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I don’t own an 85 yet, is 0.8f really worth 4times the price?
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So, we're all just failed painters here, right?
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What would it cost if they remade

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The 35mm cameras that are sought after on the secondary market today.. cameras such as the Canon AE-1, Olympus OM-1, Pentax KX etc? Cameras that have seen a steady increase in price the last couple of years..
Surely it would not be cheap. Seems like the only thing that is on the pipeline in that regard is a plastic fantastic POS from Pentax.
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Olympus Cameras

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which more modern Olympus Digital Cameras would be good ones to consider getting, I'm trying to find some that would be great for things like Wildlife, Nature, landscapes, night, theatre and Street Photography.
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Design website, shot in the dark

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alright faggots. I hope one of you knows what I am talking about.

There is a small obscure design/aesthetic website run by a woman designer(I think).

one of you posted it here a a year or two ago. I can't find this site for the life of me. She had aesthetics broken down and had sophisticated names for them. like "power neon trip" for early 90s.
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Candid public photos.

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From my collection.

Post em if you're a connoisseur.
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/NIG/ Nikon Imaging General

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Repair Edition

This was a 24-70/2.8 AF-S with a loose hood mount and I stripped it down and tightened it and also pre-emptively threadlocked the front barrel as that is a common issue with that coming loose.
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Anyone used a Nikon F55? It was one of their last film SLR’s. I’m used to using an old D80 DSLR and want to start shooting on film. The F55 looks similar enough to the D80 that it shouldn’t be too hard to get used to
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am i a talented photographer today

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board is boring rn so i will make a thread. i'm curious if others can pick up on changes in my pictures over time. so i will go in roughly chronological order, starting from a bit before i actively got into photography
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Ricoh GR3X amazing film simulations

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what do you think the custom recipe mike_sunday used on these? he's not telling in the comments. gotta respect the hustle
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