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Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. XVII

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The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

Affixing your weapons to your person, you leave the Hall of the Elders behind, ready for your journey to the Silverwood. There, you intend on informing the Eilistraeans of your most recent triumph and, gods willing, the eventual council vote that will allow them entry into Everlund. That you have gone to such great lengths on the behalf of your people truly astounds you. It is abnormal, or mayhaps even unnatural, for Ilythiiri to help one another for the sake of it.

Does this make you a deviant?

Burying these intrusive thoughts, you commence your journey. A round trip from Everlund to the Silverwood would take a tenday or less, provided you travel at a constant pace. Just as you face the road which leads to the city's southern gate, you recognize that the hexagonal All-Faiths Hall is but a minute away from your current location. True, you've no immediate business with the surfacer gods or their followers, although this does not preclude you from entering regardless.

What will you do?
>The sooner I commence my journey, the better.
>A detour to visit the All-Faiths Hall could not hurt.
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Reincarnated as a Tree

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Oh SHIT you've reincarnated as a tree in an isekai world.

You can't do shit besides check a status panel in your mind which says this:


Well shit how do you open that skill thi- oh, with just willing it, you do. What do you pick?

> Drop Apple
> Bloom Flowers
> Grow Root
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Tequila Sunrise: A Mexican Mecha Quest

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The year is 2444. Much of mankind has abandoned a ruined Earth to live in space colonies. The countries on Earth have corresponding colonies just outside the planet's atmosphere. Rather than fight wars for political and social dominance, the colonies agree to hold a M.I.L.F Olympics every four years. Each country sends to Earth a representative, piloting a highly advanced Mechanized Infantry Land Frame, or M.I.L.F for short. Due to an oversight in the M.I.L.F Pilot recruitment program you have been recruited as Mexico's' only Pilot. With your 3rd generation mining M.I.L.F "Tequila Sunrise" you must defend your countries honor! First things first, what is your M.I.L.F best at?

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Gourmet Hunter quest

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This is a Toriko fan quest, taking place after the manga/anime ended.

The world is in the Second Gourmet Age and you are Sterling Pister a student in his final year at Gourmet Hunter Academy.

<span class="mu-g"> Alright, your final assignment, which is necessary to graduate, is as you all you know the so called Graduation Full Course. This means that you need to come up with and hunt a full course meal using the ingredients available to this school. As a reminder anyone who successfully captures an ingredient with a Capture Level of 3 will be injected with gourmet cells, though I only recommend doing this if you're confident in your abilities. [/green.]

The moment your teacher is done with his speech you look at the form on your desk. There are of course eight courses in a full course menu and you had a good idea of what you wanted to go for, but the highest capture level is 2. Even your Main Course has a Capture Level of 1.

You have no doubt that your planned full course menu is good enough to let you graduate as is but should you keep it or try to go for the Gourmet cells? Of course as Gourmet Hunter you will get Gourmet Cells eventually just by eating delicious food but that way it can take a while. As you think it over you decide to at least fill in what you're already sure of.

*Hors d'Oeuvre: Almond Cabbage (CL less than 1)
*Soup: Rock River Soup (CL 1)
*Fish Dish: Garlick Crab (CL 2)
*Meat Dish: Bacon Leaves (CL 2)
*Main Course:
*Salad: Golden Carrots ( CL less than 1)
*Dessert: Cakeshroom (Cl less than 1)
*Drink: Stalactite Milk (CL 1)

What should you do for your main course?
> Original choice: Barbecue Pig (CL 1)
> Change it: Winged Buffalo (CL3)</span>
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amulet quest

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In @ world filled with dangers an explorer sets out with <span class="mu-s">oneshot</span> to delve within an even more perilous dungeon, this character. What was their identity like?
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You float about the void, a wasted carcass of white flesh and bleached bones. A slug relentlessly clutches to your remains as you bare yourself to the motherly embrace of the cold black nothing.

You’re submerged in the loving abyss, the parasite your only tether. This is your birthright, revel in it. Feel.

You feel
You are

> Alone

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Classic NRP thread 3: Nation Roleplay game light on mechanics

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Uncertain continuation

Who can play? Anyone, newggers welcome be at least somewhat autistic though
What is the setting? Vaguely renessaince. (there is guns)

Discord it takes place in: F2Patcf
Updates are saturday every week (expect some breaks)

Diplo is free, 2 actions per turn, don't make building buildings actions. Have fun and RP.
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 216

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With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your previous roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Calling Strategists & History Buffs: Argument-Driven Wargame in Chaotic Modern Setting

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If you want to play from here, you can, but be aware it's hard for you to do anything covertly All your moves can be looked up by other players.

We need Iraq State and ISIS still to get going.
>Recruitment Ad
Ready for a wargame with a unique twist? Introducing a "Matrix Game" where your strategic arguments and knowledge of history directly impact the outcome. Think Clancy/Battlefield triller intensity with deeper geopolitical intrigue.

>Key Features:

- Argument is Your Weapon: Persuasive tactics earn you combat modifiers. I'll arbitrate, channeling my history expertise and healthy dose of insanity.
- Volatile Modern World: Choose between Central Asia, the Middle East, or East/Central Africa. Expect volatile factions and superpower powerplays. (Mercenaries 1/2 fans, this will feel familiar)
- Hyper-Realistic Conflict: Amplified economic and technological factors fuel relentless, plausible warfare (The Pentagon/Analysts uses Marix games).
What sets this apart:
- Historical depth: My BoA in history (Magna Cum Lade) informs a setting where your knowledge matters.
- Player Agency: You don't just roll dice. You shape the narrative and propose lore to build the world collaboratively.

>How to Get Involved
- Vote: Where should the conflict unfold? [NM, we voted for Middle East]
- Choose Your Platform: How should we run this? [They voted for Discord,]
Inspiration: This draws from PaxSims ( and similar politically charged wargames.

>Let's Build This Together!
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Space NRP #2

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The year is uncertain, perhaps the 24th century, but the future seems bright. A dozen spacefaring nations, seemingly hitting their technological stride at the same time, have walked forth into the dark cosmos and found it filled with other sentient life forms, strange new materials, and perhaps even a few ancient mysteries. Within a mere five cycles nations have become galactic empires, spread across as many as five stars. Machine life probes the nature of souls, ancient enemies are pursued, horrifying fuzzy enemies are plotted against. Unlikely alliances are struck as dark machines scream into the void. Only time can tell if which of these fledgling empires rise to greater might and which will crumble only to rusting ruins.


This is a Science Fiction themed Nation Roleplay where players take on the role of a fledgling spacefaring nation exploring the cosmos. <span class="mu-s">We’re currently full on players!</span> Turns are once a week with updates usually arriving on Sundays. The next update is expected to be <span class="mu-s">March 31. Please try to get your turn in a couple days early so I have time to write.</span> Each turn has two actions. Some actions take multiple turns to complete, typically research or cultural. You can check up on these things, along with your resources in:

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