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/fag/ - Fujifilm Appreciation General #56

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Why is fuji so incapable of making decent eyecups?

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/rpt/ - Recent Photo Thread

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mind-bending colour toning edition
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I never want to hear a single person on this board ever say film has the same dynamic range as digital ever again.

Look what happened to my photo...
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So, we're all just failed painters here, right?
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Old thread reached limit.

Post birds.
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Film General Thread /fgt/

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why complicate life edition

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/fgt/ daily reminder (courtesy by anon): one stop per decade is (generally) bullshit
>negative film ages better than positive
>black and white better than color
>slow films better than fast
>storage conditions (dry/cool) matter more than years
>Negative film is shot 1 or 2 stops overexposed and then PULLED in development so that you build more density in the exposure and develop less such that the fog is limited
>slide/positive film is shot at box speed or overexposed and pulled.
>if you home develop you can also use benzotriazole as a restrainer for the the first developer in E6 process

Useful links
>[massive dev chart] gives times for home film development
>[film dev] shows results of development regimes
>[news & community links]
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/ptsd/ Plane Thread and Spotting Discusion

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Trainfags can't be the only autists having fun out there
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What happened to all the hype?

A few years ago every photographer was talking about this brand, now it’s gone silent.

What camera brand should I be getting hyped about now?
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why are shitty digital cameras getting expensive now? did I miss some e-celeb video?
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