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The Bloody Auction [ONE SHOT]

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Through legitimate or other means, nine vampires from across the globe had acquired the <span class="mu-s"> Sanguine Invitation </span> granting them access to Lord Waughann's mansion and its enigmatic rules where the greatest auction would be held across five days. All would seek the most precious artifact in the entire world:

<span class="mu-s"> <span class="mu-r"> The Primeval Vial of Nakathesep </span> </span>

You were one of those lucky nine vampire, They called you...

>Yeera Ysreth
<span class="mu-i"> One of the few pureblooded descendants of Nakathesep. This child was going to claim what was rightfully hers one way or another. </span>
Wealth: 2 Mil. GP
Pros.: Mastery over Critters. Arcane Knowledge

> Mathew Bloodwell
<span class="mu-i"> The titular Crimson Baron and the proud owner of 5.4 million human cattle. He bought his way here as expected of a man of his calibre. </span>
Wealth: 20 Million GP
Pros.: Filthy rich, Daily interests

>Catirina Olbev
<span class="mu-i"> The Bloody Countess known for her unrivalled beauty and a morbid obsession with immortality. </span>
Wealth: 7 Million GP
Pros: Blood magic, seduction.

> Rekshin O'Shann
<span class="mu-i"> An average craftsman born from a line of famous builders. His family had built the Lord's mansion brick by brick. How convenient </span>
Wealth: 500k GP
Pros.: Home advantage, Fixer

>Desdemona Flitchet
<span class="mu-i"> A shadowy assassin known for her clean kills, a professional who had never left a trace. </span>
Wealth: 3 Million GP
Pros.: Stealthy, outstanding thief

>Lathan Lake
<span class="mu-i"> A self proclaimed thrill seeker who would somehow stumble upon ancient vampire civilizations only to accidently destroy any trace of their existence. </span>
Wealth: 6 Million GP
Pros.: Durable, Lucky Bastard

>Gahronne Bloodjaw
<span class="mu-i"> The undisputed champion of all known major pit fights, killed more men and women in the ring than he could count. </span>
Wealth: None ( As a self imposed challenge)
Pros.: Strength, Unable to feel pain.

>Serosil von Edvuun
<span class="mu-i"> The brilliant mind behind Ferrnol or synthetic blood. She hopes to claim the vial to assist her in her research </span>
Wealth: 1 Million GP
Pros.: Tinker, Bloodtin guards

<span class="mu-i"> A mysterious man hiding behind a silver mask. </span>
Pros.: ??

Votes are opened for twelve hours.
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Dragon's Cadenza

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<span class="mu-i">“Long ago, long ago, our world was lush and green. Singers sang and dragons flew, and sorcery and steel were made one…”</span>

In the deepest dark of an ancient metal ruin, eyes of dead glass watched over broken eggs. Lifeless guardians of lifeless wards, eternal in their vigil, they awaited power which would never come. Severed cables wrapped like vines about the metal eggs, cradling their broken shells and the shattered songs within. They would never be heard, never know the sand and seas and skies, never live.

So it had been for ten thousand years, and so it would be forever.

Across the endless centuries, the egg crypt became known to the members of a diminutive and curious people. They took the shape and size of the old masters; tufts of fur upon the tops of their heads, their bodies surfaced softly in pale or tan hues, and possessing four limbs yet standing upright upon one pair and grasping with the other - and none of them were winged. Ignorant, the two-eyes knew little what the ruin once was, and nothing of the egg chamber or its dead machines. They came for salvage, and secrets, but gained little of either - ancient places do not give up such things.

Slowly, even their pestering encroachments became nearly forgotten, swallowed by the sands.

<span class="mu-i">Nearly</span> forgotten, until one of their young returned, pursued by its own kind through the shifting sands. Others fled with it to the ruin, but their pursuers were faster upon the dunes, piloting bounding bipedal machines and plated skimming craft. Only the young one lost its pursuers when it reached the metal fortress, disappearing within the shattered pyramid's depths.

Rushing through the metal halls, it stumbled, fell, crashed, slid, and then lay still.

Crimson fluid pooled from its cracked mask, and poisons leeched in from the toxic air. When its eyes opened again the burning had already begun, the <span class="mu-i">fire</span>, but the shouts of its pursuers sounded from high above. With failing strength it fled deeper into the dark, past shattered eggs and dead glass, through severed cables hanging like vines, and beyond doors overgrown with fungus, until finally it could bear to go no further. It collapsed within a small chamber, quiet and still, beside a large black egg resting in a bed of sand and coiled cables.

The exhausted young creature pulled itself closer to the egg, and sang as it tried to patch its mask. It sang a lullaby taught by its crafter, - its mother - lyricless and soothing, while kneading a ball of repair agent into the cracked ceramic surface of its mask. If it did not finish quickly, then the growing fire within its mind would become an unbearable inferno, and wracked with madness it would perish in the toxic air as so many had before. No mask could reverse the change then.

As the creature's fingers slowed, and the fire in its mind grew too hot, the surface of the egg <span class="mu-s">cracked.</span>

>You are the song. [Hatching Egg]
>You are the singer. [Young Creature]
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Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #8

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<span class="mu-s">It is the year 0078 of the Universal Century. A half century has passed since the earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised… and die.</span>

<span class="mu-i">“We are the people of the universe. We have struggled to survive in a harsh environment, and new generations of colonists testify to our success. Now, when we gaze back at Earth, we see a sacred blue and green orb - the cradle of civilization and a sacred home that we must eternally preserve and protect . . .”</span>
-Zeon Zum Deikun, UC 0058


<span class="mu-s">16:15, 9th December UC 0077
Zeon Military Academy on Guardian Banchi, Side Three (Republic of Zeon)</span>

Crisp cool air greets you as the hermetic seals of the airlock hiss open. The wrapping blue and green vistas of Guardian Banchi’s cylindrical interior, a quintessential close-type O’Neill colony, stretch out far before you. Mountains and lakes, valleys and forests, the interior of the colony cylinder have been molded carefully to match many of Earth’s environments.

You stand at a secured exit of the colony’s Earth Federation controlled spaceport. All around you are edifices devoted to maintaining that distant government’s control over not only the people of Zeon, or Spacenoids, but <span class="mu-i">all</span> of mankind. White and gray concrete military structures stand interspersed about the small city wrapping around the spaceport’s connection to the colony, a constant reminder not only of the Federation’s political supremacy over what should be Zeon’s truly sovereign territory, but also of the jackbooted force by which they maintain that supremacy.
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Lingdom Quest 4

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Welcome to Lingdom Quest, a cute and comfy slice-of-life quest about exploring the Lingdom, a kingdom of cute pygmies!

You are Rika, a 15-year-old Ling on a journey with your cousin Kari, friends Bubu and Puki, and fox friend Moochy. You are on your Youthful Journey, a custom among your people where you leave your home to travel across the Lingdom to visit relatives and friends in other villages to help out and learn new skills. The function of the Youthful Journey is also to reconnect you with your wider family and make pleasant Memories.

>What are Lings?
Pygmy humans with large, round ears who live in the Lingdom, a kingdom separated from the rest of the world and under the protection of the Emperor. The Emperor is known as a "Tallie", a human of normal height and normal-shaped and sized ears. Among your people are also "Halfies", individuals with both Ling and Tallie blood who appear like Lings in their childhood but enter a rapid growth spurt in their young adulthood.

>Where did Lings come from?
The Lings claimed to have once been hosted by the Great Turtle where they learned to be good guests. Much of their core values come from their time being the Great Turtle's guests;
>To be neat, tidy, and clean after themselves.
>To eat sparingly so as to not overburn their hosts.
>To reciprocate gifts so as to share Memories.

Memories are something of a religious and spiritual concept for Lings. They represent literal memories that an individual holds but also represent their relationships as well as a connection to their wider family (their "people"). It helps bind them all as one people, not only throughout the land but also through time. Ways Lings share their Memories:
>Offering gifts.
>Doing activities together.
>Telling stories.

>Guest-Host Relationship
Lings behave themselves in accordance with the guest-host relationship as they learned from the Great Turtle. A Host must be benevolent and gracious to their guests, and a guest must be respectful and considerate to their hosts. This relationship is also attributed to their understanding of agriculture and politics The land they cultivate is considered their host, but the grain raised from it their guests. The Emperor is a sacred individual who allows Himself to be a guest for the Lings, but still behaves as their Host and protects them from the world beyond.

>Other Cute Ling Things
Lings are known for a variety of cute habits and behaviors. Here's some of them:
>They don't have chairs, preferring to squat or sit on the ground.
>Their cuisine largely consists of hand-held foods, wrapping their meals in either tortillas or leaves.
>They are pescetarian insectivores.
>They prefer sleeping in hammocks over beds.
>They consider leaving things on the floor dirty so most of their possessions are hung on the walls or ceilings (like their hammocks)
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Standard Fantasy Nation Builder

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Not a single builder going? Let's fix that!

Welcome to Standard Fantasy Nation Builder. First, start with providing description of your future nation.

Fill this in:
>Leader's name:
>Color(for if/when I get a map):
>General location:(mountains, jungle, plains, ocean, lake, etc. More detailed the better I can make a map..maybe)
>Fluff about nation:
>Fluff about leader:
>General magic practises or other speciality (for a magic-related bonus, can be replaced with tech or situational bonus, too, so it doesn't have to be magic, but make it ONE)
Don't fill this in:
>Population: 10000
>Power level: 1
>Tech Level: 1
Keep it short, but more than just a single sentence. I won't read your novel, but I would still like to get some info on your nation.
I'll look through them and provide bonuses (and penalties) based on the description.




Not mine idea, stolen from good old times when we had builders still going. It's Easter, I've got loads of spare time and kind of bored.
Actual map will be provided once the game starts for real. I will probably set-up mibbit. Rules will likely to be changed as we play, since I've got only a partial recollection how this specific set worked. I already know I want to handle military differently and that I post in different hours than the original QM.
Either way - have fun and remember this is for kitchen sink setting, so don't take it too serious or pigeon-hole yourself into some muh realism faggotry.

And if you are completely new to what builders are, then the source from which I've taken this one:
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Alterac Resurgent Quest 28

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Nine years ago King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. Nine years ago Prince Alric Perenolde, the second heir of Alterac was sent into exile for his own protection. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now you are ready to carry the responsibility and unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

The Army of Alterac had marched into Strahnbrad Hills and claimed what is rightfully yours, the land and the oil hidden deep underneath the surface. They hadn’t faced any serious opposition, just a scattered band of bandits and brigands. Now would the work start as soon as the goblins gather themselves and the Dark Irons, deep from Blackrock Depths, would arrive with their machines and technology beyond your reach.

But not everything would be just about the oil, for you spent considerable time with your lover Jandice Barov as you were recovering from the Incident. Her three words of “I love you” echoed in your mind, for it was love you couldn’t answer to.

Yet your time in Tarren Mill would cut short. Jandice would leave and you would have to return back to Dawnholme as finally after months of waiting the Stonemason’s of Stormwind have arrived. Hundreds of them, with them mercenaries, a warlock in disguise, children and women. You would have your hands full with everything related to them.

You had hoped that you wouldn’t be swamped with work, especially with Taretha increasingly pregnant. A lot of paperwork would fall into your hands amongst other duties. But you had decided to put the work away, you wouldn’t repeat the previous mistakes and work yourself nearly to death.

You would enjoy your life, take whatever chances you have to relax and spend time with your friends. Maybe for once your life could be steady and without worries?

Welcome to Alterac Resurgent Quest!

/qst/ Archive:
Prince Alric Stats:
Quest Mechanisms:
Character List:
Side Character Stats:
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The Monster Girl Facility #4

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"It's gotten rather quiet here." The guardsman would say as he looked out into the green section. Mike scoffed in response, leaning against the glass wall of the chamber where their injured friends rested. "Well, that's good news. Means that the fighting hasn't started yet, or has gone elsewhere away from us." Mike would respond calmly, him looking at the injured men. "I do hope everyone is okay up there thought. That rabbit subject is a real psychopath." He'd mumble, the guardsmen sighing and looking at the upper floors. "Well, so far it's going better than the last encounter. You and your friends really are helping us out a ton." The guardsman said quietly, making Mike let out a deep breath. "Yeah..." He wanted to point out the fact that he really wasn't supposed to help out the guardsmen, yet hesitated. After all, he didn't want to create further conflict between the two groups.

Shortly after though, the two would hear gunfire from above, as well as some distant screams. "Shit, that sounded like Elliot." The guardsman said softly, the two stepping away from the glass wall and walking to the edge of the walkway. The two would look upwards, trying to see what was going on. And a minute after, they heard more gunfire and yells. Finally, they would hear a loud bang followed by watching something burning falling from up high and crashing into the flooded floor below. "Was that the rabbit?" The guardsman asked, Mike trying to get a closer look. "I don't know for sure..." Soon after though, Mike got told over comms that he was needed. "Wilco. Update me on your location, okay?" He'd look to the guardsman, before speaking confidently. "Stay here. I'll be back soon enough." And with that, Mike would start headed towards the other combatants to finally put an end to the monstrous rabbit subject.


This quest is mostly story focused, with no really deep mechanics aside from basic dice-rolling. The story is rather freeform in terms of what choices you can make and what direction you want to follow. What your goal is in this place and who you choose to trust is mostly up to you. Do you want to explore the place and figure out its mysteries? Or do you just want to shoot shit and cleanse this place of monster girls? No matter what you opt to do down here, I will always try to give options for what you can do. You can also always send in your own choices and suggestions on what to do. Either way, I hope to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. My writing ain't perfect, so I always do appreciate it when feedback is provided so I can improve further.
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The False-Woman #5: A Warhammer 40k Quest

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<span class="mu-i">"In the myth, God is Force. In the parable, God is Motion. In the faith, God is the Spark, that which moves all life."</span>
-22nd Hymn of the Omnissiah, Collected M34

A change of fortune diverts you from the cliffs, to a place you never expected to be - the heart of the Omnissiah's worship in Odrev. Once you arrive, though, you find it increasingly difficult to focus on what's literally before you.


Read the previous threads at:

You possess an amount of Strain equal to your Conditioning score. When attempting actions beyond your current capacity, you gain a point of Strain. Attempting to Strain while at maximum Strain will result in a Strain Check. During a Strain Check, roll 1d10 for every point of the relevant Parameter. Results that are 6 or above count as one success. Results of 10 count as two successes. Three successes must be rolled to avert a critical failure. Fail or pass, after a Strain Check, you cannot Strain again until you restore your Strain by seeking shelter.

This quest allows you to designate a second-choice vote on decisions with three or more options before Write-Ins. When votes are totaled, the option with the least votes for it will be removed, with votes for that option instead being changed to the second-choice of those voters. Second-choice votes are also used to break ties. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but is not mandatory. Please specifically mark your second-choice as such if you do so.

Vote stay open for a minimum of six hours, but will usually take longer.

A note: It's time. Now don't I look silly for thinking we'd get to that stuff last thread.

Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #4

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<span class="mu-s">You are L2 Trollslayer Fiona Jarnafeldt</span>, and you do not love the city you live in.

Helsinki is too sterile. Helsinki is too clean. There's nothing natural about the white metal buildings and black glossy windows, hexagonal solar panels that make up the roads and walkways, the filtered air. When the gods made the heavens and earth, this is not what they had in mind. The artificial world you came to live in was a novelty for some time, but the stuffy plastic smell is giving you headaches. Messing with your mind. You're seeing things. <span class="mu-i">Other than the things you've always seen,</span> at least.

It has been about 3 months since you have joined the Stormwatch, a legion of fighters who keep Helsinki safe by driving out the beasts and squatters occupying the stormdrains beneath the city streets. You do this seeking the elevated citizenship status that comes with doing your part, hoping to one day being permitted to hold in your arms a child of your own flesh and blood. There can only be a million souls in this city, one billion on this earth; you want one or two of them to call your own.

You and your compatriots have been on the trail of thieves who intercepted advanced tech being brought to the Stormwatch HQ, and it seems that they have been using it to develop new weapons. Level 3 Manhunter Sigrun Eugen and her student Level 2 Manhunter Saemus Fahy have been trying to find what they can; how the underdwellers are producing weapons, where they are being seen with them, and if there's any loose ends on the surface that would lead to the epicenter of squatters. But as it happens, these things take time. The underdwellers need to make a mistake to be caught. It's only a matter of time.

Recently, you have been assisting the Stormwatch Director's experimental tech program as an equipment tester. In the first field test of a new tool, the Director had you destroy one of the underdweller's main sources of food. This acid-slinging tool is now being fielded and used to dispose of the corpses of massive aberrations all across the stormdrain. Underdweller activity has to be more lively and easily seen by now, surely.

But it has been some time. Perhaps some proactive choices need to be made to get progress. Perhaps things will turn up over the course of your regular duties. Either way, this pallid modern interior of Stormwatch HQ offers you no comfort.
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RWBY Quest #1

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Rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8 (3d6)

The world of Remnant is a vast and dangerous place. Horrendous creatures known as Grimm roam the land, destroying everything in their path, rending the flesh and devouring almost any kind of living being unfortunate enough to meet them.

Fortunately, humanity is not completely defenseless. Certain people are born with particularly powerful souls, granting them extraordinary abilities. When these abilities are honed they can evolve into Semblances, unique type of abilities that grant the user with powerful powers that work similarly to magic (Most of the time). These people have formed many groups across the many continents of Remnant, being known as Huntsmen and Huntresses.

However, not all of these people wish to save the innocent or destroy the Grimm. In fact, some of them use their powers for self gain and take advantage of the chaos of the world. There are even rumours that some of these Huntsmen are secretly working for someone behind the curtains, an evil force that wishes to destroy all living beings on the planet for unknown means.

But one may arise and change things. For the worse? For the better? Only the future has eyes for what is about to come.

Who are you?

>Race? (Human, Faunus, etc)

Also pastebin: and testing some random dice
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