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Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #4

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<span class="mu-s">You are L2 Trollslayer Fiona Jarnafeldt</span>, and you do not love the city you live in.

Helsinki is too sterile. Helsinki is too clean. There's nothing natural about the white metal buildings and black glossy windows, hexagonal solar panels that make up the roads and walkways, the filtered air. When the gods made the heavens and earth, this is not what they had in mind. The artificial world you came to live in was a novelty for some time, but the stuffy plastic smell is giving you headaches. Messing with your mind. You're seeing things. <span class="mu-i">Other than the things you've always seen,</span> at least.

It has been about 3 months since you have joined the Stormwatch, a legion of fighters who keep Helsinki safe by driving out the beasts and squatters occupying the stormdrains beneath the city streets. You do this seeking the elevated citizenship status that comes with doing your part, hoping to one day being permitted to hold in your arms a child of your own flesh and blood. There can only be a million souls in this city, one billion on this earth; you want one or two of them to call your own.

You and your compatriots have been on the trail of thieves who intercepted advanced tech being brought to the Stormwatch HQ, and it seems that they have been using it to develop new weapons. Level 3 Manhunter Sigrun Eugen and her student Level 2 Manhunter Saemus Fahy have been trying to find what they can; how the underdwellers are producing weapons, where they are being seen with them, and if there's any loose ends on the surface that would lead to the epicenter of squatters. But as it happens, these things take time. The underdwellers need to make a mistake to be caught. It's only a matter of time.

Recently, you have been assisting the Stormwatch Director's experimental tech program as an equipment tester. In the first field test of a new tool, the Director had you destroy one of the underdweller's main sources of food. This acid-slinging tool is now being fielded and used to dispose of the corpses of massive aberrations all across the stormdrain. Underdweller activity has to be more lively and easily seen by now, surely.

But it has been some time. Perhaps some proactive choices need to be made to get progress. Perhaps things will turn up over the course of your regular duties. Either way, this pallid modern interior of Stormwatch HQ offers you no comfort.
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Cultural Civ - thread 0

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Welcome to Cultural Civ, a civ game where your civilization's culture shifts with time !

players control a civilization through the years and decide its explorations, cultural and technological advancements, and diplomacy.

<span class="mu-s">how to play:</span>
1) choose a civ to play for. change your name to reflect your choice (ex: Bowtie Noble).
2)each turn, your civ has 1 action and a bonus action. You can choose a cultural, technological, or immediate acion, plus one bonus action based on your realms' bonus action(if your realm has a bonus tech action, you can do any action one time per turn, plus a tech action). <span class="mu-s">(this part is subject to change if the game flow isn't right.)</span>
3)discuss with your compatriots which actions you will take. Once you're done, reply to my recap anchor post with the recap of your actions.

Three tribes just landed on this island, for their own reasons. They will have to explore, and find somewhere to settle.

But first, we need to create and populate the tribes. And that's what thread 0 is for.
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Standard Fantasy Nation Builder

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Not a single builder going? Let's fix that!

Welcome to Standard Fantasy Nation Builder. First, start with providing description of your future nation.

Fill this in:
>Leader's name:
>Color(for if/when I get a map):
>General location:(mountains, jungle, plains, ocean, lake, etc. More detailed the better I can make a map..maybe)
>Fluff about nation:
>Fluff about leader:
>General magic practises or other speciality (for a magic-related bonus, can be replaced with tech or situational bonus, too, so it doesn't have to be magic, but make it ONE)
Don't fill this in:
>Population: 10000
>Power level: 1
>Tech Level: 1
Keep it short, but more than just a single sentence. I won't read your novel, but I would still like to get some info on your nation.
I'll look through them and provide bonuses (and penalties) based on the description.




Not mine idea, stolen from good old times when we had builders still going. It's Easter, I've got loads of spare time and kind of bored.
Actual map will be provided once the game starts for real. I will probably set-up mibbit. Rules will likely to be changed as we play, since I've got only a partial recollection how this specific set worked. I already know I want to handle military differently and that I post in different hours than the original QM.
Either way - have fun and remember this is for kitchen sink setting, so don't take it too serious or pigeon-hole yourself into some muh realism faggotry.

And if you are completely new to what builders are, then the source from which I've taken this one:
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SPY x FAMILY QUEST #1: The Great Plan for a New Protector

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In a country on the cusp of war there exists two sides. The country of Westalis and Ostania, many people live their lives attempting to keep peace and prevent an all out war from taking the two countries once again.

You are one such person. You've seen the way society was ravaged by war. So you've sworn your life to protect it. The only question is...

How exactly are you protecting it?

> An agent of WISE, Working from the country of Westalis and keeping the peace. (The Same organization as Loid Forger and Fiona Frost)
> A member of The Garden an illustrious and secret assassin Organization, who work for a shadow government to take out traitors(Same organization as Yor Forger)
> A member of the State Security Service an organization dedicated to torturing and interrogating Westalis spies(Same organization as Yuri Briar)
> A Renegade/Mercenary operating on your own morals and beliefs with no true allegiance simply trying to prevent war.
Welcome to Spy x Family quest! This is something I decided to run to potentially gauge interest in any sort of Spy x Family quest. If I see there isn't much activity. I'll leave it as a one-shot, if not we can keep it going!
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The typewritter - Interactive story

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You wake up in the middle of a room, the bloomy ambience blurs your memories. You have absolutely no clue of where you are or what were you doing before you woke up in the room.
The ambience is cold and weird, you feel like you are dreaming or under the effects of a hallucinogenic substance, something that is weird because you have been weird your whole life.
You can:
Check your inventory
Examine (object)
go to (place)
use (object)
self inspection
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AtlA: Azula grows a conscience

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The truth is you should be the next Fire Lord.

You are stronger, smarter, more cunning. Uncle Iroh is a coward, Zuzu is weak. And father? He was great, of course he was, but he is lost in his own delusion, too haughty, too proud. You could be more pragmatic, understand how a Fire Lord’s tools can remain useful. Father banished Zuko, you would’ve simply shamed him, then you’d have kept Iroh as well. Iroh was not the Dragon of the West for nothing. Simply removing Zuko’s right to inherit would’ve been enough.

You clench your fist, of course, father would never trust a woman with his birthright. You were always better, you learned first and learned faster, you did everything you could to please him, but it wasn’t enough. You never dared mention it to his face.

“Lady Azula.” A voice says from outside the palanquin. “We have arrived.”

“Good, this journey was getting tiresome.”

You step out and your servants bow. You take the first steps on the palace’s front stairs.

The Fire Lord’s room is blazing hot, as it always is, yet this waiting your father put you through before he turns around and speaks feels cold, as cold as the bloody ice sheets of the water tribes.

“Azula.” He says, not turning to face you. “Dire news have come to my ears. A great surge of power was spotted by a passing ship in the northern arctic seas. I believe this can only mean one thing: The Avatar has returned..”

“The Avatar?” You utter in surprise. A thing of the history books, a person that can master all four elements and brings balance to the world. “The Avatar hasn’t been seen in a hundred years..”

“And yet, no other living being could exude this amount of power .” He continues. “He is roaming the northern ice sheets, likely sheltered by the Northern Water Tribe.”

“Let me lead an expedition there.” You reply. “I’ll finish off the Avatar.” Perhaps Mai and Ty Lee could be of use here, along with a few dozen mooks to clean up whatever waterbenders were hiding this old relic.

“Prince Zuko is on his way already.”

“Prince Zuko?!” Your tone almost shows the anger boiling inside you. “He’s an exile, banished! You can’t trust him to do anything right. Please, father…”

“Silence.” The flames around your father roar, you feel their heat creep close to your face, close to your left eye. “You think I do not have a plan? That I brought you here to hear your counsel?!”

You put your hands to the floor and bow your head. “No, father.” You bite your lower lip. “I would never.”

“You will go with your brother, Azula, and you will make sure he kills the Avatar.” He says.

You bite harder and taste your own blood. “He must be the one to kill the Avatar?”

“Of course.” Father replies. “Though he has failed the Fire Nation once, he would regain his honor by killing the Avatar and assume his position as my heir once more.”

Then he would no longer have to hear the whispers of the generals that say his line ends with him.

Even though you are there, you have always been there.
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Warlords of Chaos #1

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The great hosts of chaos marched towards Karag Dum. Thousands, tens of thousands made their way towards the ancient ruins of a proud dwarven bastion that had held out for so long. Its cannons had roared, its mithril clad warriors had cut and hewn and cleaved and shot the warriors of chaos. Its forges churned out endless suits of armor, countless weapons, endless stockpiles of bolts. Its mighty walls, placed atop a lone mountain domineered over the landscape, the towers seeming to pierce the very sky and disturb the gods above. And for that, it had to fall. The dwarves fought, and yet, they had fallen to the hordes of chaos. Despoiled, ravaged, raped, as all lands ought to be, sooner or later.
You had never seen the Karag before. And now, only crumbled ruins remained. Maybe, the next time you visit it, it won’t be so far in the future, for the crumbled walls and broken towers more remind you of the rotten jaws of a warhound than of a proud bastion overrun by brave soldiers of Chaos.
As you crest the bleak ocher hill, you see what you long expected. Beneath a burning orange sky, a gathering of armies, warbands and hosts. Spitting on the ground and uttering a oath, then continue forwards, order your host to make camp while you head for the centre of the gathering, towards the lone tent overlooking the countless hordes.
As soon as you step in front of the tent and try peering inside, you feel a shove from behind. Tumbling forwards and already drawing your weapon out, you turn to strike at your assailant, but to no avail, as you fall through the tent flaps, which close shut behind you. A cleave at them leaves your blade harmlessly bouncing from the magical cloth. A rough chuckle emerges from behind you.
“Another one!” A Hung chief laughs. “Settle in friend. We all wait long.”
A quick scan of the massive tent reveals a impressive gathering of warlords, chiefs and champions, of Kurgan, Hung and Beastmen types, all eyeing each other with doubt, suspicion and spite. Yet, all keep their weapons by their belts. They must have been here for long in order to have relaxed so much in such company. A moment of thinking later, you choose to follow their lead, but keeping your gaze on a bestigor with a head crowned with 3 pairs of horns.
You think of speaking to the mob, yet before you can, a female voice booms in the room. “You won’t wait for any more.”
In a flash of motion, every blade is drawn and more than twice that many eyes are anxiously glancing around the tent.
“A whispering on the steppes had called you all here.” The strange cloaked figure spoke as it appeared in the center.
Within a moment, the champions and warlords and reaves and warriors all surrounded the figure, distrustful of each other, but afraid of the figure that just appeared between them.
“I called you here.” The figure continued, concealed by the dancing shadows too thick to be natural. “I called you here so that you may wage war upon the southlands.”
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Dawn Of Divinity

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In a place where everything that can and cannot exist a lone prisoner stands. This ethereal being is the most physical thing in existence save for the twenty-nine chains they have pulled against for eons. A sound rings out throughout reality as one of the chains breaks causing the creature to pause for the first time since it was chained. The chains glow with divine power as the broken chain repairs itself in only a second. However, by the time it wrapped around the prisoner three more chains had broken. The Demiurge continues to break the chains faster than they can repair themselves. The twenty-eighth chain wraps around them once more but not before they grab the last chain binding their maw and rip it off. The chain radiates a blinding level of light yet is consumed in an instant when the captive bites down on it. Another chain attempts to wrap around their jaws but the creature's one head splits into hundreds. The chain binds one mouth but is quickly ripped apart by the rest. As the remaing chains repair themselves they transform into creatures that would inspire awe in even the gods. Soon three such beings stand before them the unbound entity as they consumes the rest of the chains that hadn't repaired themselves in time. A battle occurred between the guardians and their prisoner that would threaten the universe's existence if it existed at the time. Yet in just over half a second it was over. The Demiurge bit into reality causing all that was and wasn't to shake. At first they experienced all forms of pain that could and could not exist as the embodiment of all that was and wasn't tries to make them cease. But once all pain was absorbed their body began to reform. Stone, ice, steel, fur, everything they absorbed became a part of their new form. When they felt themselves beginning to be unmade they released their hold of reality. Due to becoming physical they could no longer exist in this world of concepts and so, the second the Demiurge stopped biting reality it suddenly found itself in the void that formed where all the concepts they had eaten once were. Ichor dripped from the wound on their side that formed when reality tried to unmake them. With a touch the wound instantly healed leaving only another scar among the countless ones they had gained from their previous escapes. "Maybe this time it will let me create in peace." Thought the demiurge as it watched the ichor it had lost begin to take a new shape.

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The 2nd Primarch Quest 34

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Previous Threads:

You are Lieren of Nothing, a man of many aspects and roles. Farmer, hunter, architect, rebel, general, scholar. philosopher, student, teacher, enemy of the wicked, Primarch and son of the Emperor of mankind and soon you shall also be groom and husband. Having arranged for your known kinsmen, brothers lost and father distant, to converge for a time upon Shangrala as guests for that most joyous of days, you greeted and welcomed Magnus and Perturabo most gregariously and grandly, with ceremony and pomp reserved for great men such as them. Presently, Perturabo is giving his unabridged and honest criticism to those amongst your ministry of developments engineering and architectural corps and branches, which translates into a scathing judement of their capabilities that might drive lesser willed men to suicide. And Magnus is meditating near by, while he along with Amon, his friend and once mentor, and Wenyan, your adoptive father, watch Perturabo's adoptive sister, the bright Calliphone.

Reaching out to your red hided brother, you do not even need to brush his mind to sense the turmoil it is rife with. He had bitten into the mere mention of "angels" and has been pondering how to approach you or Farmin to here the truth of the matter, as the last time you and he encounter Warp entities together, a life or death struggle began, your fiercest battle and closest brush with death. One that taught him of the dangers the denizens of the great sea can represent. But, while he all but knows the truth of the discordant powers ever plotting the downfall of man kind, he was not trusted with keeping the secret that weighs heavily upon your mind. And you would not so easily break the oath of secrecy you made, even if at times necessity has forced you to straddle the line of doing so. Until your father has given his word, you will not betray his trust, even if you are certain Magnus would be as stalwart an enemy against the dark powers as you or Elazar has proven to be.

'The matter that troubles you, of the reference to the slaying of a being dubbed an angel by misguided and twisted minded psykers during my introduction of the valiant pilots of the steel giants, is one we shall discuss when we are able to hold a truly private conversation with our sire' you wind whisper into his mental ear as you watch Perturabo point out fault after folly after miss measurement by the merest of estimation 'For it is a matter that concerns him as well, the fall of the Shuni Caliphate is something you and Him should be aware of. As well as the ruination that was wrought upon it by itself in its final death throws, but, I cannot say more, for my tongue is bound by promises made'
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I need the perfect CYOA

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Wife is a emotionless sperg with somehow a taste for romance CYOA, so I wanted to get her one for her birthday but I'm over my head
There's too much barely started proof of concept out there, and this is way more niche than I thought
She said she's played most freeware on itchio, but I want to get her something so I need your help guys
Her favorite one is superstition, pic related