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Would Someone post that BANNED FROM 4CHAN image where the guy sees that He's banned then turns into a skeleton?
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Anyone have more of these comics They'd be willing to share? I have around 35.
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i need a short hypertrophy gym routine

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i have a home gym (fit doesn't respond)
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Help me find a movie with a dude buried alive

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Title says it, it was a movie about a man who was buried alive, with his only accessory being a flip phone that he'd use to text people and call them for help.

In the end he manages to reach some sort of police squad together with excavation equipment, and while he's on almost 0 battery, they're on the phone with him telling him "we geolocated your phone, we are now digging you out of the coffin", everyone is super happy and hopeful, but the twist is that after the excavation team finishes digging, they deliver the bad news that the coffin dude was NOT in the place they excavated. I remember watching this as a kid and I remember that I stopped at this exact moment, without seeing the conclusion of the story.

I really wish I could watch it in full length now that I'm older. Pic unrelated.

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There was a basedjak pic with the dog and the exploding bottle, can't find it.

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I want to become a good artist within a year otherwise I'm offing myself. What do I follow first?
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Self-help manga?

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I can't stand reading books, but I'm addicted to manga. Does anyone know any good manga alternatives to popular self-help books? It can be related to anything. Just share any manga that has helped you or that you'd find useful.

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what is the name of the song please?

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Maybe this is a question for /3/, but... A while ago, I used a 3-D model making app for mobile devices that let you draw three 2-D images that represent the front, side, and top-down profiles of a model that you want to make, and the app would generate that model. The results weren't great, but I thought it was pretty cool. And I don't think it was AI powered, either. Anyways, does anyone know the name of that app? I seem to have forgotten it.

Pic represents the reverse of what the app could do.

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Does anyone have the video of a kid running up and kicking a pigeon? He’s on some steps outside of a building. The video used to be titled “punt” and was uploaded to a channel called “Mr. Greens Mean Green Bean Machines before most of his vids were purged. The clip is abt 8 seconds long.
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