortable and brain starts thinking that every little itch you feel is another tick
Why do they do this
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I'm a big pussy and also a side sleeper. Whenever I sleep on my side on pads or an air mattress I can barely get any sleep because my hip hurts too bad. I go to sleep on my back and then wake up on my side and my hip is in pain again. Do I have no alternative other than to join the hammock nation? What are my options here?
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/consoom/ equipment general

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ITT we talk about our experiences with certain pieces of equipment or ask questions about them, and also where to acquire it for good prices
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Don't tell me you're still worried about ticks when these things exist, anon.

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>is the actual final boss of insects outdoors
>makes ticks look like fucking saints in comparison
>much smaller than ticks, your leg hairs won't sense them crawling
>impossible to spot unless you are actively looking closely for them
>by the time you realize you're bitten hours later, they're already long gone, you have no idea where you got them from
>never just one, usually half a dozen bites at least
>usually on your feet which slows the healing process even more
>bites are maddeningly itchy and disgusting, leak puss and blood, take weeks or months to heal, wounds are extremely easy to reopen and the whole process starts over
>the worst part, only those who have had experienced the misery will know the truth about them, meanwhile the tick wrongfully gets all the negative attention
Every tickpost here and elsewhere is another opportunity wasted to warn the people of the TRUE enemy. I envy the person whose biggest issue with the outdoors is ticks who are literally harmless by comparison. Pray you never end up having to learn the truth about chiggers. PRAY that the tick continues to be your biggest fear.
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Did any of you ever go and visit kaczynski's cabin on June 10th? Some people were discussing doing it in a thread once, but I can't recall if it was here or on /lit/. I didn't have time to go myself.
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Backpack fishing thread! Share gear, preferences, and stories about carrying a rod on your back.

I live in Quincy MA and on the other side of town there's a few popular fishing spots, so I want to ride my bike over to fish.
But my favorite rod is an old rod my dad gave me years back, and I'd like to be able to attach it to my backpack and ride over. It's not a rod I can just break down, it's 80 inches I want to keep in tact on my ride over. I feel like a couple of cut holes and zipties in the average backpack will get me there but if anybody has a game changer I'd love to know.
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I went fishing last weekend and I spend an hour kicking down all of these.
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> buying land and ruining it with invasive crops, invasive livestock, pesticides, and killing native wildlife because they are "pests" to your invasive crops and livestock.
Literally trust-fund kids LARPing for a couple of years before they flip the property for profit to another retard who doesn't understand that they're buying ruined land. When will this trend end?
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