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Goanimate House Quest

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After a long journey of your lifetime you came across a place that is very familiar.. you suddenly start to realise that it's the same from those cringy godawful goanimate grounded videos.
what are your choices?
>get in and explore
>Cringe your fucking brains out
>walk away


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you're dreaming about home in a place far from it.
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40k Minor Xenos Quest: A Struggle To Survive Redux

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Disclaimer : I am not the OG QM. Just attempting a Redo of a quest I loved in the past.

>In the 40th millennium, the God Emperor of Mankind sits astride His Throne on Terra, shackled in torment as He lights an inferno in the immaterium, fueled by a thousand psyker’s souls consigned to oblivion each day. Across the galaxy, quintillions of men and women struggle, suffer, and take their stand in His Name against the numberless horrors that threaten to destroy them from within and without. They are the Imperium of Man, their hearts filled with relentless hate, and over millions of bloodstained battlefields, they and theirs return the hostility inflicted on them tenfold. It is not the 40th millennium, and this is not their story.

>This is the story of another species, risen to prominence on an alien rock that never has and never will know the nurturing warmth of Sol. They are Xenos, as far from the genetic legacy of Terra as the east is from the west. To the Imperium: Other, Anathema, an INSULT to Mankind’s existence that cannot and must not be allowed to endure. To themselves, they are the only thing they can truly count on in a galaxy gone mad. In time, the Great Crusade of Mankind will discover their existence and in a crucible of fire and fury, their right to be will be earned or it will be extinguished.

In time… First, they have to evolve and before we can get into that, you’ll need to decide on their evolutionary context. The choices to follow are simple but fundamental and will shape every aspect of their eventual physiology. Choose one per category and the vote will be tallied after roughly 24-36 hours, barring a clear supermajority.
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Gotham City Beat Cop 3

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You look the Anarkist in the eyes and grip Bass Head's shoulder.

"For ten thousand dollars, I may be sold. But I'm keeping the kid, that way if you fuck me over he can go to Calc and spill everything he knows about your gang." You pat Bass Head on the shoulder and smile menacingly. "Sound good?"

"Sure thing. I can get you an address for a meet. You gotta come in person, Anarky wants to talk to you himself." He slowly reaches in his pocket and pulls out a scrap piece of paper. You lean out and snatch it from him, causing him to recoil a bit.

"I'll be there. The money better be what you said too, otherwise this Cobra is gonna have to STRIKE!" You emphasis the final word with a small lunge towards him cut short. It is pretty amusing to watch him skip backwards as if you actually were going to bite him, but any sense of cool is drowned out by the look you're getting from Bass Head. You sigh.

"Beat it, I'm taking this kid to my partners just down the road a bit. They can hold him for me." You check the scrap as you speak and see it's a meeting by the docks at eleven tonight. You look back up at the goon staring at you absently, you flick your fingers at him and he takes the hint to leave. You turn your back with Bass Head in tow and breathe a low sigh of relief. You also shake your head and pinch the bridge of your nose. The fucking "Cobra" why did you give yourself a name?

As you get to the car you see Huntress carrying a much larger crossbow than the small hand-bows you had seen her with before, Question carries a small club in his lap. You walk past them and open the back seat for Bass Head to crawl in.

"This is the boy?" Question asks you, same flat tone as ever.

"Obviously." Huntress chimes in, rolling her eyes. "The real question is what were you talking about with that Anarkist? Why were you talking at all instead of putting some hurt on him?"

"Because he's apparently recruiting for THE Anarky."

"That isn't possible." Question says quietly. "None of my sources heard anything about this."

"Apparently he's been laying low, really low. But he's not happy with how the Museum attack went. Whoever he wants, they didn't get it."


"Yeah, the job was a kidnapping. I have an in, they think I work for Calc."

"Explains why he was so jumpy." Huntress says, slowly releasing the tension on her crossbow and folding it up. "But Calc usually doesn't get that kind of reaction from people, he hires some serious goons though."

"That's my cover for now, I go by.." You pause

"You go by what?"

"Cobra." You say quietly.
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 207

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After gaining all seven Dark Dragon Balls, thanks in no small part to Karn and his family's efforts, Mechikabura prepares for his revival: the Dark King's return is nigh! And with their powers gained in the effort to combat the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, Karn and Meloka seek to master the strength of gods in preparation for the coming final battle between the Time Breakers and the Time Patrol. However, despite the PTO now comfortably ruling the majority of the known universe, threats still lurk there in the shadows. Beings who, for their own reasons, seek revenge against the Saiyan race. Will the Saiyans prevail? Or will their efforts all be in vain, overcome by their enemies past, present, and future?

You the players control Karn, the Berserker God with the power to fight against gods and other divine beings. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. Wielding the Berserker Soul, a power born of rage and hatred now combined with That Which Should Not Be, Karn has gained powers suited to facing the divine, and even those who wield the powers of Order, Law, and even Time itself. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed your way? Only time will tell, and your choices could be the difference between victory and defeat, winning and losing, even existence and not.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, Bo4 when specified
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your first roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Simple Space Empire Quest

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The Eternal Empire has stood for 14 millennia and has endured hundreds of wars, calamities, and rulers of every type. You are the latest and are founding your own dynasty, the 20th in galactic history. Only time will tell if you will lead the Etetnal Empire well.

Who are you?
>The top shareholder of Amasoft Corp. When the treasury went bankrupt, you bought the throne. (+1 Economy)
>A fierce admiral and notorious warhawk. When the emperor grew weak, you overthrew him. (+1 Military)
>The hero of the revolution. When the noble houses betrayed their oaths, you established an enlightened despotism. (+1 Happiness)
>One of billions of normal citizens. When the last dynasty ran out of heirs, you were chosen as a puppet. (+1 Population)
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Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The Underhive

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In the 41st Millenium, there is only war. And while the hive world of Boiadero may seem relatively peaceful, there is chaos brewing under the surface. From insatiable and murder lusty cultists spreading terror in the underhive, to the millions gangs, and even up above in the hive city spires the cruel machinations of hive elite spread like a poisonous spider web, withering all that it touches.

It is in this world that you find yourself, and you may be the only dim light filling the oppressive dark. You have already overcome many challenges alongside your wife to be, but there is only worse to come. Only with faith, body and blood may your fellow Christians be protected, and only time will tell if you can hold onto your life, your faith, and your morality.

For in the underhive, all is forsaken.
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Cosmos of Shadows

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Thread name: Cosmos of Shadow

Your people have grasped the stars. From the cradle of your homeworlds you sprung forth, grew, fought, consumed, thrived, learned, and grew discontent. For whatever reasons, you decided you must have more. More mysteries to solve, more planets to conquer, more civilizations to meet. And thus so your kin committed to bringing your entire solar system under your thumb. Now you look ever outwards into the void, hungry for more. You are finally ready to explore the cosmos and uncover what's out there. But tread lightly, for you might find that space is not as empty as it seems ...

>Updates will be once a week, Tuesdays.
>Players will have 1 turn per update, with 2 actions.
>No Limit to diplomacy and lore posts
>Game starts with players having colonized their solar system, and only recently learning to travel to other systems
>OP's words is final.

Currently all slots have been filled, continuing from previous thread.

And from nothing came the dust, and from dust the stars, and planets, and from the planets came the people...
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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #24

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Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you focused on getting Xebric station back into a livable state - starting with it's power issue.
Using a scaled up version of the reactor SHODAN designed for your carrier, you were able to get life support minimally online and prevent the station from freezing over completely.

However, it took a lot more time and effort than you expected, resulting in the development of remotely-piloted machines in the form of B1 droids, for working in harsh conditions.
That allowed you to increase your labor force by making use of people without the constitution to brave mutant attacks, high levels of radiation and freezing temperatures.

You also managed to pull Nena and Chell apart, having found her to be trapped somewhere inside his mind, almost like she was wandering in a fog.
You suspect it was a safety measure put in place by the same people who turned Chell into a cyborg in the first place, but you can't say for certain right now.

With Nena free, you placed her and the other lesser AI on your ship in charge of defending and operating the station in your absence.
Something that was very much necessary, because you're heading back to earth at this very moment.

There's still a lot of work left to do on the station, and you simply can't get it done with just the people you have on hand.

This time on Humanity Fuck Yeah, It's time to recruit some fellow humans.

>Last Thread:
>All Threads:
>Google Doc:
>Discord Link:
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The Monster Girl Facility #1

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<span class="mu-i">The sun barely shone through the smoke which rose from the earth. Where once sat the centre of a large tropical island with a few small reinforced buildings built into the ground, there are now no signs of visible life. All plant life has been killed, the place looks like a warzone... and there is a crater which is at least a few miles wide and several miles deep. Buried underneath scorched metal and chunks of rubble now rest the remnants of a vast, underground facility... One can even see the remaining underground structures, which are now exposed to the outside world... And in the centre of the crater, sits a large, newly installed structure clearly built to contain something, protected by soldiers...</span>

<span class="mu-i">The thousands of people who worked here are either dead or buried somewhere underneath all of this rubble... they may think their worst day has already past, but things are only going to get worse from here. Far, far worse.</span>


Alpha Copernicus is a mostly oceanic planet with various volcanic islands. One of these small, remote islands hosts the Valulori Research Centre for Monster Girl Subjects (often referred to as simply the Valulori Monster Girl Centre or VMGC). This facility is one of a few known, yet still secretive, research centres for genetic modification run by the government. It has focused on creating monster girls for usage around the galaxy.

Monster girl creation is quite a new sector, one which isn't well known to the public. The main goal of the sector has been to craft efficient and highly intelligent creatures who use a mixture of organic- and nanotech-based to do various tasks. These tasks range from simple menial labour, to more dangerous and high risk tasks in hazardous environments. There have even been confirmed cases of subjects being created for military purposes...

Of course, given how new this sector of genetic modification is, the ethics surrounding monster girl creation has not been addressed very well. What is known about Valulori is that treatment of monster girls in the facility was... acceptable at best and an abuse of basic human rights at worst. Despite that, the government kept sending money and material to the facility to ensure work continued.

Because of the unknowns of the sector, the secrecy and the lack of ethics, it was unsurprising that a disaster like this would eventually occur... Details are sparse, especially given the planet's status as a closed-off research planet. But reports have slipped through the cracks, indicating that a huge blast occurred after a skirmish with a rogue subject. Few have seemed to survive, and the rogue subject has allegedly been terminated. However, due to a classified ability she was designed to have, any and all staff and subjects who are still left in the ruins are now deemed security threats to the government. Death Squads have thus been called in to cleanse the place before rebuilding can be done.
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