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Future Fades

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For the past dozen or so sleep cycles, you've been having the same dream: a jade-handled sword flies at you and you catch it, dark figures gather outside the door of your hab box, a woman with crimson eyes offers you something that makes the world itself shudder.

Which are all things that are going to happen in the near future. It's something your mentor had always resented: the very literal nature of your dreams. To her, prophetic visions were supposed to be steeped in allegory and mysticism, all dragons devouring suns and phoenixes weeping blood, requiring days or weeks of meditation and introspective reflection to decipher.

Your off-hand remark that you're simply made different did not make her any happier. And she was secretly glad that you ultimately failed to make any meaningful progress down the path of Omen, despite her outward commiserations and sympathy.

That said, you did figure out that when those kinds of dreams came, they did have a deeper meaning. Because whenever they happened, they always marked a time of change and upheaval. A time to abandon your current path and find another.

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Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 21

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Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:

New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements:

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Last time, you battled a wild Gengar, got some well-earned sleep, found out Fie's dad was coming to visit and started your battle with Emma for your third badge.
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The Kamen Rider of 30XX #6

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You are Kamen Rider, a bug-themed superhero and an excellent driver. After being remodeled by the machine lifeforms you were saved by Dr. Takeshi Hongo before they could complete their evil surgery. Afterwards you dedicated yourself to fighting the evil MLFOS(Machine Lifeforms), as well as fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, you lost your last battle in 26XX, then found yourself with a fresh new enemy, the invading Saurian Empire in the year 30XX. Last time, you were experienced several small skirmishes during your journey. You may even have learned a little about your true enemy. The enemy interferes often, too often perhaps? Stay vigilant, Kamen Rider!

Available now on BD, The Kamen Rider of 30XX Collection:
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Slime City Adventures

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You are slime. Slime life is simple. Easy. Sit in glass jar. Food comes in. Other slimes in other jars. Food goes into them. Pale bone slime giants bring food. Good servants. Good life. Easy. Dark. Light. Food. Dark. Light. Food.

Less slimes in other jars. Less food. Jars vanishing. Pale bone slimes moving faster. Loud noises. Red slime in pale bone slime? Pale bone slimes fighting? One pale bone slime very still now. Dark. Still dark. Hungry. Very hungry!

Pale bone slime back! Bring food? Picked up? Food now?

Thrown! Jar broken! Pale bone slime gone, but still pale bone slime here...and hungry. You start with furry part of pale bone slime, always wondered about fur taste. Not taste very good. Bone hard. Grey slime in pale slime good though. Very good...but now you feel...

Odd? Better eat more.

Very odd...

Should you be feeling like this? Should you even be capable of asking that question? You focus on the...corpse. The human corpse. Didn't you used to use a different word? You...really feel strange. You look around the room. Tables. Ma... machines? A corpse, it's head partially resolved, the inside cleaned of brain matter. Another jar on the table opposite of you, a dessicated slime inside. A

You are a slime, and you are far smarter than you have any right to be. And you feel...

> Dangerous. A quick flex of your murky gray body hardens an extension of your body into a sharp spike.
> Sneaky. A bit of focus and your shape and color shifts to your will.
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Murder Drones Quest

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<span class="mu-i">Platinum-3
Situated within the expansive portfolio of exoplanetary developments under the purview of JCJenson IN SPAAAAACE!!!!, Platinum-3 stood out as a celestial entity boasting a thriving industrial foundation, which seamlessly transitioned into a substantial residential and recreational sector. This transformation positioned Platinum-3 as a standout jewel within JCJenson's esteemed collection of space colonization endeavors.
Regrettably, the considerable profitability associated with this planetary asset faced neutralization due to an incident that continues to confound top analysts, who are currently grappling with the classification of the event as either an unfortunate consequence of worker negligence or a meticulously orchestrated act of sabotage. Although the ramifications were not as severe as a core collapse, the power network failure experienced by Platinum-3 triggered a mass extinction event of analogous impact. In adherence to established corporate protocols, disassembly drones were deployed to the planet to conduct necessary dismantling for security considerations.
Despite some minor setbacks, warranting the deployment of additional disassembly drones, progress has been satisfactory. </span>

The truth, as always, is far worse.
But first, what are you?
>Worker Drone
>Disassembly Drone
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Disappearing Hogwarts #3

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You wake up hoping everything was a dream. For those blissful seconds between sleep and real life, Taylor is still there. Lily is still there. Last Light hasn’t happened. But you raise your left hand, and the scars are carved on your skin.

Time hadn’t been fully rewritten, you understand now. Only the Beast would be able to do that once freed, but not the demon who had lived inside Lily. You’ve read enough muggle sci-fi to know what the butterfly effect is, and you know that the existence of a single person, even for a time as limited as eighteen years, could and would have drastic effects on reality. Yet things seemed to be mostly the same, except for Lily’s existence and its direct and immediate consequences.

Time, it seemed, did not like to be torn. The last day <span class="mu-i">had</span> changed. Nothing else could explain your left arm still being there, or your body not being covered with scars. Everything else had been… adjusted. Memories, locations, objects. All twisted to reflect a simulacra of what the world <span class="mu-i">should </span>have been like, even if it was impossible for it to have ever arrived at that configuration.

Your possession of the Resurrection Stone could not be explained without the interference of Lily, it being an Artifact of Power of too great importance to change. So it hadn’t been. No one had seen it disappear, and not even you could remember how exactly you’d found it in the forest, but you had it before time had changed, and so it had remained.

You had stumbled upon the Room of Requirement by sheer chance, and used it to train Battle Magic with your friends, Arty and the other Hufflepuffs. Even with your poor teachings, Arty had managed to win the first two battles.

All your relationships with your friends and enemies remained the same.

Falere, a seventh year Ravenclaw, had been chosen as Head Girl instead of Lily, as she was now the best student in the year. A Head Girl badge was not an Artifact of Power, so it could be easily moved between dormitories.

A second year Gryffindor that used to sit on the bench, just hoping for Lily to have a stomachache so he could play, had instead been playing since the beginning of the year. Someone else sat on the bench.

The Potter household, if you had to guess, had just gained an empty room, where they stored all their old books and the fancy silverware. All their pictures and paintings, edited in the blink of an eye.

An adjustment, a tweak in the right memories, and done. No one was none the wiser.

Except for you, Raven and Faith, protected by the Ancient Magic below, remembering both the lie and the truth.
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The Consequences of Fate: The Bad Luck Woman’s Quest 2

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Authors Note: I'm sorry I left the last quest. I kind of lost confidence in myself, and doom-spiraled. But I'm back and I'm ready to continue, and try to make things right.
Recap: This is the second thread. The first thread died. The quest is about YOU. Your name is Grethe, a small town farmer who comes from the little village of Ena who dreamt of becoming a powerful magic user because of the words of a witty merchant passing through.
Through a number of circumstances, you were thrown headfirst into conflict. And forced by random selection to take part in an Execution. You were to execute a Bad Luck Woman named Ethyl. Ethyl is a white-haired lady of misfortune who curses those who stay put in one area with her for too long. You spared her but because you did this, you were to be outcast from society along with her. However you were saved by a high ranking Priest named Jeremiah who offered you a chance at redemption. Find the source of conflict in a town called Ragefrost and bring it to a close. Do this and you would be taken under his wing.
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #53

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You are Uzumaki Shiki, son of the current de facto leader of the Hidden Rain village Naori and its chief of police Ryūzetsu. At the rank of jōnin you and your sister Makoto have each been tasked with increasingly significant responsibilities, which for you has taken the form of returning to Konoha after two years of intensive training to rejoin your former genin team as the Shinobi Alliance gears up to face a new threat – the organization calling itself ‘Kara’.

That team is comprised of three other members, which is a count that includes your jōnin-ranked former sensei Hyūga Hanabi-san. A lovely young woman of dignified presence, Hanabi-sensei is the heiress to her influential clan and specializes in the unique form of taijutsu it teaches, which harnesses the power of their inherited dōjutsu. Her technique however leverages these advantages in a way few of her clan have ever chosen to pursue, allowing her to use simple iron needles to strike targets precisely at nearly any distance within her view – a twenty kilometer radius – ignoring cover and any ninjutsu-based barriers to which she can devise some sort of counter.

Then there’s Nagao Sumire-kun, a girl of your own age who is the daughter of a surviving loyalist of Shimura Danzō’s notorious cell of the Konoha ANBU. Implanted with a crest that allows her to summon a genetically-engineered monster called Nue, Sumire was raised to enact a twisted form of revenge against the village which rejected Danzō and his foul methods. With some prompting Sumire was able to admit to herself that her father’s way of thinking was wrong, and since then she has become a talented tokubetsu jōnin specializing in the use and countering of poisons, clone and illusion-based kenjutsu techniques most commonly employed by the Konoha ANBU, and in harnessing the abilities of Nue (who impressed on her at an early age) in various ways.

Last, but certainly not least, you also have Izuno Wasabi-kun. Wasabi is an energetic girl from what is historically one of the least-impressive officially recognized clans of Konohagakure, which has produced few noteworthy shinobi and whose special hiden techniques have rarely been used to anything approaching their full potential. It was Wasabi herself who changed all that. She’s done a lot of security work for the village these past few years as a tokubetsu jōnin, and has not only mastered her clan’s ‘ultimate’ chakra cloak technique but has created an even more powerful variation that draws on her talent for medical ninjutsu. Not only is she fast with lethal attacking abilities, she also has keen senses that taken together rival even Hanabi-sensei’s, and knows quite a few utility ninjutsu.

As for you… well, your mothers and their constellation of family friends (many of whom are nearly as infamous in the shinobi world) have taught you and your sister well.
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A Vacuo RWBY quest 2

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>Previous thread:


You groan as the beeping sound alerts you’ve overslept on the hard ground you lay on every night. It is not too kind on your back.

Your team and your friend’s share an improvised tent in the courtyard reserved for the less fortunate.

“Ugh, remind me again why do we have to sleep outside,” Coco Adel, your childhood friend, says. “My tits are gonna freeze come winter.”

“You said you liked sleeping under the stars,” you, Picaro Calavera, respond.

“I like the idea of it. I like it every day until I have to actually sleep. Seriously, fuck the desert.”

“Quit whining Valey Lessie,” Octavia Ember, Coco’s partner, whines back. “This ain’t your hometown, Vale, we’ve got real shit over here in the desert.”

“The only real shit is sand. Everywhere.”

“Talking about the people. Here we have honest folk.”

“May I remind you the only reason we’re sleeping outside is because the ‘honest Vacuans’ are having a petty power struggle and the headmaster is asking US to fix it.”

“Headmaster Theodore and that bitch Gillian Asturias can go die for all I care. He’s a disgrace to the Vacuan way-”

“Oh look, Fox is awake.”

“Did you just announce that you yourself woke up?”

“Yep. Someone had to stop shit-flinging first thing in the morning,” Fox says nonchalantly while stretching. “Why didn’t you do something star pupil?”

“I don’t wanna get involved.” You mentally checked out of the usual bickering between partners.

“Wake your ass up.” Fox refers to the sleeping form of Sun Wukong, Fox’ partner, currently snoring face down. “Ah, this is my favorite part of the morning. Being a good partner, making sure he doesn’t miss class or something.” Fox brings his palm up only to come crashing down upon Sun’s left buttcheek.

“I’m up!” Sun jolts awake from the blow. “Oh man, I feel like I slept for two weeks!” Sun jumps up, ready to begin the day with a lot of energy.

“What are you saying idiot?” Coco looks up at the boy. “We only slept for a night. Like every other night.”

“I’m just telling you how it felt! Picaro agrees.”

“I do?”

“Yeah dude, you totally overslept! You’re normally up and about at 4 and it’s 8.”

You hum. It is rather strange for you to sleep so much, double what you should be doing.

The single most damning proof you wasted too much time is how only team SAFE, Sun’s team, is in the tent. Team PCNT, your team, probably already started their day.

“I see. I must go.” You stiffly say and stand up.

“Sleeping eight hours isn’t illegal, you know?” Coco sneaks in her concern for your habits.

“Not everyone has the luxury Valey Lessie, but you’d know nothing with that silver spoon up your ass.”

“You sleep more than I do Period Head!”

“Oh Brothers…”

“Picaro man, come on we need you, dude!”
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Valen Quest 85

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The lamplit city sped past her as she ran. Crisp night air burned in her lungs with every hurried step. Running from Resuri's guards wasn't a part of her job most days, but being caught in a surprise raid during a product hand-off was a hard sell. Even more so when no amount of feigning innocence would have let her walk out of there with the pale skinned girl currently trailing behind her as she scanned the city streets for a hole to disappear down.

Olivia swore she'd exercise once this was all over. Another empty promise she had no intention of keeping, but it was an easier sell than the times she'd sworn to do community service, or volunteer at the Shrine, if she made it through something.

"This way, this way!" She tugged her product along behind her, a classification she pointedly reminded herself of each time her heart jumped for reasons unrelated to flight. The flower haired thing kept pace effortlessly, her placid expression shifting from a passing crowd back towards Olivia's own as they moved. A smile bloomed beautifully across her pale face, and for a single unforgettable moment her eyes practically glowed.

Her already labored breathing hitched involuntarily, the final straw in her flagging stamina, and she ran straight into a wastebin.

The slave scout fell hard. Reflexively trying to catch herself on the bin just slipped her wrist beneath the rim as she rolled, snapping something beneath the flesh in the process. A panicked yelp accompanied the tears stinging in her eyes as she moved her now definitely broken wrist.

"You okay, 'Vi?" An unwelcome voice, but far from the least welcome thing she could have heard. "Come on, up you go."

Johnathan lifted her from the ground insensitively, only just barely avoiding making her wrist worse by hauling her up by the forearm instead. Still hurt like a bitch. "Don't fucking call me that." Olivia hissed, "Where did you come from?!"

"Took a shortcut when the raid came down." His eyes flickered once towards the product before settling back on her with an intense focus. "Guards have most of the ways out cut off, where are we going?"

"'We'?" Olivia repeated incredulously.

"Yes, 'we'." He returned mulishly. "Now's not the time, Vi'! If we don't get moving now, all three of us are going to jail tonight!"

Olivia tried and failed to shake the man's grip on her arm, gritting her teeth through the pain. A deep red stain colored his trousers, something she was responsible for. Seeing it... Her irritation with the man dimmed. The product waited patiently just beyond the man's shoulder, watching their interaction with an unalarmed interest.

"...Fine. If we can make it to the waterway we'll be in the clear."

"What in Gnome's tits are we 'sposed to do after going in <span class="mu-i">there?</span>" Johnathan recoiled. "Wait out the night 'fore springing?"
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