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Bit of a stupid question. Are crampons sold as a set or individually?
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Eclipsed Campings part 2

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Old one is about to 404 >>2639545

Last minute discussions and hopefully some sweet pics after the fact will go here. Fair warning to DFW area bros, there's some weather foretasted for the 8th so plan accordingly.
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This guy deserves some praise

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Stumbled across this YT channel of a guy from Florida who documented his solo hike/camp across the country from florida to California and apparently 3 years ago started one from seattle to florida but haven't seen an update in years.

But his first walk is fully documented. A guy with his camera and backpack and videos with only a few hundred views.

I feel sad this channel wasn't discovered. I want to try this one day:

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Why does the North East have so much SOVL bros? Vermont and New Hampshire are the best states I've ever been to in this country.
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You have been abducted by aliens and they are telling You that you are going to be dropped onto an uninhabited planet with an Earthlike atmosphere and and an ecosystem identical to the pacific northwest.

they have given you a set of thrirteen empty boxes whose interiors is 1 foot tall 2 feet wide and 8 feet long, you may request anything you want for on the planet and you have a weight limit of 35 pounds each (not including the box itself) you will not be leaving the planet, no rescue is coming

One box will come with you the other 12 will arrive in six month intervals

What do you pack?
How do you pack it?
Which do you take with you initially?
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what's your gaymen/entertainment setup when backpacking, /out/?
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Is it true there's a hidden boy scouts trail to get to the top of Mt Tammany? I remember some anon on here told me once but I forgot to save the directions.
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How creepy are USA forests?

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So my friend from uni who I used to do easy /out/ trips has invited me to come visit him (moved to USA) and go camping all over the mid west and Western US for a month. I recently got a job but told them about this plan and they okayed me starting later so I literally have a month straight of camping.

I am actually spooked about camping in dense woods in places like Pennsylvania (where we start), Michigan, Minnesota, even Black Hills in SD. I feel like out west it's more expansive and even if forested it's not as creepy (maybe I'm wrong).

But I legit think I might blow it because I'm creeped out by the woods. Is it actually that creepy? I've done camping in UK and France and wasn't really afraid but this is my first time doing backcountry camping.
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post essentials for hiking on nature trails
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Weird barefoot climbing shoes

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Apparently Saltic is making a "barefoot" kind of climbing shoe, the model is called "Eliot".
Do you think acceptable precision can be achieved with such a seemingly wide tip?
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