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What monitor and software do you use for editing your photos?
How do you like it for your work?
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>The perfect mirrorless lens doesnt exi-
Canon and Sony cucks on suicide watch.
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post some birds
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How do I get this "dreamy" look in my photos?

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I was watching an old hd tv program from the 90s and it just looks gorgeous. What's the secret? Can we even replicate it now?
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>I don't have a job
>I shoot 100 rolls a month
>When the stimulus check hit I've been spending a lot
>1200-1300 undeveloped rolls in the fridge
>500 rolls that are developed but not scanned (not seen by me)
Why are filmfags like this?
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Bad edits

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Can we have a thread for mocking other people's post editing, please?

This one is the wallpaper someone at Microsoft chose for my lock screen today
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Red Panda

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Thoughts on the S5II/S5IIX as a stills camera?
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Is there a service I can send my Canon F1 to have internally cleaned? None of the shops in my area will service the F1 and its been shutter dragging a few times.
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how do i get colors like this? i love how the sky and trees look on this one, its very soft and pleasing to the eye
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