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daily workout routine

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I need a workout routine (preferably calisthenics) that I can do every day.
I've realized that, when it comes to working out, if I don't do it every day then I lose consistency/interest.
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>becoming sysadmin
>good at a sport
>learn japanese or korean
>good or decent programmer
is it possible to learn all of these in 4-5 years?

tips to buying a "gaming chair"?

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I want to buy a "gamer chair", I have an old 15 bucks office chair, and it's not really comfy, so I want to get one of those "gaming chairs", what should I take into account before deciding for one?
I have seen some kind of cheap (around 100-200 bucks) and some which seem kind of expensive.
I'm buying it from some online shop, but I want to know what should I check, or if there are better alternatives to that.
I just want my back and butt to not hurt after 4-6 hours sitting there.
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I'm trying to re-find an old Wired magazine article, it was from between 1995-2005 and it was about real time computer graphics and video editing I think. It involved technology being developed to insert green screened actors or CGI objects into live video, and have it look like it was actually there even when the camera is moving because the computer can adjust for camera movement and edit the inserted picture. In the last page the reporter showed some of the stuff that was being worked on to a general at the Pentagon, who said it could lead to a country faking footage of an attack by putting CGI tanks invading from another country into a live news video in order to start a war.

I'm trying to find it now to bring up the point that some of the problems people are now talking about with AI images was being discussed decades ago, but can't seem to find it.

Anyone know which issue this was in? My googling and isn't finding it, and I've hit the limit on "free article views" on

Transparent animated version of the "IS THIS REAL??" dancing cat

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I know I've seen a high-quality, transparent, cut-out version of this dancing cat somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I'd like to use it for a video myself, so if any of you has a copy of the thing, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Original source, for those of you who don't remember it:
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how do you find old youtube videos? I need to find a video that would of been published around 2006-2008. The key words should pull it up but I get a bunch of unrelated things after my first 6 videos. when clicking on sort by year the page says no results found.

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better quality version of picrel?

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There is a webm out there of a young Indian man approaching a blonde girl, doing a flip in the air and presenting her a teddy bear. She and her friend look irritated and brush him off. Does someone have this webm? Thanks.

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Is okay if I do a massive character identification thread? I often save anime pics but I don't know the characters and I would like to sort the images. I figure some on my own but I need help.

I want to know their names and where they are from.
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