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Warlords of Chaos #1

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The great hosts of chaos marched towards Karag Dum. Thousands, tens of thousands made their way towards the ancient ruins of a proud dwarven bastion that had held out for so long. Its cannons had roared, its mithril clad warriors had cut and hewn and cleaved and shot the warriors of chaos. Its forges churned out endless suits of armor, countless weapons, endless stockpiles of bolts. Its mighty walls, placed atop a lone mountain domineered over the landscape, the towers seeming to pierce the very sky and disturb the gods above. And for that, it had to fall. The dwarves fought, and yet, they had fallen to the hordes of chaos. Despoiled, ravaged, raped, as all lands ought to be, sooner or later.
You had never seen the Karag before. And now, only crumbled ruins remained. Maybe, the next time you visit it, it won’t be so far in the future, for the crumbled walls and broken towers more remind you of the rotten jaws of a warhound than of a proud bastion overrun by brave soldiers of Chaos.
As you crest the bleak ocher hill, you see what you long expected. Beneath a burning orange sky, a gathering of armies, warbands and hosts. Spitting on the ground and uttering a oath, then continue forwards, order your host to make camp while you head for the centre of the gathering, towards the lone tent overlooking the countless hordes.
As soon as you step in front of the tent and try peering inside, you feel a shove from behind. Tumbling forwards and already drawing your weapon out, you turn to strike at your assailant, but to no avail, as you fall through the tent flaps, which close shut behind you. A cleave at them leaves your blade harmlessly bouncing from the magical cloth. A rough chuckle emerges from behind you.
“Another one!” A Hung chief laughs. “Settle in friend. We all wait long.”
A quick scan of the massive tent reveals a impressive gathering of warlords, chiefs and champions, of Kurgan, Hung and Beastmen types, all eyeing each other with doubt, suspicion and spite. Yet, all keep their weapons by their belts. They must have been here for long in order to have relaxed so much in such company. A moment of thinking later, you choose to follow their lead, but keeping your gaze on a bestigor with a head crowned with 3 pairs of horns.
You think of speaking to the mob, yet before you can, a female voice booms in the room. “You won’t wait for any more.”
In a flash of motion, every blade is drawn and more than twice that many eyes are anxiously glancing around the tent.
“A whispering on the steppes had called you all here.” The strange cloaked figure spoke as it appeared in the center.
Within a moment, the champions and warlords and reaves and warriors all surrounded the figure, distrustful of each other, but afraid of the figure that just appeared between them.
“I called you here.” The figure continued, concealed by the dancing shadows too thick to be natural. “I called you here so that you may wage war upon the southlands.”
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Dawn Of Divinity

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In a place where everything that can and cannot exist a lone prisoner stands. This ethereal being is the most physical thing in existence save for the twenty-nine chains they have pulled against for eons. A sound rings out throughout reality as one of the chains breaks causing the creature to pause for the first time since it was chained. The chains glow with divine power as the broken chain repairs itself in only a second. However, by the time it wrapped around the prisoner three more chains had broken. The Demiurge continues to break the chains faster than they can repair themselves. The twenty-eighth chain wraps around them once more but not before they grab the last chain binding their maw and rip it off. The chain radiates a blinding level of light yet is consumed in an instant when the captive bites down on it. Another chain attempts to wrap around their jaws but the creature's one head splits into hundreds. The chain binds one mouth but is quickly ripped apart by the rest. As the remaing chains repair themselves they transform into creatures that would inspire awe in even the gods. Soon three such beings stand before them the unbound entity as they consumes the rest of the chains that hadn't repaired themselves in time. A battle occurred between the guardians and their prisoner that would threaten the universe's existence if it existed at the time. Yet in just over half a second it was over. The Demiurge bit into reality causing all that was and wasn't to shake. At first they experienced all forms of pain that could and could not exist as the embodiment of all that was and wasn't tries to make them cease. But once all pain was absorbed their body began to reform. Stone, ice, steel, fur, everything they absorbed became a part of their new form. When they felt themselves beginning to be unmade they released their hold of reality. Due to becoming physical they could no longer exist in this world of concepts and so, the second the Demiurge stopped biting reality it suddenly found itself in the void that formed where all the concepts they had eaten once were. Ichor dripped from the wound on their side that formed when reality tried to unmake them. With a touch the wound instantly healed leaving only another scar among the countless ones they had gained from their previous escapes. "Maybe this time it will let me create in peace." Thought the demiurge as it watched the ichor it had lost begin to take a new shape.

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HERO('s party member) QUEST

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OH SHIT NIGGA. The world's gonna end or some shit! Time to go help the inexperienced hero to save it!
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The Graverobber's Daughter XV

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... must necessarily concern itself with marriages where the spouses belong to different Standings. Citizens of all stripes may stoop as low as a Subject, so long as the Subject has at least Patent and Nomen. Likewise, a Subject so endowed may take a Subject without such an endowment, so long as their profession, condition or conduct has not rendered them <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span>. Similarly, Subjects without Patent and Nomen, who cannot marry without the knowledge and leave of the Authority whose name they bear, and in some places may even find themselves compelled into marriages by their Authority, are also subject to the <span class="mu-i">Lex Iulia</span> and <span class="mu-i">Papia Poppaea</span>. - regardless if they or their Authority are the one seeking the marriage. Subjects with decency cannot be bound to those without, nor may they ever be bound to a Fearful and Lawful alien, nor a Fearful slave. Subjects in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span> may be married to a Subject of the same state, or a suitable alien or slave. When two spouses belonging to different Standings are bound, any issue take the Standing of the lesser - with the exception of the Subject in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span>. In this exceptional case, an alien being both Fearful and Lawful becomes a Subject in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span>, as do their offspring, while slaves married to these piteous Subjects remain slaves, though the issue will be Subjects in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span> - and they will not be allowed any avenues of matriculation and naturalization. Attend well that no other pairings with and issue from slaves or aliens are subject to the <span class="mu-i">Lex Iulia</span> or the <span class="mu-i">Papia Poppaea</span>, as they are without wedlock.

Beyond restricting the Sum of the Whole to suitable matches, these laws promote them as well. Those who are not, nor ever have been married, <span class="mu-i">caelibes</span>, may take neither <span class="mu-i">hereditas</span> or <span class="mu-i">legatum</span> that would otherwise be their due, while those who have never been in a union with issue, <span class="mu-i">orbi</span>, are only entitled to half. Such penalties are in force from sixteen until a man achieves the age of sixty or a woman achieves the age of fifty. This is held above the <span class="mu-i">Ius Accrescendi</span>, so that the portion of <span class="mu-i">hereditas</span> voided, being either half or whole, is not divided amongst the other heirs of the testator, but instead is taken by the Authority to which the testator submitted. Voided <span class="mu-i">hereditas</span> may still be calculated into the death duties, though they are commonly waived. Beyond this inducement, there are others, such as <span class="mu-i">Ius Trium Liberorum</span>, which affords particular rights and privileges to Named Subjects and their betters who have produced at least three children. No equivalent instrument, with equivalent rights and privileges exists for those Subjects without Patent and Nomen, though they are still subject to its penalties.

- A passage from <span class="mu-i">Imperatives and Rights, a Treatise for the Named Subject</span> on <span class="mu-i">Lex Iulia</span> and <span class="mu-i">Papia Poppaea</span>, the laws which outline and induce suitable marriages.
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Westeros: Interregnum 2.5

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It is the year 404 AC and Westeros lies a broken land, ravaged by war, sickness and ambition for the
vacant Iron throne, from the ancient Wall in the north to the evergreen Rhoynar of Dorne, all lay claim to the Iron throne or those older kingships of the age of Kings. It is a time of chaos as the continent faces an
uncertain future as the only authority recognised by all is the sword, in such times a man can be anything he wishes, lowborn or high, rich and poor, he is only limited by the ebb and flow of fate and the reach and grasp of his ambitions.

But he makes what he does of it and only the gods know where he ends....
Twitter:TBA When I get to it
Our Hero deeds & companions:
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A Touhou Incident Quest

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Gensokyo, an isolated land of Fairy Tales. It is a place where faith is still very widespread in contrast to the Outside World, creating a shelter for many beings lost or forgotten. Sealed away by the vast Hakurei Barrier, many of its Human, Yokai, Spirit, Fairy, Divine, and others are in possession of a wide array of abilities derived from concept.

In spite of the many, many chaotic events that occur within its land, an overall peaceful place. This is thanks to the Spell Card Rules that allow the many turmoils, named "Incidents", to be resolved nonlethally by its inhabitants.

In this world, you are...

>The One that will Cause the Next Incident
>The One that will Solve the Next Incident
>One trying to Prepare for the Next Incident
>One trying to Flee the Next Incident
>One trying to Prevent Your Stuff from Being Damaged during the Next Incident
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Rise of The Awakened Quests #11

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It has been 100 years since ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. Now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

A D&D Homebrew Adventure.

Previous Quests:
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CHAOS: The Quest for Redemption #4

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40k Minor Xenos Quest: Under Hunter Tribes 2

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Welcome into the stone-ice age of a far away unnamed star. After evolving in <span class="mu-s">The Crack</span>, the species known as Under Hunter reached Sapience and organized in tribes.
7 remains :
The fire-mastering Blanks of GrassGreen
The Assassin-tamers of Holey Moley Ghostclaw
The StrongHunters feodal lords of BurningGrass
The Tzeench-touch blanks of Jupiter
The Merchants of BadBack
The Lunar Dahu and Stove Grove farmers of Whitemane
The elusive trapmaker and History-recorders of Cerulean

The fourth matriarch have reach the end of their life expectancy.
For those of you which held a tribe's fate in your claw...
>How should your tribe develop? (don't forget to claim a name and a trip)

Interrested in joining? No spots yet for tribe. But you can still claim a name including "Lurker" and a trip if you want to interract with the game as events.

Pastebin :
Last thread :
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Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 11

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You are <span class="mu-s">Hass Takar</span>, the <span class="mu-s">Supreme Ruler</span> of the <span class="mu-s">Hegemony</span>. It is the <span class="mu-s">Year 102 of the Resurrection Era</span>. You now stand on <span class="mu-s">Jaxt</span>, the home planet of your empire, the <span class="mu-s">Hegemony</span>. Standing before you are about a hundred Jaxtians, some of the best and brightest in the empire, who look at you bright eyed and expectant.

You raise your hand and backing music begins to play. Without skipping a beat, the Jaxtians raise their voices, and join to sing your Anthem.
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