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the Fairy Fucker 9000
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/ll/ - Lillie General

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SM 7th Anniversary Edition

I can't believe it's been this long since we've had the pleasure of traveling Alola with this cutie, but this time of year is nice since we get so much nice new art.

What are your hopes for her moving forward? How is your Lillie shrine progressing? Let's discuss Lillie!
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/tcg/ Trading Card Game General

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Citizen Kāne Edition

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Say something nice about Gamefreak's least favourite type
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Showderp: Washy edition

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>set database
>client for secret chat
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I am no longer interested in Pokemon, I watch sun&moon and play the games only because of Suirens
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>Make 5 contest conditions
>Only one was used for evolution
What Mons from Gens 3 or 4 would you use for the remaining four conditions(Cute,Smart,Cool, and Tough)?
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I will always strongly dislike these two
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/ef/ - Eevee Friday

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Crashing this plane Edition

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