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/astro/ - Astrophotography General

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Film AND Digital

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No bait this time, lets just enjoy the different qualities of the two mediums together.
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pinhole cameras

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I've been trying to get into pinhole cameras lately. Does any anon here ever practiced solargraphy? Need some tips and tricks.
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When did you learn to stop being pretentious and accept phones?

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Obviously I still use my MILC, but literally iphone cameras are fucking perfect for photography in general. You can even shoot RAW and have 3 native focal lengths to choose from (3 different lenses).

If the old magnum photographers could choose between an iphone or their clunky 50s film cameras they would've chosen an iphone 9/10 times.
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/rpt/ - Recent Photo Thread

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mind-bending colour toning edition
Previously: >>4304692
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budget photography

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Hello, I want to start taking pictures but I only have +-200$.
Interested mostly in photography, but it would be nice if it could still shoot video not bad as an add-on

I've seen some videos on YouTube where the GH2 (hacked) showed pretty good quality, is it worth getting it or are there any better choices? What would you recommend for a beginner?

Thanks in advance
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CanonRumors is dead!

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And at the eve of the R5 MkII, when their traffic would be the absolute highest!

Where am I supposed to get my baseless speculation and clickbait now?
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how do i shoot my own passport photo
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Any recommendations?

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Ordered a telescope on eBay a few weeks ago and it was the first clear night in weeks last night. With no experience using telescopes or space photography, managed to capture this with my iPhone held up to the eyepiece - no tripod.

Was really quite enjoyable setting up and trying to capture it and would like to do more of it.

So, any recommendations for starting gear, tripods, applications, any information you could give basically would be greatly appreciated!!
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Bridge camera aka MASSIVE BONER camera

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we must bring back the BIG BENIS camera
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