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Your whole life, people have called you a "downer". You're no fun at parties, you don't have any friends, you like to bring up morbid topics in conversation, and you have a generally gloomy mood about you. The reason for this is because since you were a child, you've known the exact date you and everyone you love, are going to die. Why, you do not know, but it's true. You know, and it's haunted you. You wish you didn't, you really do, but it can't be helped.
Your name is Fido Ballthrow. You're a college dropout, a failed musician, and a disappointment to your family. You have very few friends, you have no job, and you only have, from this moment on, five days to live.
You knew today was the day it all begins last night, and in an anxious frenzy locked yourself in your closet with all the essentials. Tissues, a gun, blankets, and a pillow. In a rage, you punched a bunch of holes in your wall, because of course, you did.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do?

DAY TIMER: 24:00:00

>Punch more holes in the wall (3 minutes)
>Go make breakfast (30 minutes)
>Cry (2-60 minutes
>Take the easy way out (End Quest)
>Call someone (2-100 minutes)
>Do something else (Time Depends)
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Legio, Advance: Sunlit Patrols [Skirmish]

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Is it always this warm out here? The sun beats down on dust and debris and all the curling, serpentine line of soldiers strung out behind you. Each and all sweat-stained and wind-bit.

Six more miles and six more hills and then that'll be the camp and then - finally - this long, long wandering reconaise patrol can end, you can pry off your boots, sign off on the last reports and maybe at long last get some sleep.

Nothing ever happens out here, anyway.
It's always quiet on the eastern front. . .
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Phage Quest

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06 – 28 – 1999 | SOUTH SIAM | WEEK 1

Your last patient fidgets on the exam table, sun-weathered hands thumbing through a chain of jaap maala prayer beads with practiced dexterity. Her daughter watches you with eyes that are a measure too sharp for her age. Dark pupils scan across your face for traces of ill-intent – an instinct that has barely mellowed over their past few visits.

“Red. Skip days….and the blue, take daily?”

She runs her finger down the page as she translates for her mother – speaking in a south Asian language you cannot easily identify.

“Yes. Remember to finish the entire pack. Macrolide with a modified bacteriophage booster. Reds and blues.”

She nods.

“…her cough?” she asks.

You consider your answer carefully. “It’s a new strain, but she should still improve with time. If your mother isn’t doing better within a week, come back as soon as you can.”

“You will be here.” She phrases it as a statement more than a question, reaching into her bag to retrieve your usual payment.

You smile, accepting the proffered item.

“Of course. Where else would I go?”

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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest 7

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It all began with a small box located in the undercarriage of a boosted car, parked outside a warehouse with mob connections deeper than Gotham Bay, Officer Mark DeLucia; a fresh faced Rookie with the GCPD and a power of his own. Shivers allows Mark to communicate with Gotham City, sometimes he's shown seemingly random visions, or given fleeting scents and sensations typically as a warning. Instead of using this power to operate as a vigilante as many others have done he instead decided to join the Gotham City Police Department and use his ability in the open. Not hiding behind a mask or a secret identity he seeks to do whatever is in his power to make his city just a little bit better for the everyday person.

The first few months of the job have been hard, facing a plethora of woman troubles, home invasions, and more than a few attempts on his own life Mark has carved out a solid group within the department alongside his GCPD Mentor Mitch Hawthorne, the long-toothed detective Thomas 'Gray' Bennett, and former Army Captain turned cop: Luke Kimble. Those connections alongside The Question and Huntress vigilantes have been vital in Mark's mission to stop The SIM Killer, Mafioso Hit-Man who seems to possess his own Dark version of Shivers. Starting his investigation off-the-books Mark now finds himself at the tail end of a successful sting to strike at the Mob Families that employ SIM and back in the sights of Firebug, who seeks to kill current Mayor of Gotham: Harvey Dent and anyone who would protect him...

"You're wrong there, Kimble. The driver made the smart choice, he's perfectly fine, better than we found him even. You can't build your house on rotten timbers and expect it to stand forever. This is your last chance, all three of you. Walk away now and let me burn the debris, clear the way for your department to build Gotham back up again the right way."

You swallow hard and give a look to Banks, his eyes are fixed on Firebug but his breath is shallow and rapid while his eyes seem distant and unfocused. A delicate touch to his arm makes him jolt as he turns to face you.
"We aren't listening to this right?"

A voice over your shoulder replies.
"Maybe we should.."

You turn to Kimble who has his barrel now pointed slightly down. His eyes avoid yours.

"Kimble, are you serious?" You shout whisper as you lean in. He pulls away from you and refuses to meet your eyes.

"Think about it. He's gutting the department, putting us in dog and pony shows, he isn't a leader. Not to me. If it was Reiner, or Hawthorne, or Gordon in there I'd die before I let anything happen to them. But Dent..."

You grasp his shoulder and turn him to face you, in his eye you see the same glint he had when you were at Maroni's where he made the deal.
"Let's walk away...DeLucia." He says quietly, but his eyes raise to meet you as he finishes. "Let him go into the car if he wants, let's be done with this. That's an order."
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Dragon Ball TQ Mystery: Chocolat Blanc Quest

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>You are an Inspecter looking to find out the truth on the matter of Son Gohan being severely injured. His sister, Son Peppa, has not been injured, but may have some clue as to why her brother was injured. You will have to find out what she knows.

>WARNING: This is a spinoff of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Being familiar with Tuffle Quest helps, but this spinoff will also have topics such as bullying, abuse, self-harm, drug use, grief, suicidal ideation, grooming, violence, and rape.

<span class="mu-s">The Inspecter actually three of the tuffle Maple Son-Mahogany, Peppa's Mom, in a trenchcoat has heard Peppa describe in detail how her chocolate, meant for her girlfriend, was stolen from her on February 14th.

Then, Peppa talked of how she was fighting with her brother Gohan since that incident, but then the fights got too severe for Peppa to recount the rest, so the Inspecter motioned for her to take a break.

The Inspecter went out and had coffee, and the three components of the Inspecter (Scolding, Doting, and Inquiring) discussed some theories based on the info they had, then went over some of the big questions of the case.

In the end, there was only one question that could be answered with any certainty...</span>
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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #57

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You are Uzumaki Shiki, a jōnin from the hidden village Amegakure on indefinite loan to your larger ally Konohagakure, Currently you’ve been assigned to protect Kae-hime, the princess of a nation friendly to both your homeland and to Konoha, while her father sorts out an apparent problem within the ranks of his own government. Probably some disgruntled ministerial-type who thinks his career would progress faster if he just kills a bunch of people so he can promote himself to what he thinks his appropriate station is.


Hana-sensei, the teacher in charge of Kae-hime’s class during her stay at the Academy here in Konohagakure, seems like an awkward but well-versed and well-meaning woman to you. She gives you a strong impression that there’s not a mean bone in her body, which is nice. It’s easy to relax around people like that.

Throughout her subsequent lesson, you’re able to chat with Sumirin as she watches through the classroom windows from a nearby building.

[How did you do it?] you ask with a slight frown on your face – you don’t really need to listen to the lesson, since you basically mastered all this information before coming to the Academy the first time. All you really need to do is make sure you’re not so distracted that you can’t answer a surprise question.

“Seventeen degrees,” you answer when prompted by a question involving practical mathematics.

“Correct,” Hana-sensei replies. “Good job, Shiki-kun.”

[Do what?] Sumirin replies.

[Disguise your ability so thoroughly,] you clarify. [Back in the day.]

She did manage to hide the fact that she was basically an ANBU-trained plant for several years, and you feel like you very nearly blew it on day one.

True, you did suspect her.

And that’s the truth of it. You didn’t want to think that a classmate – a friend – could be capable of anything nefarious, so you rationalized everything you saw away.

[It works on adults and children alike,] she tells you. [To a certain extent. Just keep pretending and they’ll do most of the work for you.]

[Thanks, Sumirin.]

[Any time, Shikkun.]
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The Graverobber's Daughter XV

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... must necessarily concern itself with marriages where the spouses belong to different Standings. Citizens of all stripes may stoop as low as a Subject, so long as the Subject has at least Patent and Nomen. Likewise, a Subject so endowed may take a Subject without such an endowment, so long as their profession, condition or conduct has not rendered them <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span>. Similarly, Subjects without Patent and Nomen, who cannot marry without the knowledge and leave of the Authority whose name they bear, and in some places may even find themselves compelled into marriages by their Authority, are also subject to the <span class="mu-i">Lex Iulia</span> and <span class="mu-i">Papia Poppaea</span>. - regardless if they or their Authority are the one seeking the marriage. Subjects with decency cannot be bound to those without, nor may they ever be bound to a Fearful and Lawful alien, nor a Fearful slave. Subjects in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span> may be married to a Subject of the same state, or a suitable alien or slave. When two spouses belonging to different Standings are bound, any issue take the Standing of the lesser - with the exception of the Subject in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span>. In this exceptional case, an alien being both Fearful and Lawful becomes a Subject in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span>, as do their offspring, while slaves married to these piteous Subjects remain slaves, though the issue will be Subjects in <span class="mu-i">Infamis</span> - and they will not be allowed any avenues of matriculation and naturalization. Attend well that no other pairings with and issue from slaves or aliens are subject to the <span class="mu-i">Lex Iulia</span> or the <span class="mu-i">Papia Poppaea</span>, as they are without wedlock.

Beyond restricting the Sum of the Whole to suitable matches, these laws promote them as well. Those who are not, nor ever have been married, <span class="mu-i">caelibes</span>, may take neither <span class="mu-i">hereditas</span> or <span class="mu-i">legatum</span> that would otherwise be their due, while those who have never been in a union with issue, <span class="mu-i">orbi</span>, are only entitled to half. Such penalties are in force from sixteen until a man achieves the age of sixty or a woman achieves the age of fifty. This is held above the <span class="mu-i">Ius Accrescendi</span>, so that the portion of <span class="mu-i">hereditas</span> voided, being either half or whole, is not divided amongst the other heirs of the testator, but instead is taken by the Authority to which the testator submitted. Voided <span class="mu-i">hereditas</span> may still be calculated into the death duties, though they are commonly waived. Beyond this inducement, there are others, such as <span class="mu-i">Ius Trium Liberorum</span>, which affords particular rights and privileges to Named Subjects and their betters who have produced at least three children. No equivalent instrument, with equivalent rights and privileges exists for those Subjects without Patent and Nomen, though they are still subject to its penalties.

- A passage from <span class="mu-i">Imperatives and Rights, a Treatise for the Named Subject</span> on <span class="mu-i">Lex Iulia</span> and <span class="mu-i">Papia Poppaea</span>, the laws which outline and induce suitable marriages.
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Jacob’s Ladder Quest

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One moment, you were sound asleep. Probably dreaming of something that could not or would not happen in reality. Something esoteric and obscure. It could be anything and everything, as that is how dreams work. What was being broadcasted inside of your mind is of no importance at the current moment because at some time during your slumber you passed away. Died. Your heart had stopped beating and your chest had rose and had fallen for a final time. A fate that meets all living creatures, both young and old. At least your life ended painlessly and without any suffering, right? The same cannot be said for most other mortals whose flames have been snuffed out. The world of the living is behind you now. Whatever responsibilities, unfinished business, prospects, goals, or relationships you had are left behind. Now it is just you, standing in the middle of a small yet indescribably long pathway of dirt. You cannot see where it leads, as your eyes travel up ahead until the view forward becomes shrouded by clouds. All around you and the pathway leading up to nowhere is a sea of grass, beautiful white flowers sprinkled about in that green sea. A blue sign points forward, a language you cannot read being written on the side of it. The only symbol you can decipher aside from that arrow is a picture of a tree providing shade for a humble sitting bench. With nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, the only choice is to begin marching up the trail and see what awaits at the top, however far up that may be. But first, you must remember. Specifically, you must remember you who are. What life did you live leading up to your death? Who are you, traveler?

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The 2nd Primarch Quest 35

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Previous Threads:

You are the second primarch, Lieren of Nothing, Grand Architect of Long-jia and head of its ministry of development, great hunter of the wild and keeper of a forgotten method of bow stringing as well as a fragment of a greater plan yet, austere and much respected philosopher and creator of The Journey whose lessons and teachings have become widespread, Slayer of spirits and tyrants foul, Brother of great men by blood and oath, and soon to be groom of the ancient soul Kanzeon.

And presently, four brothers you had not been aware existed, belonging to a brotherhood known as the legio custodes, are scrutinizing you and putting you in their eyes, measuring your worth. For various reasons, each of the four has deep suspicions about you and have approached you rather rudely on this the day of your wedding and with just the first words exchanged between them and you, they have given you a test. A challenge of character and personality, knowing you abhor chaos, they mentioned the quality of your eyes one of those discordant powers granted you as well as the cursed brand atop your brow that even now thins the boundaries between this world and the wild realm of spirits and dreams. An attempt to rouse and fan the flames of your anger by injuring the pride of a humble man, though the venom in their voice is not an act and you would not need to golden sheen of your eyes to be aware of that.

"Fickle?" You ask, allowing a twinge of amusement to color your tone though not so much as to make your words sound impolite or offended, maintaining a veneer of property and courtesy despite the hostility electrifying the air between you and your gold clad elder brothers "No, efficient. Maybe a touch mischievous at times, but never fickle. I always have a goal in mind to pursue"

"And what is the current goal driving your forward, secondborn?" A different custodes, who accent differs but sounds familiar to your ears, he must have originated from an area close to Sheowl on Terra.

"And efficiency can be blinding, shortcuts and clearer paths can lead easily to disaster" another, with the intonation and airs of a highborn scion "Or doom"

"That depends, are we speaking long or short term. Of course I am prepared to rejoin our father's stellar reunification campaign, but there is much I must to do and am currently capable of doing here upon mist hidden Shangrala and just outside of its atmosphere, though I don't believe interplanar colonization projects count as short term" You continue warmly, openly sharing your plans before a traitorous smirk tugs at the corner of your lips despite your effort to maintain a relaxed and disarming expression "Though, then, long term could be considered finding a way to reduce the discordant powers and oust them entirely from the worlds of mankind, but that is...a distant thing, and one formed entirely of hope, I will admit"
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Star Wars: Against the Republic II(b)

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<span class="mu-i">A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...</span>

<span class="mu-s">STAR WARS</span>
<span class="mu-s">AGAINST THE REPUBLIC</span>

War has engulfed the GALACTIC REPUBLIC
With the pyrrhic victory of the GRAND ARMY at GEONOSIS, the CLONE WARS have truly begun. Republic forces find themselves vastly outnumbered in space and on the ground, as despite the massive influx of CLONE TROOPERS, the industrial capacity of the CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS remains unassailable.

After the battle, hundreds of thousands of solar systems declared independence from the Republic, swayed by the impossibly persuasive COUNT DOOKU.

Even the JEDI ORDER has found itself fractured, a hundred JEDI KNIGHTS have invoked their Right of Denial, opting to stay out of the conflict entirely, while a handful have found themselves seduced by Dooku, though not all by the allure of the DARK SIDE…


Welcome to Star Wars: Against the Republic. This quest will, as the name implies, take place during the Clone Wars. This quest will be basically entirely Legends (i.e. from the old EU) with very little if anything taken from the canon outside the movies. Yes, this includes the 2008 The Clone Wars cartoon, which is impossible to fit into the Legends continuity. Darth Maul is dead, barring anything unforeseen, Anakin Skywalker will remain a Padawan until the middle of the war, Mandalore is CIS-aligned and is not a pacifist monarchy, Nightsisters are a minority on Dathomir which as minimal contact with the Galaxy at large, Asajj Ventress is a Rattataki, and General Grievous is both a master strategist and a serious personal threat, etc.

This thread will probably be shorter and just wrap up the Krant Campaign/Hunt for the Decimator. Don't expect a follow-up immediately after because the worst dreck in all of nuWars is about to drop and I don't want to have any reason to be wiki diving when it does.

Previous threads:
Thread 1:
Thread 2a:

Feel free to ask questions and clarifications below. With that out of the way, let's get started.
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