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What is the worst state for /out/ and why is it texas?
>pic related, you can't refute this

>inb4 muh guns
This is /out/, not >>>/k/

>inb4 muh politics
You can always go back to >>>/pol/
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How are they not covered in insect bites?

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Moving off-grid

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Hey, /out/
I've come to hate society and the people in general so much, I want to move around from society permanently. I'd like to meet as few people in the rest of my life as possible. What are the best places for this? I'm currently living in Germany, but I'm willing to move to any other country. Do I have to buy a part of the forest, or can I build a log cabin without that? Also, what skills do I have to aquire in order to survive successfully in a forest. What books should I read before moving? I prefer colder places, so somewhere North would be the best. Thanks!
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/out/ings with a Pipe
Old thread: >>2593322

This is a thread for enjoying a pipe while doing outdoor activities. If you ask why this belongs on /out/, you've never spent an evening by the campfire with a pipe silently enjoying the nature around you, and you're missing out.

>how to get started
Purchase a Missouri Meerschaum Legend and a pouch of Half and Half or Captain Black tobacco, available at most smoke shops. You will need a lighter or match, and something to tamp it with--a large nail works well if you don't have a pipe tool. Fill the pipe with tobacco, pack it down halfway, top it off, pack it down to 3/4, top it off again, pack gently and enjoy. Smoke slower than you think you need to, the tobacco tastes best when it is burning cool. Tamp and re-light as needed. If you still have trouble, try different methods on YouTube until you find one that works for you.

>smoking a pipe will give you cancer
While any tobacco consumption comes with some risk, the cancer risks from occasional pipe use are pretty minimal. Educate yourself and make your own informed health decisions. Some info here

>muh weed
Not the time or place. Start your own thread

>Historical pipe enjoyer of the day: John Muir. Outdoorsman, naturalist, writer and activist. He co-founded the Sierra Club and campaigned extensively to raise awareness about conservation issues, and was instrumental in the creation of the National Parks in the US, most famously Yosemite.
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Why haven't you /out/ed in the desert yet?

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What, are you scared of running out of water and getting stranded?
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The Future Is Bright

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Can any of y'all actually explain what the point of camping is? None of that "if you don't already get it, you're not capable of comprehending it" bullshit, if you're not capable of explaining what the point is, you're admitting there is none.

It's cold and wet in there. I already know it's cold and wet in there. I don't need to go out to the cold and wet to discover the magical wonders of being cold and wet. There's nothing out there that I haven't already seen. Why go out there in the first place?
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it's winter

hard mode: post actual photos from your outings
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What is the best bear defense weapon.
Excluding the sound advice of making lots of noise and storing food in a tree
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According to you, what makes life in the United States/Canada better than the rest of the world? They have lots of outdoors, said outdoors is very big and you can spend several years trying to explore it, what else?
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