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I'm finally upgrading from my old D3200 to a Nikon Z6. I've bought a nice secondhand kit with under 1k shutter count, with some XQD cards and the FTZ adapter.

I currently own the old nikkor 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 DX VR kit lens, a nikkor 55-200mm 4-5.6 DX lens, and a Sigma 10-20mm 3.5 EX lens.

As I understand it, using a DX lens with the FTZ adapter will put the Z6 into crop mode to avoid vignetting, but then I'm not really getting the full benefit of the FF sensor.

I've been having a look at Z mount lenses and older FX lenses, but there are many to choose from and unfortunately I'm a bit of a retard who doesn't know what he wants. I was thinking of getting a fast 50mm, and a somewhat decent zoom to start off with as I try and get better than snapshit tier photos.

Anyone have some good suggestions? I don't have a huge budget, and will be buying used.

Snapshit of my dog for attention
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Dry-Plate Photography

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This is my first photo on DIY dry-plate
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Mirror lenses

Are they really that bad?
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>obtains perfect exposure with zero skill or effort
And yet you need more?
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Obligatory Photo Thread

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For that one autistic guy: heres some photos.

Genre: Dum shit
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Why is everyone on this fucking board so afraid of these?
Every time it just


Do you guys really don't know how to use one of these or what
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I've become friends and also the cameraman with an onlyfans girl, I mentioned I did film production in Uni and then got offered to help direct/film a scene and now I'm her go-to person for shooting. The thing is, I'm most comfortable with pre/post production, so despite sitting in classes for it due to various reasons I'm currently mediocre at lighting and camera setting stuff. Thankfully they all have some basic lights and microphones so I haven't had to invest money in, but if I can make a solid enough video in future I could make this a decent side gig, but my friend/client is ambitious and wanting to work up to "pornhub quality". Has any other anons ended up shooting amateur porn or photoshooting adult models and what gear should I be getting and how can I make up my production quality enough so I get hired by her friends.

All I have personally is a canon 200d w/18-55mm lens and a tripid alongside a bounce kit, she has a Nikon Z 30 w/tripod and ring lights mostly.
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Film General Thread /fgt/

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Snapshit edition

PREV THREAD: >>4275615

QUESTION to start the thread off:
>What's the best picture (or one of the best) you think you've taken to date and why? Feel free to tell a story if there is one.

/fgt/ daily reminder (courtesy by anon): one stop per decade is (generally) bullshit
>negative film ages better than positive
>black and white better than color
>slow films better than fast
>storage conditions (dry/cool) matter more than years
>Negative film is shot 1 or 2 stops overexposed and then PULLED in development so that you build more density in the exposure and develop less such that the fog is limited
>slide/positive film is shot at box speed or overexposed and pulled.
>if you home develop you can also use benzotriazole as a restrainer for the the first developer in E6 process

Useful links
>[massive dev chart] gives times for home film development
>[film dev] shows results of development regimes
>[news & community links]
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>80 megapixels
>14 stops of dynamic range
sony, canon, nikon, fuji, lolympiss, penisonic, hasselblyat, and phase one, explain yourselves.

THIS is how far camera technology has come. You are not seeing it on your snapshit toys. Just useless jokes like 40fps 12 bit stills with a fuckload of rolling shutter. Why?
>we got global shutter th-
RED had global shutter FOR YEARS.

Meanwhile a fucking five figure hasselblad is worse than full frame in many immediately noticeable ways
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