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if it works it aint stupid

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What are some dumb things you've bought for /out/ or tried while /out/ that ended up working or at least preforming better than expected?
>example 1
I bought a whole bunch of medium duty shower stall liners at Costco for 50 cents each because I have a problem buying seemingly useless things on sale. Turns out they're a great substitute for when you don't quite need a tarp. I've used them to sleep on. I've used them for shelter. I've used them to cover wood. I've wrap myself in one as a ghetto poncho. They hardly take up any space and at least one edge already has rings to run string through.
>example 2
Might not exactly be dumb, but it sure preformed better than expected. I bought some mosquito mesh fabric that goes over your head for when the blood suckers are bad. However I noticed these things work great all the time. They help keep the sun out. They keep any cob webs out. Any gusts of dust get mostly blocked. Somehow it blocks a lot of the smoke from a fire I don't know how probably some witch craft. Small branches or brush wont slap you in the face. If you've ever been /out/ and felt like you have to keep wiping or swatting at your face these cure that.

What were your dumb ideas that worked out?

Lawn mower help

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Sorry if this isn't the right board, I'm not sure, but I don't use many others and I feel like you guys can answer this best. I'm looking to buy a brand new mower for the first time tomorrow, can you guys help me out? I was looking at the Toro recycler line, but I'm hearing mixed reviews about it. I'm looking to keep it around 500 bucks but can go a little over that. My yard isnt that big, couple hundred square feet. I'm just looking for something reliable preferably with self drive for when my wife wants to mow. What mower do you use? Also, any tips for getting rid of milkweed? My yard is a little overgrown and at some point it creeped in. I get a lot of biodiversity in my yard though so that's cool, sometimes I get morels too. Sorry for rambling, just killing time until I can click post.
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What other knots should you know?
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/sq/ - Stupid Questions

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Monocular or binoculars, /out/?

Also, dedicated general questions thread.
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What's the best way to clear a blackberry thicket?

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Hedge trimmer, propane weed torch, or both?

Before anyone says "use a brush hog", it's on a steep slope. I don't think I can get a brush hog up there.
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Hey can I get some books similar to this? Like a boy enraptured in a unfamiliar world that's based in his. Also if possible one with a werewolf girl main love interest.


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Read this book and I get it now y'all know any similar books. Specifically werewolf stuff/native American?

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Every girl has hiking in their tinder bio. How do you know if she's really into it or not?
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>every survival bushcraft channel
>set up shelter
>eat some more
>go home
>thanx gaiz fur wotchin'
bonus round
>walk 10 feet away from the trail
>set up your camera
>go back and nonchalantly walk as if you just arrived
>run back to fetch your camera
>repeat for another hundred "cinematic" shots
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I don't go outdoors much but i have been lurking this board for a while,i went outdoors on my own for the first time today i even brought my cat along, i didn't even have the proper gear or shoes but i still had a lot of fun
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