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Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #4

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<span class="mu-s">You are L2 Trollslayer Fiona Jarnafeldt</span>, and you do not love the city you live in.

Helsinki is too sterile. Helsinki is too clean. There's nothing natural about the white metal buildings and black glossy windows, hexagonal solar panels that make up the roads and walkways, the filtered air. When the gods made the heavens and earth, this is not what they had in mind. The artificial world you came to live in was a novelty for some time, but the stuffy plastic smell is giving you headaches. Messing with your mind. You're seeing things. <span class="mu-i">Other than the things you've always seen,</span> at least.

It has been about 3 months since you have joined the Stormwatch, a legion of fighters who keep Helsinki safe by driving out the beasts and squatters occupying the stormdrains beneath the city streets. You do this seeking the elevated citizenship status that comes with doing your part, hoping to one day being permitted to hold in your arms a child of your own flesh and blood. There can only be a million souls in this city, one billion on this earth; you want one or two of them to call your own.

You and your compatriots have been on the trail of thieves who intercepted advanced tech being brought to the Stormwatch HQ, and it seems that they have been using it to develop new weapons. Level 3 Manhunter Sigrun Eugen and her student Level 2 Manhunter Saemus Fahy have been trying to find what they can; how the underdwellers are producing weapons, where they are being seen with them, and if there's any loose ends on the surface that would lead to the epicenter of squatters. But as it happens, these things take time. The underdwellers need to make a mistake to be caught. It's only a matter of time.

Recently, you have been assisting the Stormwatch Director's experimental tech program as an equipment tester. In the first field test of a new tool, the Director had you destroy one of the underdweller's main sources of food. This acid-slinging tool is now being fielded and used to dispose of the corpses of massive aberrations all across the stormdrain. Underdweller activity has to be more lively and easily seen by now, surely.

But it has been some time. Perhaps some proactive choices need to be made to get progress. Perhaps things will turn up over the course of your regular duties. Either way, this pallid modern interior of Stormwatch HQ offers you no comfort.
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RWBY Quest #1

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Rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8 (3d6)

The world of Remnant is a vast and dangerous place. Horrendous creatures known as Grimm roam the land, destroying everything in their path, rending the flesh and devouring almost any kind of living being unfortunate enough to meet them.

Fortunately, humanity is not completely defenseless. Certain people are born with particularly powerful souls, granting them extraordinary abilities. When these abilities are honed they can evolve into Semblances, unique type of abilities that grant the user with powerful powers that work similarly to magic (Most of the time). These people have formed many groups across the many continents of Remnant, being known as Huntsmen and Huntresses.

However, not all of these people wish to save the innocent or destroy the Grimm. In fact, some of them use their powers for self gain and take advantage of the chaos of the world. There are even rumours that some of these Huntsmen are secretly working for someone behind the curtains, an evil force that wishes to destroy all living beings on the planet for unknown means.

But one may arise and change things. For the worse? For the better? Only the future has eyes for what is about to come.

Who are you?

>Race? (Human, Faunus, etc)

Also pastebin: and testing some random dice
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Valen Quest 86

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Pale light dawned gently in the furthest reach of the sky. Solid black blades of charred grass crunched lifelessly beneath the shoes of uniformed men and women as they worked to secure what remained of a natural disaster that perhaps only the Shrine could explain.

Shards of shattered hulling wedged into the carved furrows of Lake Resuri, but the rays of sunlight beginning to skip across the now placid lake's surface betrayed the fact that they were only a fragment of the wreckage still finding its way to shore. Where the earth was not crumbling char, evidence of having been scoured by a flame the guards had to assume were Adept related, it was upturned or flooded, and in some cases, both.

"I don't even know where to begin looking for what caused this." A guard scowled, "This stuff isn't normally our purview is it? Seems like Shrine business."

"They're saying they won't be getting involved with it." Another groused, running her hand back through her hair as she looked out across the ruin with a heavy heart. "Usually they're the ones telling <span class="mu-i">us</span> to fuck off, but now when we actually want them to step in they're refusing to budge."

"At least there don't... Appear to be any casualties. Small miracle, that."

"No casualties on shore, anyway." The woman corrected darkly, "No telling if they just got washed out. Or buried."

"Really wish you hadn't said that." The first guard sighed, raising his foot uncomfortably from the upchurned mud. His peer's laughter was cut-short when a sudden shout from one of the other guards made the morbid joke into a prophecy. "Wisp preserve, there really was one buried!"

"Should've kept my damn mouth shut..." The woman grumbled as the two of them jogged to the source of the commotion. An arm had been found sticking out of the ground. At a glance, despite being caked in mud, it seemed feminine. There was already an effort rallying to begin digging the rest of the body out when... The supposed corpse's digits twitched.

It flailed awkwardly for a moment, sinking back into the earth as if embarrassed it had been spotted at all, before grasping a handful of the moistened earth and clenching. A second arm erupted from the earth, sending the surrounding guards back a step before the owner of the limbs finally burst free of her earthen tomb and gasped for air.
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You are a Cutémon!

You are one of the rarest types of mon: a mon that looks like a cute human girl!

Like all mons, you gain energy by fighting and defeating other mons. Your trainer is the human boy Joe Apple of Patina.
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Student Ascension Quest

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Berserk Quest #12

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In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least, it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.

Alas, they are certainly welcome to try and struggle to deviate from the laws of causality. Such is the case for a human mortal by the name of Vlad Santana. A young man who would find himself at the crux of a story that would eclipse his mere mortal soul.

Character Profile and abilities:

Previous Thread:

Thread Archives:

Rolls will usually be a best of 3 1d100 DCs are context sensitive but transparent when choosing your options.
Only 1 and 100 count as crits and good crits override bad ones. Critfails will only count if you don't pass the DC
Voting period closes when enough players unanimously choose the same options. The minimum vote requirement and time limit will depend on how fast I can update.
You can always ask for additional context for your choices and voting can be extended should anyone make an argument that could change previous votes.
Write-ins are always welcomed so long as they don't break character.
Have fun and do your best.

Recap: After defeating The Moonlight Knight Locus at the entrance of Falconia, Vlad and his army had finally reached Griffith just before the sunset of the Blood Moon. Would the power of the spirits be enough to fight against the weakened apostles, or does Griffith have one last trick up his sleeve before taking control of destiny itself?

This is where the tale of Vlad Santana comes to an end.
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Halo: Wolfpack (thread 18)

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Your prize hangs in the void.

A massive, three kilometer long vessel. It’s bulbous, manta-ray like hull sitting silent and practically inert. Its weapons batteries are silent and its engines sit idle. If it wasn’t, then it would have been contemptuously easy for the vessel to turn your ship into a burning hulk in only a few minutes. And on your own, there wouldn't have been much you could have done to fight back. It’s massive, alien form a harbinger of doom, a fact reinforced by a rap sheet of burned worlds.

It is a covenant CCS class battlecruiser.

A part of you feels privileged already. Very few humans come this close to one of the covenant’s mainline warships, and live to tell the tale. Of course, a lot of that is simply down to the fact that the ship’s own computers had been turned against the crew. The first they’d known of that fact, had been when the air itself had been rendered poisonous, killing anyone that wasn’t wearing a personal air system. Which coincidentally meant that the command cadre had been wiped out, while only the lowest ranking members of the crew had been left alive.

The remaining members of the crew would need to be wiped out. Every room, on every deck, of every section of the 3 kilometer long ship. And already, the various other commanders and marine officers were debating the topic. How many men would be needed? How would they be deployed? And how would you command the ship once it’d been cleared? Those questions and more were being bounced around between various groups in your flotilla. But for now, you are content with simply admiring your recent handy work.

You are commander Norman Wells, and surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time you’ve stolen something from the split lips.

>Catch up on the commander's conversation. What are your fellow officers concerned about?
>Listen in on the marine briefing. How are they planning on taking the ship?
>Ask your AI about the situation aboard the cruiser. After all, she’s the one with a strangle-hold on their computer systems.
>Other (write in)
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DB The Next Evolution #0

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It was a sunny day in the region of Mount Paozu, one of the few places left untouched by the ravages of time, and the advancement of human technology. You find yourself currently in meditation in a lush, green forest surrounded by countless debris on an open, smooth floor. Your eyes closed, your rhythm in tune with your surroundings, with each deep, relaxed breath you take you feel closer to the intrinsic forces that embody nature. Your body was relaxed yet firm, not showing any sign of weakness or lack of guard despite your relaxed state. Several birds had perched themselves onto your broad shoulders, treating you no different than the venerable trees in this forest meadows.

Naturally, you were undeterred by the birds, already deeply engrossed in your meditation as you took a state of mind found in a fugal. This fugue-like heightened concertation made you aware of the Ryuo or dragon's flow, the natural floodgates of one's energy. As well as the ambient energies that exude around one's surroundings, stemming from the Ryumyaku or Dragon Veins. Essentially, the leylines of the planet and the crystalized network of power, with the earth's core serving as its nexus point. Learning how to be in tune with such ancient paths that flow and crisscross each other has in turn helped you understand your floodgates.

As you are now, you were linked with the world, thus able to see far better than with your eyes. An extrasensory perception akin to clairvoyance as the slightest vibrations, shifts in the air currents, and faintest of sounds were known to you. Although you were as clear as the calming streams found in Mount Paozu, your sense of self was rather foggy. Be it peace of mind or the presence of the mind, you were having trouble achieving the Mizu no Kokoro or Mind and Heart like Water. Sure you were sensing and processing everything around you as if you were right then and there. Unfortunately, this was only scraping the surface.

In truth, you can barely detect a person's thoughts, emotions, and even personality just by picking up the subtle sounds they produce consistently. Or learn how to sense the natural energies of a person, including one's very own life force, and quantify its volume or potency. According to your master, these were just the surface values of the innermost secrets of Senjutsu or Sage Arts. Things like bending the flow of fluids such as vapor, or exerting invisible forces such as shockwaves in Kiais shouldn't be your end goal. Especially since you've yet to fire the true form of the Kamehameha, your master's signature technique.
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The False-Woman #4: A Warhammer 40k Quest

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<span class="mu-i">“As flames were closing in all around us, I looked up and saw God. And you know what? God is made of steel.”</span>
-Unnamed Serf

A change of fortune diverts you from the cliffs, to a place you never expected to be - the heart of the Omnissiah's worship in Odrev. Once you arrive, though, you find it increasingly difficult to focus on what's literally before you.


Read the previous threads at:

You possess an amount of Strain equal to your Conditioning score. When attempting actions beyond your current capacity, you gain a point of Strain. Attempting to Strain while at maximum Strain will result in a Strain Check. During a Strain Check, roll 1d10 for every point of the relevant Parameter. Results that are 6 or above count as one success. Results of 10 count as two successes. Three successes must be rolled to avert a critical failure. Fail or pass, after a Strain Check, you cannot Strain again until you restore your Strain by seeking shelter.

This quest allows you to designate a second-choice vote on decisions with three or more options before Write-Ins. When votes are totaled, the option with the least votes for it will be removed, with votes for that option instead being changed to the second-choice of those voters. Second-choice votes are also used to break ties. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but is not mandatory. Please specifically mark your second-choice as such if you do so.

Vote stay open for a minimum of six hours, but will usually take longer.

A note: It's time.
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Cleaner Quest #5

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Alas, you are still <span class="mu-s">Nicole Smith</span>, a mentally ill mess of a woman with anomalous abilities. You are a <span class="mu-s">Cleaner</span>, a deniable asset used by massive megacorporations called the <span class="mu-s">Alphabet Companies</span> and anyone else willing to pay you. Such as your <span class="mu-s">Handler</span>, a member of a powerful family who hands you most of your jobs. Mostly so you can clean up messes for him.

The last week has been rough to your psyche and sense of wellbeing. During your tour of an X-Corp military base, you managed to awaken a deep and primordial part of your psyche in the form of antlers growing out of your fucking head. Luckily, you managed to finish the mission by solidifying a deal between E, Q, and X-Corp.

After hanging out with some allies, restocking your supplies, and connecting with corporate representatives, you then spent a solid week at sea. With what? To assist the Captain on it with any and all tasks during the voyage. This so happened to include hunting down an X5 anomaly, one of the most dangerous types of anomalies, called the Admiral's Game.

You managed to hunt down the Admiral's ship and bested him in a game of chess, earning his respect before he passed away. You think. You can't really tell with anomalies this powerful but you swear he's dead. You then managed to reconnect with two of your allies, Maruyama and Kiara, and hung out with them to decompress after your last mission. You noticed that Maruyama had a spark of potential that might blossom into something powerful if you nurtured it.

Your latest mission, which you have just currently started, is hunting down a member of a powerful corporate family by the name of Valentina Vanni. You were tasked with heading down to Abgrund, a small mining town in a section of W-Corp's district, to find out what happened to her. You caught a glimpse of three powerful Alphabet Company administrators on your way in who are also hunting down for her. Things might get hectic if you're not careful.

Though, that's how it is in the <span class="mu-s">City.</span> The only place you've ever truly known. Such a vast and endless stretch of streets, buildings, districts and companies, there's apparently a doppelganger of you out there as well. What her plan is, you don't know.

Your plan? You just want to survive. For you and your allies to be safe. <span class="mu-r">No matter how much blood it takes.</span>

MAIN CHARACTER SHEET (has your stats + perks + abilities):
ALLIES (contains their stats, abilities, recruitment costs, and RAPPORT):
MECHANICS (contains the explanation of stats, how stat checks work, and some other minor rules):
INVENTORY (contains your items, consumables, weapons, etc.):
CITY INFO (General information about the Alphabet Companies and other notable entities):
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