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The Prodigal Son: Another Life

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<span class="mu-i">"Wake up."</span> You open your eyes to the familiar, yet always somewhat imposing, stone walls of your room in Blackthorn Keep. Your name is Caden Blackthorn, the eldest son and heir of Lord Edric Blackthorn and his dear wife Lady Agatha. At fourteen, the weight of your future responsibilities as the lord of Blackthorn Keep already presses on your shoulders, a constant, if not entirely unwelcome, companion.
The morning sun barely filters through the narrow window, casting long shadows that dance across the floor. You rise, the cool stone beneath your feet a stark contrast to the warmth of the bed you reluctantly leave behind.
Today, unlike most days filled with the rigorous studies and training expected of a lord's heir, promises a brief respite. It's the day of the Autumn Festival, a day when the entire keep and the surrounding villages come alive with music, laughter, and the scent of fresh harvests.

>A) A strange sense of déjà vu washes over you, leaving you with the eerie feeling that this moment has unfolded before.
>B) Fragments of a half-forgotten dream flash through your mind, hinting at terrible things on the horizon.
>C) Memories of another life, filled with a decade of pain and heartbreaks, the adventures of a prodigal son, flood your consciousness vividly.
>D) Your mind is clear, with a focus solely on the present, unburdened by the past.
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The Evil That Mahous Do [One shot]

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Magical girls are believed to spread light and fight evil but they're actually racist, bigoted and corrupt! And you're going to prove it to the world! You've evidence of
>Sakura Kinomoto on a deeply racist anti-immigrant rant
>Usagi Tsukino driving around beating up homeless people
>Madoka Kaname accepting bribes from Boeing
>Nanoha Takamachi shooting heroin and drunk driving
>Ichigo Momomiya at Diddy's parties
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Witch Queen Mazela Quest

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You're Mazela, the queen of the witches. You live in a hut standing on chicken legs deep in the forest and use your psychic powers to defend women who have been abused by men. Today the miller's wife has come to you with a black eye. "My husband beats me when he is drunk," she cries about her abusive husband. How do you help her?

>>Grant her psychic powers to enslave her abusive husband.
>>Teach her a curse to kill her abusive husband so she can find someone better.
>>Write In
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PCQN- Romance of Trench Face- Anya Drawquest

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On the star of Velekam, the small eye of the world god known as the continent Vinstraga, the outskirts of the capital of the Archduchy, Strosstadt in Strossvald, a young woman from nowhere tries her best to sail the sea of fates in a place most unfamiliar to her.

For a warrior woman, more at home in the commander’s seat of a panzer than any household or city street, a life away from battle is not so simple. Where power does not come from strength of body or force of arms, can she still steer destiny to her will?

She must, for a life without freedom to her is no life at all.

This is a drawquest taking place in the Panzer Commander setting. You shouldn't need to know anything about it beyond how the current player character acts like and what she knows, but any questions will be answered readily, to aid in staying in character.

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Bretonnian Peasant Grail Knight Quest 8

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Lucian, once a peasant, has ascended the ranks to become a Grail Knight. Now he must return to Bretonnia, to the Duchy of Mousillon. There the threat of Vampirism, those under the Sway of Nagash, seek to send forth their terror upon Bretonnia.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
>If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.
>The aim for rolls is low. Crits override (1’s overrides 100’s)


For the update schedule expect to be semi-daily with the chance I disappear for a week. If something comes up for myself I am placing that before this quest, so that should be kept in mind.

Dramatis Personae

Morr’s Company
Lucian the Durand Grail Knight
Adok Fireskin Runesmith
Tee-Ny-Tyny Mage-Priest of the Heavens
Satherafax Sun Dragon

Duchy of Bordeleaux
Duke Moriset; Knight of the Realm Duke of Bordeleaux and Regent of Aquitaine
Ducal Prince Gillot; Knight Errant Heir to Bordeleaux
Luquin; Knight of the Realm Court Herald
Robinet; Knight of the Realm Warden
Emelina of Carlton Niece to Duke Moriset
Count Remon Mentor to Lucian

Duchy of Aquitaine
Albera the Golden; Damsel of the Lady; Priestess of the First Chapel
Sir Galandril Grail Knight Warden of the First Chapel and Twin Slayer
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ASOIAF: House Duntreow Quest #2

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This quest is the story of the rise or demise of House Duntreow as seen through the eyes of two unlikely characters. Lady Gwynfryd Duntreow is the current heir to the keep of Hallowgrove and the Duntreow legacy. Before Robert’s Rebellion, she was sixth in line to her father’s seat. With enemies and rumors lurking in the shadows, the former lady-in-waiting has a long road to overcoming or harnessing burdens now placed upon her. A fateful counter with a Tyroshi sellsword has placed her on the road home. Vaaro Orlios is the second son of a merchant and former paymaster of a dying free company. The cunning and ofttimes duplicitous sellsword has sensed opportunity through the burgeoning future Lady of Hallowgrove. Time will tell if his instincts will be to the house’s benefit or downfall.

Previous threads:
Character sheets:
House history and important personages:
Various PDFs that might be of interest:
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Normal Cultivator Quest 3

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A world where might makes right. A world of Jade and Gold, of Phoenix and Dragons, of Pills and Talismans, of Martial and Spiritual arts.
A world where diligent training yield strength, meaning freedom. A world where loneliness means death, meaning social chains.
A world still unfair, as the ones reaching the heavens are most likely born rich - be it political riches of the aristocrats, power of secret knowledges and hidden realms of clans, or lucky enough to be born one-in-a-thousand genius.
This is not the case of <span class="mu-s">Quiet Word</span> - that is, (You). This is the case of your friends <span class="mu-s">Dhundan Kepa</span>, the brooding dark intimidating and secretive young boy and <span class="mu-s">Ai</span>, which is stuck too deep in her inner world.
However, you might be one-in-a-hundred genius. The fear of falling behind made you push your boundaries times and times again, leading you to overtake from a slim margin the two geniuses by a combination of luck, hard work, and burn out.
You also motivated the other "gifted but not great" kids - the monkey-bound <span class="mu-s">Yi Norm</span>, the Horse specialist <span class="mu-s">Sin Din</span> and her twin jack-of-all-trade <span class="mu-s">Man Din</span> to follow along.
You have also fairly good relationship with other members of the sect : Kyo Ko, a 11 year old girl extremely secretive of her skills and Bathias, a 15 year old boy that took the role of Hawk Master after the older one got promoted.
Last, Ryota, the Branch Master at the Inborn Realm (Fourth Stage), is personally tutoring you.

In the end, you know a fair amount of technic for such a young cultivator, but your strength lies in the impressive amount of Bonded Spiritual Beasts - A Hawk spirit, a Horse spirit, a Snake spirit and a Wolf spirit.
Speaking of that last one, you didn't told a world about him to anybody. As a scion of the Primordial Wolf spirit, its father warned you of its worth and how people could want to rip it away from you...
You recently discovered that the Hawk Spirit is an embodiment of the mythical element of Growth. Speaking of, you had an unique opportunity to visit the Growth realm, coming back with insights, an unique movement technique and a teapot, hidden in cloth and wore at your belt.
Despite the amount of self-inflicted pressure, you know you're pretty loaded and progressing at a more than acceptable rhythm - having broke through the second of the five minor realms of First stage, the Eye Aperture.

Character sheet :
Last thread :
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Naruto Quest: Feeling Blue #4

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Welcome to the fourth installment of Naruto Quest: Feeling Blue #4!

For my returning players, thank you for your continued support. You're the lifeblood of these threads, and I appreciate that you give me your time.
For any new players, I highly recommend that you read the archives here:

Note that the first thing I do is archive the thread the second I create it, so realize you may catch up a little sooner than you think! However, for any of you who are impatient and want to join the action immediately, here’s an extremely quick and dirty recap of what’s happening at this exact moment:
>You are Otomo Mizutani, ninja of the village hidden in the leaves.
>Your squad consists of yourself, Masami Igarashi, Naoki Fuma, and your team leader, Hotaru Nakagawa.
>You are currently on a mission to escort a trading caravan into and out of bandit territory, the territory of an anti-ninja separatist group that calls themselves The Lords of Fire.
>Your real purpose is to cripple the bandit group, which may be harder than you think because you have extremely strong suspicions that they’re being propped up by four of the Daimyo’s disgraced former bodyguards.
>You just left a temple wherein you met the deceased spirit of a priest named Hiraku Hyuga, who insisted that you purify your soul of an old wound that might one day be your doom.
>For your own personal reasons and because you didn’t fully trust him or the purification ritual, you’ve decided not to listen to his advice.
>Hopefully that turns out to be a wise decision, but like so many other things in life, only time would tell.
>You will soon travel away from the temple and towards the end destination of this escort trip.
>You are currently safe and can relax, but every day that passes from here on out will increase the danger to yourself and charges.
>For a brief while, you take a moment to relax.
>Good luck.

>It’s April Fools’ Day so I’m going to waste a little of our time on some foolishness before we truly get started properly. Turn your brain off and enjoy the ride for a short moment.
>Like life, it won’t last terribly long.
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Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. XVIII

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The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

The terrain guides you downwards, into the misty valley at the furthest depths of the Silverwood. Here, the thick canopy squelches the sun's last light, although the shadows are no enemies of yours. The heart of the forest is illuminated by numerous motes of fire, carrying the aromas of cooked meals out into the wilderness. This must be where the followers of Mielikki as well as the Eilistraeans have made camp, assuming that you did not arrive here before Luaue and the others.

The journey was not as uneventful as you had hoped, but you are here. What is first on the agenda?
>Before anything else, I should seek out Luaue, and share with her the news of recent developments.
>It has been quite some time since Willow and I have seen one another. She and I could 'shoot at the breeze,' as the surface dwellers say.
>I can chat as much as I'd like come morning. My feet ache, and I am ready to retire for the day.
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Not My Problem! Quest

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The solution to no earthly secret is beyond the grasp of your little elvish head. After living for thousands of years only boredom and the road are your constant companions. Oh, Adelyle too. People always assume that she is your caretaker because of your short height but then they notice the leash around her neck. She is a tall and slender demonette, lead on a leash after loosing her eyesight privileges. She overboiled the potatoes the other day. She is now complaining but it's not your problem.

Humans approach you constantly with offers to buy her, as she is the last of her kind. The attention that she always gets irks you a bit. Just slightly. Now you feel guilty and return her sight. A hopeful potential buyer approaches you again and you enter tirade mode. You start a convoluted story, which is an allegory to a verbal representation of saying that you are a collector too. Then you proudly show off your other, non-person, collection. It is the string of seashells that form a necklace around your neck. Each seashell is taken from the shores of a different sea. Great way to fight boredom and existential dread, you have found.

<span class="mu-b"><span class="mu-i">My goal is to collect a seashell from every sea! Now this is a reason to keep on living!</span></span> you say with childish enthusiasm.

<span class="mu-i">This is stupid</span> Adelyle murmurs to herself. You are forced to take her eyesight again. She puts on her leash with a sigh.

<span class="mu-b"><span class="mu-i">So in short, no, she is not for sale. Keep moving, pal, not my problem.</span></span> The nonsensical verbal barrage repulses the buyer successfully.

Adelyle is very loyal, Stockholm syndrome you assume. One time, after another fit of existential anguish, you let a group of drunk humans to put their what-nots in your whatever and once the demonette learned about your clandestine endeavors, she pursued the men for several days in search of retribution. You went chasing her, concerned about her potential collector value dropping, oh, and her safety, only to find her innocently sleeping under a peach tree, covered in someone else's blood. You took her eyesight privileges for a few weeks, you recollect, she made something that wasn't your problem, your problem, after all. After that whole ordeal you started calling Adelyle Aids, but you do it sparingly now because she tends to cry after hearing her nickname for some reason.

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