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Transparent background

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Please make it a clean image where it's just the reverse trap and her wa was

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Need help finding whatever song plays in the last 10 seconds of this video's+Anime+Reviews+%2331.mp4

free in-browser chat room

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free, no email required, in-browser alternative to discord?

I just want to input website, create a username/password and start chatting to people I invite without a bunch of nonsense

Can someone sharpen this?

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I have this image sitting next to other images that are around 600-1000 pixels tall. Some are around the same height, but it feels like there's still a clear difference in resolution. Though, that might be because of how much of this image's size comes from the wings. I've seen people pull some serious magic with image editing. There must be some way to make the image look less pixelated.

I tried following a tutorial to sharpen an image myself, but the lines were just as pixelated as before, they were just easier to see. I don't know what I'm doing, I was hoping someone else does.
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snipe bot

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hello I have a coding question regarding work. my job posts limited shifts through the team xpress app where you have to go in manually at a certain time and select an available shift. I was wondering if there was a way to write a script that can instantly apply for the shift without delay. the only reason I ask is because the shifts are gone instantly within milliseconds and it seems like other people are using scripts.

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Does anyone have a HD version of this photo? Ideally it should only be comprised of the scene where homer looks at himself, not the caption attached to it.

Speed help

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Any third party app to make touchpad Cursor speed more precise than the numbers they give in default settings? I'm new to windows 11, Pic related:
2 is a bit too sensitive compared to windows 10 version's 2 setting and 1 is too slow, I need a 1.5 for it to be perfect.
Google doesn't help, I search "third party program that can change laptop touchpad sensitivity" it just gives me useless things
Do I have to code it in?

Chris evans reaction webm

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Im looking for this old reaction webm, its a slowmo of chris evans laugh.
I've tried to found it in some archives but all the links are 404''d

Help anons I need winlator help

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Do any of you use winlator? You know, the windows emulator for android that takes up unnecessary amounts of space? This thing kinda sucks. I can't run stalker: clear sky on it (picrel, clicking more details just crashes) and it has some weird issue with the ".NET framework" that stops a lot of games from working, not to mention that a lot of them just crash instantly. Any help, technons?