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/bpd/ Bird Posting & Discussion

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Pigeon edition
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>be me
>spends 10k+ on camera gear the past 2 years
>turns my end game setup is a Pentax LX and the 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5
>a fucking $30 lens on a $300 body
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/sqt/ - Stupid Question Thread

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"Dust, in MY lens?" Edition. Sending this one to Canon for cleaning. It's hardly been used and is filled with dust all over. This is lust the top left quarter.
When taking portraits, face or full body, what apertures would you use for a 50mm or 80mm equivalent to get your subject in focus (more than just eyes) but keep the image a little soft elsewhere?
Any rational for tightening the aperture versus keeping it wide open?

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>the best camera is the one you have with you
>inappropriate comments about you and your camera

architecture thread

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dedicated to Filippo Brunelleschi
but if you're more into Palladio that's fine too
boring formal shite
dump all your building corner shots here and flat on facades
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film sucks

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>buy $100 film camera
>breaks after 5th photo
>buy $50 film camera
>light leak
>buy $200 film camera
>breaks after 2nd roll of film

What the fuck? Am I being baited into trying film? Do filmfags think their cameras work when they don't or would break if they actually used them?
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Game Boy Camera

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Just posting some of my pics, all taken with a game boy camera in the past month, feel free to join if you got game boy camera pics
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Messing around with vintage "character" glass..

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sure makes me appreciate modern high end lenses a lot, but at the same time it almost feels like cheating.
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post photos of clouds and skies

Stop. Just stop.

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The cope needs to end. You all know you want a Leica. They feel SO amazing in hand, nothing comes close to shoot with. All the best photos taken in the last 50 years have been on a Leica. You spend so so so much money on your little eBay finds: eBay digishits, "junk" status cameras on Japanese auctions, thrift store "bargains" that are filled with mold. Just stop. For your own good. Sell the junk to other losers. Save up for a few weeks, a month or two at max. Even if you earn minimum wage you can get a Leica if you just stop buying the cope junk.

You know I am right. I know I am right. Let's stop the bullshit. Once we all have Leicas we can finally make /p/ great again.
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