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The Techei Wojack

>Graduated Engineering with 0 skills
>Placed in an MNC with Bond
>3.5 LPA wage slave as fresher
>Broken & depressed inside
>Believes the unrealistic low energy DJ in tech campus will fix him
>Again depressed
>Can't go with the flow
>think a girl will approach him
>but girls around him are super nerds than him
>tried online dating.. But no right swipes
>Poor air breath, poor water, malnutritious.
>REPEAT phase 2.......

Is car camping worth it?

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What does /out/ think about Monkey Peak? It's a manga about being outdoors and climbing mountains and shit. A tad unrealistic, though, as a bunch of office workers are able to climb 3000 feet mountains on no food and water while being shot and wearing summer clothes.
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backpack thread

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talk about backpacks
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How do i plan a multiple night trip off trail?
I live in Queensland, Australia and I want to fuck off from other people on a multiple night camping trip, without having to book campsites.

Are zoning maps available somewhere? Do people who do it stick to national parks? Is there any shit too see outside of national parks or is it all developed properties and deserts?

Can you talk about your experiences?

Eclipsed campings

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Is there any good camping spots in the path of the totality in Texas?
I am about one long days drive from Austin
Will it already be too hot by april 8th?
Are any of the anons that met up in Casper for the last one still around?

Eclipse thread
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Naked Hiking Vol. II

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With summer coming to an end, tell us about your best naked hiked this year.

>inb4 it is sexual
It is not. Nudity per se is not sexual
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#494- “Slow Fishin” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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Post your best stories, location pics or cool trash
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Survival experts

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Who's your favorite survival expert?
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