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Kieran thread - /Kiki/ love is forever

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Post Kiki. Appreciate Kiki. Love Kiki.
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Do you think gamefreak ever regretted designing machoke?
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>dick legendaries
How does Sinnoh keep doing it?

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>every Pokémon fan has that one starter they've picked and base their entire personality around
>I started with Yellow so I missed out on this experience
Would I have been a Charmander kid? Would my inner contrarian have developed enough to chose Bulbasaur? Would my insufferable pride as the smartest kid in junior high make Squirtle my starter? This is just like missing Hogwarts first day and spending all 7 years as a houseless student...
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Post your current team from what you are playing now
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What gives?
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/tcg/ Trading Card Game General

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Learnset Edition

>I want to learn the game, where do I begin?
Download PTCGL at
The game has a quick tutorial and a bunch of decent decks to get you started against other beginners or against the AI. Some of those decks are very close to meta too. You can also go to your local game store and see if people are playing Pokémon.

>I know how to play, how do I make my own deck?
You have a decent beginner's guide at
There's also the old /tcg/ guide at
After that, look up meta decks and try to reverse engineer them to see how things work.

>Where to find meta decks?
For big irl events, go to
For online events, go to
For japanese events, go to

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who do we delete
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Why isn't Quaquaval more popular? He's the only cool starter this gen. Meowscarada is too feminine to be cool, and Skeledirge is kind of ugly.
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