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A Crude Quest

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You awaken standing, triumphantly, short sword in hand, along a grass field... in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly a cold wind passes by and you are embarrassed by your epic stance, for some reason.

Who are you, and where the hell is this place?

<span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-i">Welcome to</span>A Crude Quest. <span class="mu-i">In this quest, any poster can continue the story, the only requirements being they were the first one to respond to the last post, and that they include a hand drawn image related to their response. Have fun! </span></span>
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Westeros: Interregnum

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It is the year 404 AC and Westeros lies a broken land, ravaged by war, sickness and ambition for the vacant Iron throne, from the ancient Wall to the evergreen Rhoynar all lay claim to the Iron throne or those older kingships of the age of Kings, it is a time of chaos as the continent faces an uncertain future as the only authority recognised by all is the sword in such a times a man can be anything he wishes, lowborn or high, rich and poor, he is only limited by the ebb and flow of fate and the reach and grasp of his ambitions.

But he makes what he does of it and only the gods know where he ends....
<span class="mu-s">A man never comes from nowhere and must come from somewhere, where do you hail?</span>

>The Riverlands, a war-weary place of winding rivers and marshes forever divided and feuding with as much themselves as any trespasser.
>The Reach, ruled by the green Kings and a realm of golden fields and green orchids, a place of bounty and peace if it was not beset by enemies on all sides.
>The Westerlands, home to the lion kings of Lannister and a place of rolling hills and rich mountains, here blood flows as richly as gold.
>The Vale, a place everdistant and fickle in its concerns, with fertile valleys and rich mountains untouched by much of the warring that besets Westeros but not all.
>The North, a frozen and cold land of many gods and many peoples, only wolves can rule such a savage and uncivilized realm.
>The Stormlands, a place of stoney shores and black forests dotted with Innumerable castles, they know no king but the true king who died a hundred years ago.
>The Iron Islands, a Bleak and barren land of reefs and islands, a man is as much a pirate as he is a trader here and the olds ways like their dead god refuse to die easily.
>The crownlands, a land without a king and ruined by strife and disaster, this once rich place is a shell of its former glory much like the old city it surrounds.
>Dorne, the Sunsoaked nest of sand and snakes, as foreign to westeros as the lands across the narrow sea, it is here the Dragon was born again.
Welcome to Westeros:Interregnum a quest set nearly a 100 years after the books, For those of you familiar with Forgotten QM's sworn to Valor quest, I will be adopting the rules for this game, I am to update roughly once a day or so but we'll see how things go.
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i may have leaked someones ip, but who tf cares

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ip: String


location: Object









just send me a link with a fucking location on google maps or smth

averi the red fox

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Quests with her?

Pokémon: Loser #2

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The Republic of Aztlan is teeming with violent crimes, social unrest, corruption, and Pokémon. That last one being the most precious resource this land has to offer.

Most kids dream of becoming a “Pokémon Master” one day, but only a select few manage to make it. Do you have what it takes to carve a name for yourself and escape from your hellish daily life? Or will you be another loser forgotten by history?

In this quest, you’ll play as an unfortunate young man living in an interpretation of the Pokémon world.

Your name, well, it doesn’t matter much. For all intents and purposes of this quest, you shall be referred simply as [ANON]. You turned 16 a couple of weeks ago, which means you are finally old enough to get your Pokémon Trainer License, which seems to be your only shot at a better life.
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Jail Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

A night of drinking and a failed attempt to cheat on cards had landed you the strangest job slash community service sentence you've ever had: ensuring Gongalla Gaol survives the reality storm called Singularity.
Now you travel around with your employer and a handpicked crew to survey the four Reality Anchors. Hey, beats being tarred and feathered, right?

Previous thread:


You are Rosa Montagni, and you've just met the deity holding the Southern Reality Anchor. Turns out she longs for stories of the outside world, so you've recounted your journey so far - from the time you got recruited in New Avalon, up until climbing the rungs of The Crack. Then, in return, you heard a story about grandpa Gobson that you've never heard of - and also a chartered autowagon ride to your next destination: the Northern Reality Anchor. Oh, and you bought Craig a grimoire too.
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Galactic Freelancer I

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Nexus Spaceport, Garriga Sector
8,070,174,044,183,120 Universal Standard Time
2557 October 17 04:53 Earth Standard Time

“Samuel John Hawke, human, age 37, born 2520 according to the Terran Alliance calendar at Utopia Basin, Mars, master of vessel license code ending in X13047,” the android with multifaceted eyes says as it reads information off its workstation. “Is that correct?”

“Yeah,” you utter with a sigh. After waiting to renew your license for almost nine hours you vowed to never delay until the last minute again. You hadn’t planned on renewing it at the busiest spaceport in known space, of course, but a final inspection on your new ship turned up a faulty jump sequence initiator so here you are. The dealer is fixing the problem but it has put you a few days behind schedule.

The good news is you were able to use that time to hire a crew, save for your first mate. That’s your next order of business after this robot is done doing whatever the frak it’s doing. You’ll have to get through the list of candidates quickly. Your client is expecting you to start the job tomorrow and you don’t want to fall behind on your first job with an actual crew in a real ship, not just your old shuttle.

The android's iridescent digits glide over a holographic panel as it processes your renewal. “This will just take a few moments.”

You ignore the tin can and glance around the large waiting room for what must be the thousandth time today. There must be over two thousand beings here of every species you’ve ever seen before and a few you haven’t. And just what the hell is that thing in the front row doing? Nursing its young? Mating? Eating? All of the above? There were truly some disgusting creatures in the galaxy.

That’s why you worked alone for a while. That and you couldn’t afford a crew let alone a bigger ship that requires one. But now you do have a bigger ship and a crew and thankfully your little company is still well under the employee limit to have to deal with hiring quotas. So whatever that thing is is not getting aboard your ship and doing whatever it’s doing.

The android interrupts your thoughts. “You indicated on your renewal that you recently acquired a new spacecraft. Bureau records do not yet show the vessel’s information. Before I can finalize your request I must know the make and model of your ship and its identification sequence.”
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Venture forth, brave adventurer, and become a legend.

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Orphendactule is a prosperous and beautiful world full of magic and war, trolls and dragons, myths and legends and gods and demons. You start out as a rookie adventurer with a dream. Or is it, perhaps, a vendetta..? It’s all up to you. Team up with other adventurers or fly solo, explore this world, and find out its secrets.
There are 4 kingdoms. 5 ancient hero’s.
Rnatyueloid is the kingdom of light and follows the principles of God. A beautiful land with kind and gentle people, ruled by the mysterious church and the Head Priest. The most common class there is priest and cleric. If you choose to start from Rnatyueloid, you shall open a new skill, Open hearted ewe, which allows you to hypnotize people. You can upgrade open hearted ewe up to 10 times.
Asnetaculys is a mechanical and magical land full of dragons and potions. The streets filled with small shops and diners, the alleys filled with drunken fights and thief’s, you cant help but be in awe of the bustling atmosphere of the merchant city. Ruled by the stunning and intellectual Yojuo, adorned in fine silk, with wings spread wide, greeting..what exactly?. If you start from Asnetaculys, you will open the skill Geras gears, which allows you to equip a prototype of armor you found in a dumpster. But dont worry, the magnificent stone incased in the armor is capable of being upgraded. The most common class are rogues and, of course, mages.
Elrokque- this mystical kingdom, full of beast people has multiple tribes, constantly entangled in wars, seems to have everything but peace. But the scenery, objects and women are the best of the best. In Elrokque, the objects you will find are either true best or the worst, so get ready for a spin! The most common class are warriors and shamans. If you start from Elrokque, you will open the skill Full-swing-claw-stroke OR Dice roll. F.S.C.S lets you claw at your opponent, and Dice roll either pulls things to your favor, of from. Up to you luck!
And finally, the biggest kingdom in Orpendactule, Milosteisnisric. The land of mixed culture, there is plenty of everything. The wide fields and ancient ruins which were once inhabited by elves and witches pull you in and dont seem to let you out. With plenty of secrets to uncover, you’ll never get bored here. Ruled by the fair king Isaac, the people are happy. Or at least seem to be..
If you start from Milosteisnisric, you will open the skill Gemstone summon, which as the name suggests, allows you to summon a familiar suited to your class (and personality) which a gets stronger with you!
Explore the world, meet comrades and uncover what’s hidden, or get revenge.
Orphendactule, find yourself.
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The Island of Dr. Harrow

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The distant thud of ocean waves against the hull grows sharper as you draw near to the island. The scent of the sea is strong, mixed with a faint, exotic aroma that you can't quite place. In the distance, the silhouette of the island rises, shrouded in a thick curtain of mist, veiling whatever mysteries it may harbor.

"Edmund Harrow!" The ship's captain snaps you out of your reverie. "We're approaching. Gather your belongings."

You clutch the leather satchel tighter, thinking of the letter that rests within. A letter from a man you once knew as father, Dr. Victor Harrow, now a distant, enigmatic figure. His words had been urgent, compelling you to visit. And yet, they held an undertone of something... darker.

>[] You are a man of science like your father.
>[] You are an honorably discharged soldier.
>[] You are a gentleman detective.
>[] Write In (a different Victorian occupation).
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Planetary Governor Quest: Rise to Glory #1

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Welcome to Planetary Governor Quest! My name is Shmeh, and I have run several of these before. I recently got a cushy position where I work from home 1-2 days a week and should be able to run actively run the quest 3-4 times a week, with the ability to answer one off questions during my normal work days and bing able to run a couple hours a night on weeknights 2-3 nights a week

You have been informed by the Adeptus Terra that you have been awarded the Governorship over the Moran system. You are told that the previous Governor was purged for Heresy. The records on the Moran system are sparse, but they tell of a feudal frontier world in the subsector Selucia of the Sector Phrygia, near the border of formally recognized Imperial Space, close to the halo zone in Segmentum Pacificus. The entire region only recently rejoined the Imperium less than a millenia ago, being reclaimed by elements of the Macharian Crusade. As a result the region is poorly charted and generally underdeveloped, being far from the core of Imperial space and the focus of Imperial Strategy. Based on the scant records available, you know that Moran Secundus is a slightly larger and colder terra like world, featuring a small asteroid belt in the worlds outer orbit along with a pair of habitable moons each hosting a small population of primitive abhumans. The system also features 3 gas giants and a large asteroid belt ringing the system.
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