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Herr Mannelig Quest; or the female mountain troll who proposes marriage to a young human man

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Herr Mannelig, herr Mannelig, will you be betrothed to me?
For that, I offer you gifts very gladly
Surely you can answer only yes or no
If you wish to or not

To you I wish to give the twelve horses [palfreys]
That go in the grove of roses
Never has there been a saddle upon them
Nor a bridle in their mouths

To you I wish to give the twelve mills
That are between Tillö and Ternö
The stones are made of the reddest gold
And the wheels are covered in silver

To you I wish to give a gilded sword
That chimes of fifteen gold rings
And fight however you fight [well or badly]
The battle site you would surely win

To you I wish to give a shirt so new
The best you will want to wear
It was not sewn with needle or thread
But worked of white silk

>Yes [marry the female mountain troll (bergatroll) despite her pagan non-christian nature]
>No [christ is king]
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Digimon Quest #1

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“...This was not where your story was supposed to end.”

Cold. The kind of frigidness that steals one’s will, one that lulls you into a peaceful slumber from which you never come back. You attempt to feel your limbs to no avail, only feeling what could only be described as “smoke-like traces” of what were once your extremities. The only thing that broke the darkness you were surrounded in was some kind of machine, massive in size, connected to several terminals all blinking the same, mute static. Silver with lines of gray breaking the monotony, with a particular red strip denoting its “eyes”, if ever such machinery required something like that. Its geometrical, arrow-like shape made its design almost angelical, yet the voice that came from it clashed with whatever preconception you had of this thing.

“...Son of man, the path that was forged for you does not need to end here.”

“Your flesh has long since abandoned you, but your will remains anchored in this realm.”

“I can craft new flesh for you, one that will suit and reflect your soul’s most inner desires,”

“As well as deepest of turmoils.”

“I’ve witnessed what you once were…”



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Broken Empire New Frontier

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You uncomfortably shift the tie around your neck, the tightness of it is ever greater as it feels like it suffocates you. It is an odd sensation seeing as how you had continuously loosened it up. Still, no one could blame you for your nervousness, after all, the opportunity before you is a rare one indeed, and one that would see many a man drenched in their own cold sweat. Your own wet back makes you think whether or not your actions so far were truly wise or not. After all, every single fraction of your wealth had been expended upon this.

As you walk down the plain grey corridor illuminated by bright white lights, you reach a window, and through it you see your investment. The “Outwards bound”, an older class colonization ship capable of housing a few thousand people and years’ worth of various supplies. The distant stars are quickly swallowed up by the planet coming into view, a jewel in its own right. From all the way up here, you can see how many lights are illuminating the night, how many millions, if not billions live upon the planet. Perhaps you will never witness such a sight yourself of your own world…your own, just that thought brings a smile to your face.

“Sir ?” A young woman’s voice draws your attention. “They are waiting for you, sir.” She smiles at you having clearly arrived to hurry your pace. A pretty enough young woman, though judging by her looks, clearly lacking any visible cybernetics or genemods.

You simply nod and turn to walk ahead. The meeting you are about to attend, never had you felt so much dread, so much fear having to face…

>The Royal Expansion and Colonization Service. It is a rarity for the R.E.C.S. to even consider granting the rights for expansion, much less actually granting them, truly, this is probably a once in a decade opportunity, if you are being optimistic.

<span class="mu-g">+ Official part of the Unbroken Empire</span>
Being officially sanctioned by the Empire means that you can expect protection from the navy and the army. Should great disasters occur within the colony, chances are that nearby systems will send you aid. Establishing trade relations between imperial systems will also be that much easier.

<span class="mu-r">- Official part of the Unbroken Empire</span>
Being officially sanctioned by the Empire also means that most likely your colony shall be subservient to whatever random noble gets granted the rights to your world. It also means that you will be expected to pay your share of taxes and provide your share of manpower and material in cases of war. Not to mention, the politics of the Empire, more specifically the commanding noble, shall have a direct influence upon you in terms of control and regulations. Atop of that, any frontier states and statelets will view you as nothing more than a further extension of the “Tyrants’ reach”.
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Horsequest 3

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You are a FUCKING MAJESTIC HORSE. Welcome to Horsequest 3.
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Need help please

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looking for a video game, it's from the PSX1 platform, when I was a child I once bought a video game that came with 4 games in 1, of these games the one that made it difficult for me to play and advance was the one I'm looking for, Its setting is like a medieval type, in third person, you can buy weapons, spears, swords, etc., something I remember is that there were dungeons, in these there were enemies, in some there were bears that walked and in others bears that attacked, it was a game of type adventure but the controls and the menu and the inventory were somewhat complicated, at least for me at that time, I played this game but I don't remember its name, it's from PSX, help me see photos or videos and I'll tell you which one it is, there was as attack mode and defense mode for combat, please help

The Demon King's General Proposes to the Hero II: The Hero Prepares for the Date!

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As the chosen hero, your mission has always been clear: defeat the demon king and bring peace to the world! However, your life took an unexpected turn when the demon king's top general, whom you've decided to name Scarlett, shockingly proposed marriage to you! In an effort to truly understand each other, you've agreed to a date in a week's time. There's just one issue: you know nothing about dating or courtship, having dedicated every moment of your life to training and demon-slaying. Desperate for guidance, you journey to the ancient elf forest to consult the wise, one-thousand-year-old, white-haired elf mage but instead of romantic wisdom, she imparts a grim warning: "Never trust demons, Yuusha! They're evil and want to steal your seed!!"

>Scarlet isn't like that!
>You've no experience with dating either, do you?
>I'll guard my seed with great care!
>Write In
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Death of a Tyrant II

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Suial the Third saw his concubines as mere objects, mere decorations to flaunt his wealth, power, and influence—like furniture, used, broken, and replaced without a second thought. You are not like the old tyrant; you recognize the value of the women you've claimed from him.
This morning, you wake up beside Queen Jocasta, the old king's only legal wife and now his widow. Last night, you claimed the older woman for yourself, seizing yet another possession from the tyrant. Even in his death, your disdain for the man lingers, mixed with a perverse satisfaction in stripping him of all he cherished. Nearing forty, the queen is old enough to be your mother, yet your carnal desire for her only intensified in the face of this taboo last night.
As you dress, you reflect on your next moves. Unlike Suial, who treated his concubines as nothing more than playthings for his perverse pleasures, you see them as potential allies and advisors. Lana, the green-eyed concubine, first shared your bed after Suial's death, impressing you with her bravery and quick thinking. Jocasta, the queen, offers a strategic alliance with House Chion, the most formidable of the noble houses.
Then there is Inaja, the dusky-skinned concubine, whose insights have deepened your understanding of the kingdom's internal politics and religious traditions. Each of these women provides you with new tools to keep the kingdom united under your rule, leveraging their knowledge and influence to fortify your reign.
You ponder your next move, considering how best to utilize the tools at your disposal to stabilize and strengthen your control over the kingdom. To secure your rule, you consider meeting with the palace’s guard commander to gauge his loyalty and reinforce your defenses. The ancient right of conquest brought you here, but what stops another from claiming the throne the same way? You also think about visiting the dungeons and torture chambers where Suial imprisoned and tortured those who spoke against him. Understanding how the old tyrant held onto power might help you keep the throne. You also consider learning more about the boys he kept as catamites for his perverse pleasures.
Perhaps a discussion with Queen Jocasta about solidifying the alliance with her house could be beneficial. Consulting with Lana on security matters, or with Inaja on political strategies could also be wise. Alternatively, engaging with another concubine or a courtier about the impending grand gladiatorial tournament might reveal more about the kingdom’s morale and loyalties. Today is filled with potential: for alliances, for reforms, for strengthening your new rule.

> You arrange a meeting with the palace’s guard commander to assess his loyalty and review the security measures.
> You explore the dungeons and torture chambers to understand the dark legacy of the old tyrant and to plan reforms.
> You take a moment to relax and clear your mind with a long, contemplative bath, joined by the queen or a concubine.
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You are a Bridge Troll. A savage, dim, and obsessive creature that haunts the underside of many crossings; whether that be a simple log or a glorious bridge of stone. Recently you were forcibly expelled from the bridge that had been your family's bridge for generations. It was a creaky old-bridge that stood over an equally unimpressive river full of muck, festid mosquito nests, and troll droppings.

You hardly got any visitors to tax except for the occasional ne'er-do-el for whom speed and stealth was a priority over ease of travel. They rarely paid your toll but made for comforting if smelly meals.

However, after a survey of the nearby area by prospectors sent by the local lord (who paid your "troll toll" with mead and apples taken from the local village), the nasty almost-creek that was your home was found to host specks of silver and therefore a silver deposit.

After that you were promptly dislocated from your home by an "honorable" knight named Sir Flikker who enjoyed shouting about noblesse oblige and chivalry while chasing you. As if they cared about any of that when you were only harassing dirt poor peasants and not a host to valuable metals.

Now, after walking until your warted, ugly, and dull gray feet were full of blisters you feel comfortable enough to find a new home.

Which bridge do you choose?
>A sturdy log over a particularly wide and long ditch in the forest. Most of your visitors will be outlaws and woodsmen who typically don't pay taxes sadly. A benefit however there's little chance of facing any conflict from a lord or mayor here.

>An old splintery wooden bridge that's subject to a decent amount of foot traffic. You'd have to pick your battles carefully here, eating or taxing the wrong person could lead to knights knocking on your bridge.

>A bridge made of pure light but some old magus generations past. Very little foot traffic, and the ones who do use the bridge tend to be magically inclined and fantastical in nature. Could be dangerous to toll (troll) on as many of those creatures are much stronger than the typical human.
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Shogun Isekai Quest #2

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>First Thread: >>5976517
You suspect that the pilot, John Blackthorne, isn't being entirely truthful about the Erasmus—it seems unlikely that this is merely a trading vessel. You hold your silence as the group of Japanese warriors, clad in traditional Samurai armor, storms onto the ship. Their shouts and curses ring out, denouncing you and your newfound companions as "Barbarians!" To your astonishment, you understand every word in Japanese—an inexplicable ability, considering your minimal knowledge of Japan from your original world. John Blackthorne, the English pilot of your accidental refuge, attempts to communicate in halting Portuguese. "We are merchants of the Erasmus, a Dutch merchant ship. We were blown off course two months ago. We mean no harm. Please, wait—" His plea is cut short as a sharp slap from the leader of the Japanese, a young Samurai who you gather is named Omi, silences him. Watching the confusion and escalating tension, you realize Omi doesn't understand Portuguese. You debate internally whether to intervene and try to bridge the language gap.
>Take the initiative to speak to Omi in Japanese, hoping to ease the tension and clarify the situation.
>Act as if you are confused and do not understand the language, maintaining a low profile.
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Sunken Continent Survivors Civilization Thread

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The old continent suddenly sunk into the seas! You barely survived the wrath of the waves. You find your fellows fishermen now stranded in the middle of the ocean.

"Where should we go now?"

You heard there are other lands to the east and to the west, continents of brutish creatures which your people had thus far avoided.

But you must head towards them! For the only survivors of your race are a few male fishermen. Though you could survive in the sea fishing, your race would die out.

You can't let it happen because:

> Your race are Earthshapers and can manipulate earth with their minds
> Your race has Lightning Control and can generate and manipulate electricity
> Your race are Illusionists and can create lifelike illusions that fool the senses
> Your race can attain Spirit Form and temporarily possess other beings
> Your race are Arcanists and possess imense raw magical power
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