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I need help from 4chan mods to delete my own threads. this is really bad cause i hate this and it's really fucking me up. I just need to speak to someone cause I hate this. I had the impression that threads were deletable (too old to be deleted). I posted like an idiot for the first time and regret it cause its demonic. I feel like going on a purge
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Does anyone have that smuggie where the guy is saying something along the lines of "HA, I quoted every reply. What will you do now?"
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Can someone help me solve with this integral problem

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There is someone explain it but i don't how he get the ending

Decensorship request

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So I kinda love this pic, but there's a problem, the artist tried to be funny and ruined his own work by censoring her feet.
Can a talented anon save this image by decensoring it?
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English translations of Doraemon

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where can I download all the translated volumes of Doraemon?

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Is there no release of the pop team epic s2 blu eay with subs?
Normally I'd just mux it myself but i only have a phone atm

Looking for a picture

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I've been trying to find a drawing I saw years ago. It's of a scrawny demon lying on a branch, similar to pic related, except facing the other way and angled toward the viewer. It doesn't seem to be on any booru. If someone has it I would be much obliged.

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I'm looking for a very old wallpaper. It was space themed. It consisted of three floating islands of sorts, on the left side of the image, starting from the centre each progressively further away in the background. Rest was generic black background with stars on it. Main fill colour was pink/red. I think it is at least a decade old by now, but

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Would joining the military in Canada be a retarded idea if I'm :
>tall, not disabled or doesn't have any physical problems
But clearly not buffed, or even underweight
>family is clearly a medium income family
Ie parents are not rich enough to be able to pay all their kids' student loans in one go, but not poor enough to have an apartment and car on loan
>average IQ.
>have no idea what the inner workings of the military or any of the divisions other than what the internet wants you to know.
That includes no relatives past or currently in the army..

I'm really out of options in life, and I've been thinking for months now if i should join. I just have no idea where to start other than visiting the cliche ass online website.
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I strongly relate to this picture
But I don't know where it's from

Is she dead?

Is is porn?