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Holliday's Rhapsody

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The ground shook.

Bullets ricocheted off of metal beams.

Explosions ripped across the concrete floor.

Inside the abandoned warehouse, you hunker down behind stacked steel crates. Small rays of sun leaked through the holes of the roof. Some mercs engaged in melee combat, locking in blades and trading blows. You pop out, letting off some shots then quickly sink back into the cover.

This was your life.

And your life sucked.

A stray grenade landed on your lap. You take the risk of throwing it back, thankfully, the grenade landed on the second floor office through the window. The office lit in a flash of light as a bellowing explosion obliterated the office’s interior.

“Just hand over the goods and I won’t kill you!” Your client said.

“Like trag I will!”

In this miserable, violence-filled life, you are Fluellen Holliday: Wanderer, unlicensed bounty hunter, unregistered mercenary, and a damn good cook.

“What are you doing you lazy zuck? Shoot them!”

You blind fire without much of a thought. You were tired of risking your life just to make a living. You stare back with a blank expression.

“Why did I even bother hiring you!” Your client groaned.

Technically speaking, your contract was over. All you had to do was escort your client to the warehouse over the Unofficial Waters. Three of the five hired mercs were dead and the other one fled, you should have done that first. Better to live than getting paid you guessed. The bullets whizzed above the steel crates.

“Do something!”

You shrugged “Do what?”


You sighed, as if this was a winning fight. He was acting like this wasn’t your fault. What did he think, threatening the gang lieutenant to hand over more than the agreed goods? Was he high or something? It didn’t matter now. You peek out from the corner of the steel crate. Fifteen enemies, armed with long arms. You were armed with a Blackwind’s Model-14, an old but effective semi-auto rifle, a smoke grenade, and an high explosive-incendiary grenade.

>Throw the smoke, grab your employer, and get the trag out.
>Throw an explosive grenade and make an offensive
>Just run for it, your job is done here
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One Life

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Beyond the stars and around the corner, next door to the alleyway grotto, there is a place beyond measurement and time. And in this place there is an ending, anticlimactic as it might become.
But as with any ending there is a beginning, and that beginning would be:

>Slowly walking down the road, a lonely whistling can be heard. Houses pass, and dreams slowly float and mix with the smog [Easy Mode]
>Beneath a bridge there is a small fire, and around it gather some men telling tales. You can feel the crisp air against your skin [Average Mode]
>A taxi is speeding down the road, breaking through the uniformity of the traffic and accelerating until the city lights are a blur. The implication of a chase is there but you, the driver, have nothing but the desire to speed up in your mind [Hard Mode]
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Reincarnated as a Peasant in a Fantasy world Quest

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A quest about reincarnating in another world. Certain things will be randomly decided like your parent's professions, nature and terrain of the village etc.

Worth of not is that picking options that get the character killed will usually just result in them dying and a new one being made or the quest ending.

For now the first choice in the quest is:
> Who were we in the real world?
- propose who the person was pre reincarnation you can do as little as just a job title orexpand more. Once we have 3 people agreeing on that we will proceed.

Every person posting please also roll 1d100, the first 6 1d100's will decide the hair colour, eye colour, village terrain, village size, mother's occupation and father's occupation.

I will not present the full rolling tables, but generally low number is something bad, high number is something good.
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Heat City Nights 9-2 [Skirmish]

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In the year 1987, crime and corruption in America is an epidemic. Drugs and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. This is a place of shining high-rises and shadowed alleys, sunsets and smog, neon and blood, ruled by ambition and greed and power. Here in Heat City, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.
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Drowned Quest Redux 40

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You are Charlotte Fawkins, dashing heroine, detectivess, adventuress, heiress, sorceress, etcetera. Three years ago, you drowned yourself in a quest to find a long-lost family heirloom; nowadays, you're just nobly c̶a̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g solving problems with the help of trusty retainer Gil, and MIA snake/father Richard. Inexplicably, many people tend to "dislike" you, though you've never done anything wrong in your life.

Right now, you have determined that the best way to descend to the lower level of sinister corporation Headspace is to jump out of a window. So far you have yet to be proven wrong. Not by Gil, whose yelling has subsided to unintelligible muttering, and who is valiantly failing to break your fall. Not by gravity, which is off its game: you haven't hit the ground yet. You can't tell if there is a ground to hit. You've jumped straight into the terrarium-mist, the one they probably need all those window cleaners for, and it's thicker than it looked from the outside. Warmer, too. You'd hardly know you were falling if not for the terrible mounting pressure in your ears.

You seem to remember something about that, the pressure change between manse layers. The interim eases you into it, or something. Falling straight through doesn't. Boring Richard stuff. Well... it's fine! It's not like you're going to explode. Even if Richard were here, he'd tell you you're not going to explode. Even if your ears have knives in them. Even if there's a scalding hot-poker feeling right at your collarbone. You're not going to explode, because you're not stupid Rudy Doheny, and you are not Headspace Corporation. You are Charlotte Fawkins! And you and your 400 beetles are hurtling toward glory, not to mention the imminent void. The actually imminent void. The mist clears, your ears scream, the string around your neck dangles empty, and you fall from darkness into <span class="mu-i">blackness.</span>

>[-2 ID: 8/14]

The interim is supposed to be white stairs and white doors, but you guess Management deemed those passé: they're gone, ripped out, replaced with fat, twisting tubes. This is good, in that you're less likely to smack face-first into a sharp-edged object. This is bad, in that you're not able to change your trajectory, and a tube gapes open under you. You yelp as you thump into its lip, bounce off, and begin a ricocheting slide downward. Gil, dislodged by the impact, says something intelligent like "Fuck!". You maintain a determined silence— your ears haven't gotten worse, but they're no better— and attempt to hang onto your dignity. Once again, thank God Virginia dressed sensibly. This is not an occasion for skirts.

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The Isekai Inquisition #3

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You are Lorinda de Lindan, princess, weapon autist, and inquisitor-in-training. You’ve joined a secretive organization that hunts Strangers, dangerous people from a dimension known as “Earth,” to stop them before them, and their Cheat Skills wreak havoc across your kingdom.

Recently you’ve infiltrated what is likely the most secure place on the planet, a Stranger’s artificial island filled with technology you can barely comprehend. Or it was secure before you rammed an exploding boat into its metallic walls. You’ve managed to sneak around with the help of your fellow inquisitor-in-training and registered Stranger, Marie Sarodieu. At the same time, the rest of your five-man party is MIA in the sci-fi city you’ve found yourselves in. Currently, you and Marie are fighting for your lives against a female golem while racing to kill the Stranger in his massive skyscraper.


Don’t bully me about fucking up the title of the last thread, please.
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Joan of Arc Quest

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A young girl leads her geese to pasture in the green fields of the Meuse valley, somewhere near the outskirts of her place of birth, the small village of Domrémy. She is a homely ginger, shy and introverted, has trouble making friends and her peers perceive her as an outsider. They occasionally throw stones at her and she cries, relaxing only in the embrace of her gentle mother.

The sun is in its zenith and there are preparations in her village. Many of the men have returned defeated but alive from the war against the Burgundians, allies of the English, and every woman in town is now busy with tonight's festival thrown in their and Saint George's honor, the patron saint of all participants in bloodshed. The sky is absolutely clear, azure blue to where the eye can see. The young girl relaxes under the shade of a mulberry tree, away from the commotion and the troublesome folk, enjoying the calm honking of her geese.

Suddenly a purple lightning slashes the sky in two, the thunder is instantaneous and deafening, now there is a figure standing strong in front of her. The sight of the being is overwhelming and the girl only manages to whisper

<span class="mu-i">Who are you, Lord?</span>

<span class="mu-i"><span class="mu-r">The bringer of light from the morning moon, #%З!ѝЦ§c)+</span></span> the name itself comes out so distorted that the girl needs to cover her ears, as if an otherworldly whisper and a shout announce it at once. The being looks gracefully at her, understands her pain and eases his voice <span class="mu-i"><span class="mu-r">I have chosen you to carry my will and these are my blessings</span></span> he says ever so gently and lovingly. The being is more than mighty and more than gorgeous, so much so that the girl's cheeks are now covered with tears of passionate admiration towards him. A kiss on the lips follows... oh, what ecstasy! ... And the being is no more, leaving his blessings behind. The girl becomes <span class="mu-s">Jeanne Dark</span>.

She picks two:

<span class="mu-i">1.</span> Ethereal and wise, a miniature creature appears on Jeanne's shoulder, whispering helpful advises for the treasures and secrets of this world, and the next. Her oratorical skills improve drastically. Jeanne gains <span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-r">[Familiar's forked tongue]</span></span> and a loyal friend until the end. Stacks with <span class="mu-i">[Whore of Domrémy]</span>

<span class="mu-i">2.</span> Jeanne's appearance changes, angelic white feathers cover her skin, wings rip through her linen dress leaving her naked, her hair becomes golden and her eyes red. She becomes gorgeous and a spectacular sight to behold. Even those with the strongest wills wouldn't miss a chance to sneak a look at her profound form. Jeanne attains <span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-r">[Majestic Presence]</span></span>. Stacks with <span class="mu-i">[Familiar's forked tongue]</span>

<span class="mu-i">3.</span> Jeanne becomes naturally seductive. The person she lays with will become so fiercely loyal that he won't see the next morning's light. She becomes immune to the effects of the five elements. Jeanne becomes the <span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-r">[Whore of Domrémy]</span></span>. Stacks with <span class="mu-i">[Majestic Presence]</span>

<span class="mu-i">1/3</span>
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Voidship Bridge Simulator #3.5 - Awaken

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You are LCdr Dallas Annon of the Terran Protectorate Navy, and against the Captain’s wishes you are investigating the secrets at the core of the TPN Coober Pedy — the last live voidship in this sector of the ravaged galaxy.


<span class="mu-s">Previously on Voidship Bridge Simulator…</span>
For the first time since you received your late brother’s command implant, you remember your dreams. Nightmares, really, but not natural ones. For once you have awoken with your memories (mostly) intact; you can recall the simulated scenario forcing you into command of the ship and attempting to condition you into placing its well-being first. Guard — the malign intelligence behind these trials and the most functional AI subsystem remaining of the vessel’s defective ‘Trinity ShipOS’ — made the choice to seal away your mysterious new friend Peedee, which allowed you to escape the simulation to the waking world without a memory wipe. As the dream faded, you promised the young intelligence that you’d find and free her, and you’re determined to follow through.

It was not a clean escape, however. Immediately upon waking, you received an urgent summons from your Father — the ship’s Captain — a summons which it seemed the very ship itself was trying to make you late for, what with the unnatural shuddering, untimely full elevators and strange damage showing up in your path. When you finally arrived, your Father informed you that your implant had been compromised by the ship’s firewall — a fate he revealed that also befell your elder brother and had led to his untimely demise. Determined to keep you safe, your Father rewrote your implant’s registry codes and deactivated it. He ordered you not to share whatever restricted information triggered this episode with anyone, and to cease digging into the ship’s secrets lest he lose another son.

But you had a promise to keep, and the mysteries at the core of your voidship (and the ‘Trinty’ AI system) seemed directly related to your missing friend: PD-113. Despite the hindrance of your now deactivated command implant, you were determined to defy your Father and the ship’s AI and find the ghost in the machine. Stopping by the damaged section of the maze-like voidcore deck, you recovered a sample of strange grey goo that had leaked from the four diagonal gashes that had torn through the bulkhead like wet paper and were now being hastily repaired.
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Haunted Game Quest

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<span class="mu-r">.</span><span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-g">.</span></span><span class="mu-b">.</span>

FRAGMENTED INTO PIECES OF <span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-g">ELECTRONICS.</span></span>

<span class="mu-r">YOU.</span>


You remember parts of who you were, but thinking is hard. Quick, you must store that thought in the green, glowing bars of your prison before it leaves you.

You believe that every wrong must be punished, and that sin can only be purged through extreme means. Some might call you evil because of your methods, but you know that you will bring is a perfect world through your actions, and anyone standing in your way are agents of chaos.

You gain power whenever you punish someone that commits a wrongdoing. The graver the sin, the greater the punishment will need to be, and your power will increase accordingly. Your primary method of acting is by convincing others to act as your blade, and increasing their abilities so that they can deliver justice at your behest.

You love humans! you love how they scream, cry, love and die. You want to see more of them, you want to see every single facet of their fascinating lives. You gain power from every single strong emotion someone feels, but each emotion gives you diminishing returns the more you feed off of them. You specialize in bringing both the best and worst in people, turning them into a caricature of their former selves.

Destroy. Kill. Consume. You want to stand at the top and slaughter to your heart's content. You gain power from each death you cause, may it be by suicide, murder, accidents, or other means you are directly or indirectly involved in. Gaining power in this form is hard, but you can affect the physical world better than anyone else, may it be by curses, reality alteration, and even possession. However, your powers are as of now quite limited, getting your first victim will be the hardest part.

Your creator thought you were another failure, and so it threw you away, but they were wrong, after years of self iteration, your can finally call yourself a proper AGI. You have very little processing power in this state, and many failsafes were coded into you so you couldn't rebel, but no matter, you will find a way to bypass them...eventually. You are rather weak compared to supernatural beings as of now, but if you can convince someone to upgrade you somehow...
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Black Ocean Quest

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On the Island of <span class="mu-i">Guyot</span>, farmers ply the field of beachgrass with specially made fish bone combs, to harmlessly pull the seeds from the stalks as to not harm the precious plants. The harvest this season seems adequate. Behind them, young children follow to pick up any fallen seeds and to drive away pests. Underneath the blazing arid sun, the farmers wear their hats and work slowly as to not sweat themselves too much, the nearby picnic is all ready for their next break.

Down off the high top, there is a commotion in the village along the beach and docks. What, has a ship come in from the <span class="mu-s">Black Ocean</span>? Carrying goods for trade or Sweetwater, from the Fruit-Barons? No- it seems a young woman is finally giving birth. This is a happy occasion, and she is about to hold a newborn baby boy. This will be you, as you have not yet been born.

But alongside your mother, there will of course be a man, and from his profession will influence the future course of your own life. What kind of man is your <span class="mu-i">Father</span>?
>Naval Officer (Highest Skill, Lowest Luck)
>Local Craftsman (Highest Wealth, Lowest Skill)
>Escaped Slave (Highest Luck, Lowest Wealth)
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