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Depreciated DSLRs

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Thinking about burning $50-70 on an obsolete ebay digital camera but I want to carry a big pretentious bastard that takes cheap auto focus glass so I can larp as an insurance adjuster from 2003 when I take photos of birds and shit.

I am considering the following among whatever other hipster shit I can find:
>Sony A100/A-whatever DSLR (or SLT if I find one cheap)
Fast Minolta af glass costs peanuts and it has ibis, seems like a nice deal all around.
>Finepix S2 Pro
Looks nice, Nikon film lenses are plentiful, is a brick of a machine, takes AAs and CF cards. Cumbersome but tickles my hipster sensibilities.
>Nikon D-whatever
Common and cheap as hell, literally just the above but more refined. Again, F-mount lenses are cheap.
>Olympus Evolt
Kodak sensor memes aside, the later gen ones are still barely worth peanuts. Crop sensors don't really concern me because I'm playing with older shit anyway.
>Canon EOS / Rebel
Very common but the lenses cost a lot even when used.

What are some other brick DSLRs I should keep an eye out for?
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I think my Lumix GF1 finally shit the bed to death (shutter crapped out, "turn camera on and off again" error, it's fucked).
Anyway rip to my first "good" digital camera, it died as it lived: talking pictures inane bullshit.
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Night photography reccomendations

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Anyone got any recc for a camera for night pictures and video (I see a lot of noise in a lot of vids set at night and want to avoid as much as possible (if possible)) for Japan night life?

I'll be heading there for the springtime.
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Am I retard? I recently got a Polaroid Now camera with a few packs of film, and I have been getting wildly different results. All these are just turning the camera on and taking a shot, not fucking around with the app and shit. Is it a mistake to not fuck around with the aperture and shutter speed, or did the film just get fried when I went through the airport. First photo exposed before airport, everything else after.
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Anyone has any experiences with shooting photos or videos using only candle lights as light sources?
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Which one should I keep?

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guys what the fuck do I do here. I need a camera for travel/street photography, something that's compact and won't require me to bring my Z 6II out. now I've done my best to evaluate the pros and cons of each

>X100V is absolutely more compact, but the equivalent lens on the Z fc is better, and also interchangeable. the APS-C lens lineup for Nikon Z is garbage however, and unless they release a compact 50mm equivalent, I'll be stuck with this and the kit lens (some 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 whatever)
>X100V sensor is slightly better
> I already have a Z 6II so I'm familiar with the Nikon ecosystem, and all my FF lens can go on the Z fc if I absolutely need to, but that's not really the intent of the camera.
>I'm building somewhat of a relationship with Nikon, they're resharing a lot of my posts on their social platforms, so maintaining the ecosystem is a plus
>the X100V film simulations seem "fun" and look nice, but unless I'm horribly mistaken I can just recreate the exact same look and feel in LR/post

which would you keep, given the circumstances above?
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>want a fuji camera for its amazing colours
>film simulations
>firmware support
>great glass
>research online
>fujis are now zoomer tiktok fad bullshit
Well fuck
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Any catholic thread?

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This one is from my local church

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I hate photography boomers so much
>they GAPE when the new camera drops
>>look at my picture a picture of bird
>it's literally black people asking people to listen to their mix tape

>they have a full shelf obsolete gear
>oh these are DSLR lenses these are for mirrorless
>I wouldn't dare to say I thot the DSLRs are obsolete
>just to not hurt their feelings
>this one? 50mm f1.8
>this one? 50mm f1.2
>this one? 35mm f1.4
>look at my toneh bruh, my toneh, 50mm f1.2
>bruh if you want the crop, just move CLOSER

>they carry giant canons to parks to shoot birds
>creamy background blur man wow
>do they get millions of views on instagram?
>no they get no views, the composition is all wrong, the story telling is empty, the bird is mid and not rare pokemon
>some kid makes 1 million view with his iPhone SE on tiktok
>he just ignores the impact thereof heh
are you serious boomer? you are in media, make something that people would watch
film bird coming back to nest and feed kids
film a chicken lay an egg zoom in on the ass with your giant telephoto
literally anything of value

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Please talk me out of buying this.
It's going to be my first camera.
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