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This is a garbage thread about garbage.
I will be dumping all stray cans and bottles I meet here with little context. I saw it, and now you have to.
I appreciate any related dumping and discussion.
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ITT: Photographers that are literally you
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Do any of you guys take pics of toys, figures, model trains, dioramas, or anything of that sort? it's something I've been wanting to try my hand at.
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Old Digitals

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Post pics taken with old digital cameras (2005 and older), im gonna post 3 i took today with my Fuji S2 Pro, i hate them because theyre cliché as fuck but hey theyre photos and i want an excuse to post em lmao
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Whats the point of photography if you're never going to feel a print in your own hands? How do you print your photos? Do you send your finals to a print lab? Are you low volume and smaller format that you can print at home?
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Any good vintage fisheye lenses? I have saved a lot of money with old eastern bloc m42 hardware. There don't seem to be a lot of ultra wide angle ones, though.

Durrr photography is art...

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Is photography the laziest shit ever. I don't think photography is art in any way.

All you are doing is pressing the shutter.

A well trained monkey coulld take a photo that could be consired art by many.
But the monkey would have just pressed the shutter button.

Just pressing the shutter requires less work than writing a text prompt to an image AI.

It is just a matter of time before you can dump any photo to an AI, and ask to make it look like art, and it will do it automatically.
In order to re-frame, it will automatically generate the necessary stuff that was outside the frame.
Bokeh? It will generate bokeh automatically.
Sharpness problem? it will generate detail where there was none. It will debokeh stuff automatically.
If the sky is blown out, it will generate sky detail
If the shadows have no detail, it will generate shadow detail
Underexposed? increase a few EVs of the photo, regenerate detail everywhere.
A lot of noise? Remove noise.
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Anything goes even commie block brutalism
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Cool or cringe?

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Post your own photoshoots that you are unsure if are cool or cringe.
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