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Do you guys ever think about how kino it would be to kidnap a woman take her into the woods and murder her, documenting the process on some high iso b&w film?

Do you ever think about how kino that would be? It's not that you enjoy the thought of hurting people, in fact the opposite, but that the documenting the real fear and terror, the horrific revelation and the piercing of her life-hymen would be a truly sacred and intimate act because it's the only moment you can share with someone else once would produce something true and real? Would you do that for your art?

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why does fungus in a lens seem to only knock the price down by like 20%?

it’s a very limited market of people who can actually do something with a lens with fungus in it, it should knock it down by like 40-60%
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Wildlife/animal/zoo Photography Bread

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Post your favorite shots of animals that you've taken. This isn't so much a gearfaggotry thread, but discuss your favorite telephoto lenses if you'd like. For me, it's the Sigma 150-600 F5-6.3.
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rally race

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I have heard very very good things about the Ricoh GRIII on YouTube and Reddit and am about ready to pull the trigger to make photography fun again and have a camera that is truly always with me so I don't miss any special moments.

But recently I have checked some of the photos from the camera on Instagram and they seem really poor. The smearing is almost worse than an iPhone 15 Pro and it's a lot bigger and almost the same price. Has anyone here actually used one or have links to good photos taken with them? I don't want to waste money if it is just a meme and not actually good.
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Picked up my first big boy lens
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Casual phoneshitter here. First time shooting anything with a DSLR. How did I do? What can I improve?
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New to photography

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Here are some photos I took today. Started
photographing "properly" yesterday, so I'm open
to criticism.
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why are shitty digital cameras getting expensive now? did I miss some e-celeb video?
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TIL /p/ is a chud board that hates poc
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