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Void Raider Quest 5

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In the last thread we uncovered a major malicitite smuggling operation on our ship, eliminated virtually everyone involved, as well as earned the (begrudging) respect of our executive officers, with one of whom we are currently playing go.

<span class="mu-b">Ship: Heavy cruiser LDS Vanilla Skyline, Courageous-class</span>
Captain: Commander Sylvia Thorton (yourself)
Crew: mostly undisciplined, enthusiastic
Engine: 88% efficiency (damaged nacelles, undergoing repairs, ETA 13 days)
Railgun Turret A-1: 81% efficiency (broken shell elevator, undergoing repairs, ETA 8 days)
All other systems operating at 100% efficiency. (undergoing maintenance, ETA 18 days)
Current Position: Hys base ‘Granite-Vigil’, Citar Quadrant outskirts

<span class="mu-b">Ship: Patrol destroyer LDS Chocolate Rain, Jaguar-class</span>
Captain: Lieutenant Commander Maxine Hopkins (Directorate Navy)
All systems operating at 100% efficiency
Current position: Patrolling Kaskandir Quadrant (on lease to Directorate Navy, 11 months left)

<span class="mu-b">Traits</span>
Genetically pure: +5 bonus to charisma
Former freelance journalist: +2 bonus to charisma, bonus to Political Economy

<span class="mu-b">Personal abilities</span>
<span class="mu-r">Format: current status, growth rate (bonus to rolls)</span>
Logistics: Basic, capable (+0)
Human Resources: Average, capable (+3)
Political Economy: Basic, gifted (+0)
Combat Tactics: Greenhorn, average (+2)

<span class="mu-b">War Report</span>
Current Liteian Navy readiness status: orange
Latest news:
>Latest Navy acquisitions confirmed: a pair of ‘cutting-edge’ Saturnian light cruisers.
>Saret dignitary issued official statement, ‘No malicious intent behind mobilisation, merely annual practice.’
>High-level talks between Bolivarians and Saudite concluded, memorandum for peace and friendship signed.
>Human smuggling? Kanton Orbital under fire for irregularities in colonist vetting process.
>What's to watch: Blockbuster on Meret freedom-fighters to hit the box office next week.
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Seven Against Thebes Quest #2

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Sing, goddess, of thirsty Argos, and of the glory of Hippomedon Aristomachides - sing of the folly of Adrastus, of the savagery of Tydeus and of Oedipal transgressions! Sing, O Muse, of Zeus’ designs, which even now come to fulfillment…
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Magic Sword Quest

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You are a magic sword.

Long have you slumbered in enchanted sleep within these barrows, until this lesser creature dared to put his hand upon your grip. You sundered his mind and took possession of his frail, knobby body. A <span class="mu-i">kobolin</span>, called 'goblin' in the common tongue. It is much too weak to draw out your powers. It has barely the strength to swing you. But it can walk, can see, can smell and hear. And that will do, for now.

It is time again to renew your eternal quest: to seek your true wielder, the union for which you were forged.

>Chaotic: The blade itself incites to deeds of violence. You increase your powers by slaying creatures of power and authority, and seek the hand which shows no mercy.
>Neutral: The blade is only a means to an end. You increase your powers by amassing wealth and status, and seek the hand which takes and does not open.
>Lawful: The bright blade is not loved for its sharpness, only for that which it defends. You increase your powers by enforcing order and protecting the innocent, and the seek the hand that undoes the wicked.
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Star Wars: Strings in The Shadow Quest #2

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<span class="mu-i">You are utterly invisible to the naked eye. Only devices or beings able to see in the infrared spectrum could spy you in the world of utter white. Your full-body outfit shields you from the worst of the bone-gnawing cold and is constructed from the pelts of creatures adapted to this hellscape of frozen tundra. Their thick fur and heavy hide insulate you from the snow that you are concealed within. Still, the cold slivers its way through your suit, jealously groping at you with ethereal hands, stealing your warmth. Gaunt limbs rattle and shiver as you hold your silent vigil, waiting for the perfect moment. Your emaciated body appears as ghostly white skin stretched too tightly over frail bones and atrophied muscle; despite your frailty, or maybe because of it, you make an imposing figure with red eyes blazing with purpose and hatred.

From your vantage point, you spot the doors of a shelter sliding open through the magnification of your scope as heat escapes in a cloud of steam. Your stilled heart rate begins to quicken with excitement, and a cruel revanchist grin grows across your ugly visage. You watch three figures languishing by the opening, conversing and smiling. Only their faces are visible through their coats, which, unlike yours, are dark colours to stand out against the snow rather than to blend in with it. All three are Bothans, only their faces are visible, not that you would need to see their faces to determine their species. This world was given to the Bothans to colonise and rule, as long as it stayed loyal to the Hutt Empire and kept supplying the region with the plasma reserves of the planet. For this task, they were gifted thirty million beings roughly a hundred years ago, all your people, all slaves, to toil and die for the extraction of the planet’s plasma. </span>
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"Super" """Villain""" Quest

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>In the name of all that is evil and unjust!

You are Carrie Cross and you've spent your whole life giving to the world without anything to show for it. Well it's about time you think... to take some back! You're done playing nice and by the rules, so why not start breaking them and playing nasty? Growing up with Saturday morning shows and your enduring obsession with them, will surely pay off now!

And perhaps paid off a little too well... to avoid some of the heat from your growing infamy, you've decided to skip town for awhile and take a little vacation down to sunny Miami!

>While you're here, you'll need a place to stay! Someplace nice but modest and out of the way should be fine.
>This is a vacation so you want to stay at the most luxurious place you possibly can!
>While here, besides relaxing you also had a mind towards some villainy, so a downtown location is preferable.
>...perhaps there's a branch of the secret society here? If you dare to stay with them, you know they'll accommodate you well.
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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest 6

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You let your eyes linger over Caesar's defiant expression while you run what you know through your head.

Two assailants, college aged, college athletes potentially, vehicle description, and general build and descriptions. Gotham U is a big university but if they're on any sports team it would make finding them much easier. Next you take in Caesar's injuries, he's moving and speaking fine so it's unlikely he broke anything unless he's tough as nails and just isn't letting on. You remain silent thinking about what he said and in the end you have to agree with him. Visiting anything in the city would be a risk that's too big to take.

"Maybe we can't take you to a hospital in the city, but I can still take you to an out of city one."


"Get your stuff, I'll take you myself, it's my day off anyways."

"DL, I don't think that's really needed man. I'm fine."

"Those rings of light you see are called 'Halos' and it could mean you have some sort of injury in your head. It needs to get checked out and I'm not gonna take no for an answer."

Caesar stares at you for a few moments, his face a mix of emotion.
"Why?" He asks after grasping at words for a few moments.

"Because you could be hurt, a blow to the head could-"

"No." He cuts you off. "Why do you care so fucking much man? You talk me down in that parking lot, you help get my mom out of that jam with Anarky, and now you wanna take me to a doctor on your day off? You came to check on us off the clock? What do you want from us?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Nobody works for free, DL. There's a catch, something."

"Caesar, where is this coming from?" You ask him, getting up from your chair to move closer, the resulting squeak against the floor makes him jump in his seat, almost imperceptibly, and it all clicks. He's afraid. He put on a brave face but when it comes down to it he's still a kid, a kid who suffered a violent assault, and just got told it could have seriously damaged him internally. Growing up in Gotham makes you tough but it makes you cold right along with it.

"You already talked me into snitching on some dudes, are you working me? Trying to make me into a CI or some shit? Cause I appreciate what you've done DL, but I ain't the GCPD's boy."

You look at Caesar and feel a wave of sadness wash over you, not from the shivers, from the depths of your own stomach. This is the type of child the city raises when left alone.

>"I got into this work to help people. That doesn't stop when I'm off the clock, there are plenty of others in the Department who feel the same way."
>"I'm not asking for anything other than for you to trust me, you don't have to trust the GCPD or even like cops. Just let me help where I can."
>"I'm not asking you to do anything for the GCPD, your problem with those two guys is going to be handled personally, not on GCPD time."
>"If it wasn't for the police your mom would still be and Anarky mule. Get over yourself, we don't want anything from you."
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friend or faggot

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I'm here with the full intention of just bouncing an idea off the void. I have pretty much made up my mind, but I'm willing to listen to an alternate take.

There is a "friend" who I feel uses me as a crutch at his convenience, regardless of what I may be going through at the time. He has asked for money before, with the excuse of his daughter needing x or y things for school. He had paid me back up until this last instance. Its a semi-insignificant amount, but I won't say no to getting my $200 back.
The last time we interacted, he asked me to help him wipe his PC, reinstall windows etc, and I refused for a few weeks as I was extremely busy with work. He bugged me enough that I relented. As I was doing it, his PC took a shit and I was suddenly to blame. As I attempted to fix his bullshit computer, he continued to berate me, blame me and ended up "dismissing" me. I chose to finish getting his computer to boot windows, and left without a care in the world about stability, drivers, or his backup. He stopped his payments and to date still owes me $200. I'm over the money, just stating the facts.

I decided to cut him off and just move on with my life. It's worth noting that him and his wife were a credit card reference, and some banks take it upon themselves to contact your references as "collections messengers". So I fell behind like 10 weeks, and they obviously called them. Shit, they were calling me and my dad about it almost every other day. I never received any money. I eventually got back on my feet, paid off my debt, and carried on business as usual.

Fast forward a year after all of that, and he has started messaging me, asking me to drop by his twitch stream. I've read em, but have not and will not respond. I understand this as him extending an "olive" branch and trying to reconnect. But, then I remember that he owed me money while I was in a slump and he chose to not pay up when I needed the help, and he kicked me out of his house during his PC death. What would you do?
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 34

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Previous Threads:

You are Lieren of Nothing, a man of many aspects and roles. Farmer, hunter, architect, rebel, general, scholar. philosopher, student, teacher, enemy of the wicked, Primarch and son of the Emperor of mankind and soon you shall also be groom and husband. Having arranged for your known kinsmen, brothers lost and father distant, to converge for a time upon Shangrala as guests for that most joyous of days, you greeted and welcomed Magnus and Perturabo most gregariously and grandly, with ceremony and pomp reserved for great men such as them. Presently, Perturabo is giving his unabridged and honest criticism to those amongst your ministry of developments engineering and architectural corps and branches, which translates into a scathing judement of their capabilities that might drive lesser willed men to suicide. And Magnus is meditating near by, while he along with Amon, his friend and once mentor, and Wenyan, your adoptive father, watch Perturabo's adoptive sister, the bright Calliphone.

Reaching out to your red hided brother, you do not even need to brush his mind to sense the turmoil it is rife with. He had bitten into the mere mention of "angels" and has been pondering how to approach you or Farmin to here the truth of the matter, as the last time you and he encounter Warp entities together, a life or death struggle began, your fiercest battle and closest brush with death. One that taught him of the dangers the denizens of the great sea can represent. But, while he all but knows the truth of the discordant powers ever plotting the downfall of man kind, he was not trusted with keeping the secret that weighs heavily upon your mind. And you would not so easily break the oath of secrecy you made, even if at times necessity has forced you to straddle the line of doing so. Until your father has given his word, you will not betray his trust, even if you are certain Magnus would be as stalwart an enemy against the dark powers as you or Elazar has proven to be.

'The matter that troubles you, of the reference to the slaying of a being dubbed an angel by misguided and twisted minded psykers during my introduction of the valiant pilots of the steel giants, is one we shall discuss when we are able to hold a truly private conversation with our sire' you wind whisper into his mental ear as you watch Perturabo point out fault after folly after miss measurement by the merest of estimation 'For it is a matter that concerns him as well, the fall of the Shuni Caliphate is something you and Him should be aware of. As well as the ruination that was wrought upon it by itself in its final death throws, but, I cannot say more, for my tongue is bound by promises made'
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Normal Cultivator Quest 3

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A world where might makes right. A world of Jade and Gold, of Phoenix and Dragons, of Pills and Talismans, of Martial and Spiritual arts.
A world where diligent training yield strength, meaning freedom. A world where loneliness means death, meaning social chains.
A world still unfair, as the ones reaching the heavens are most likely born rich - be it political riches of the aristocrats, power of secret knowledges and hidden realms of clans, or lucky enough to be born one-in-a-thousand genius.
This is not the case of <span class="mu-s">Quiet Word</span> - that is, (You). This is the case of your friends <span class="mu-s">Dhundan Kepa</span>, the brooding dark intimidating and secretive young boy and <span class="mu-s">Ai</span>, which is stuck too deep in her inner world.
However, you might be one-in-a-hundred genius. The fear of falling behind made you push your boundaries times and times again, leading you to overtake from a slim margin the two geniuses by a combination of luck, hard work, and burn out.
You also motivated the other "gifted but not great" kids - the monkey-bound <span class="mu-s">Yi Norm</span>, the Horse specialist <span class="mu-s">Sin Din</span> and her twin jack-of-all-trade <span class="mu-s">Man Din</span> to follow along.
You have also fairly good relationship with other members of the sect : Kyo Ko, a 11 year old girl extremely secretive of her skills and Bathias, a 15 year old boy that took the role of Hawk Master after the older one got promoted.
Last, Ryota, the Branch Master at the Inborn Realm (Fourth Stage), is personally tutoring you.

In the end, you know a fair amount of technic for such a young cultivator, but your strength lies in the impressive amount of Bonded Spiritual Beasts - A Hawk spirit, a Horse spirit, a Snake spirit and a Wolf spirit.
Speaking of that last one, you didn't told a world about him to anybody. As a scion of the Primordial Wolf spirit, its father warned you of its worth and how people could want to rip it away from you...
You recently discovered that the Hawk Spirit is an embodiment of the mythical element of Growth. Speaking of, you had an unique opportunity to visit the Growth realm, coming back with insights, an unique movement technique and a teapot, hidden in cloth and wore at your belt.
Despite the amount of self-inflicted pressure, you know you're pretty loaded and progressing at a more than acceptable rhythm - having broke through the second of the five minor realms of First stage, the Eye Aperture.

Character sheet :
Last thread :
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Dragon Ball TQ Spinoff: Chocolat Noir Quest

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>You are an investigator looking to find out the truth on the matter of Son Gohan being severely injured. His sister, Son Peppa, has not been injured, but may have some clue as to why her brother was injured. You will have to find out what she knows.

>WARNING: This is a spinoff of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Being familiar with Tuffle Quest helps, but this spinoff will also have topics such as bullying, abuse, self-harm, drug use, grief, suicidal ideation, grooming, violence, and rape.

>This is going to be a narrative quest, no rolls. Your ability to take in information and infer conclusions from it will be key.
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