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Lumix sisters, its worth upgrading from my old M43 GF3 to a full frame S5? It looks small but I worry about the lack of lenses on the system, how does it work with adapted lenses?
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/m43/ micro four thirds general - Not a paid shill edition

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If you ever wondered what being an OM AMBASSADOR means and why it's absolutely NOT paid shilling this based m43 birder boomer has you covered:

Now go and buy TWO OM-1 MK II because one is not enough!
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How to best sort my photos?

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Instead of putting my photos in folders I would like to tag them so instead of looking through the folders I can just search for a tag like "architecture, night time, snow" etc. and it would also be cool to have a way to visualize the photos by date and location.

What's the best way to this that is also future proof and not dependant on one program?
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FUCK nikon cameras.

Critz my work please (Im new, be brutal)

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Hey, I'm fairly new to Photography and i was wondering if 4chan might give me some constructive criticism on what i have so far. Tips, tricks, cameras to use, insults, whatever you got helps. thank you :)
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unconvential photography

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i tried infrared (picrel) before and the other day tried out some shutter drag pics. getting bored of shooting "normal" pics with my fuji but dont know what else to try out. any recommendations?
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How can I safely dispose this?

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A neighbour was selling some stuff

And I bought a camera bag that had a few lenses inside, the old lady insisted that I took with me those old films rolls too for free.

Now i'm thinking they are probably toxic and I'm afraid to touch them, othewise why would she want me to take them with me. Because they are way past the expiracy date.

Also I'm never going to shoot film. I just want to dispose them, but I don't want to get into trouble for throwing toxic stuff into the trash bin.
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It's 2024 are there any digital cameras that actually emulate the film look? I stopped researching cameras a few years ago and there was nothing at the time
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Anyone here have experience shooting film on boxes of tin and bakelite that were "Made in USA"?
Most go for peanuts these days as collectors tend to not to give a rats ass about them compared to West German or Japanese makes.
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