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Why is no one else currently building a digital rangefinder camera?
I mean, I get that the whole "insignificant niche" argument worked 10 years ago. But since cameras as a whole have become an insignificant niche, why not give people what they want? Because I'm pretty sure many people want a Leica but can't afford it. Just look at how popular the meme camera X100 has become - isn't it time for someone to capitalize on that?
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past few months of memes

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Going to post 12 or so rolls worth of snaps from the past few months. Assortment of Foma 100, Kodak XX, and Ilford FP4. All pushed 2-3 stops because crushed shadows are great.
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Holy shit.
Rollei is releasing a new film camera. Film is so back and I’m going to buy one.

You are buying one too right /p?

Manual controls too so it’s not just a point and shoot. I am hyped.
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Post shit of the same thing in different seasons. Or don't.
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MFT thread

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Foolframe in shambles edition.
We are at a point where MFT has equal or better DR with equivalent lenses and ISO, IN PHOTOS than top of the line FF bodies.
1-2 stops of IBIS advantage only increase the gap.
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/sqt/ - Stupid Question Thread

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"Dust, in MY lens?" Edition. Sending this one to Canon for cleaning. It's hardly been used and is filled with dust all over. This is lust the top left quarter.
When taking portraits, face or full body, what apertures would you use for a 50mm or 80mm equivalent to get your subject in focus (more than just eyes) but keep the image a little soft elsewhere?
Any rational for tightening the aperture versus keeping it wide open?

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I spent years buying digital camera gear and shooting digital only to realize that film actually does look better. Well time to start all over again.

Whats a good film camera thats manual, and around the 80s-90s era? I also want something non mirrorless/dslr feeling as I just feel sick with regret any time I touch something like that now.
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phone /p/hotography

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