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TarpChads make Tentcels Seethe

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Lemme see ur tarpchad set ups
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Got a Christmas tree off the mountain today. It was a nice walk.
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photo bread

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old >>2662440 hit img limit
Prove that you go /out/
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This is what nearly all of Europe looks like

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That's why I don't listen to Europeans about anything /out/ related. You literally have no fucking clue what nature even is, you destroyed all of it centuries ago.
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/out/ Meetup 2023 - Mt Hood Oregon

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10am 11/11 we are meeting at the Zigzag Dollar General. We will spend two nights in Mt Hood National Forest. This could look like car camping, short, or long hikes depending on interest.
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/hsg/ Homestead General

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>Thread 05
This season's newly matured livestock edition

Talk gardening, farming, livestock, beekeeping, building, electricity and plumbing, earthworks, waterworks, permaculture, raising children, market gardening, selling produce, barter, home economics, composting, mulching, pest control, diet, health.
Anything relevant to living on site, making a home out of the land.

Old Thread >>2613025
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>say hi to women on trail
>it walked faster
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/OUT/ how is hunting session going?

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Personally, just been squirrel hunting with shotguns and 22 but going turkey hunting soon tho.
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How many peaks have you /summited/, /out/?

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>pic related
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Backpacking long distance

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What are some tricks for saving your feet? I start to notice them after 20k and it starts to become something of an issue as time goes on
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