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Can someone sing me a song to fall asleep to?

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Need name/socials

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reddit username u/LeoThisLeoThat
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Any alt to It went private and now some czech series seems impossible to find. Any alternative websites?

Here's what I find in the previous thread:

Anything else?

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local co-op games?

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Lately I've been playing Overcooked 2 with my mom and it has been pretty fun. I'm looking for more games to try out together.
Any genre is fine as long as it's not too complicated to get going so she doesn't struggle with the controls.

Moe anime recommendations?

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I need something like Di Gi Charat to put on my to watch list. Something old and a cult classic so I can keep up with people who like that sort of stuff
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Vandalized sign?

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Anyone has a sequence of photos, taken over a period of at least months, of an sign on an office (I think a lawyer's office) that was getting constantly vandalized? The photos show the sign being altered by some prankster, then restored, then altered again.

The name of the lawyer was similar to "dinosaur" or "velociraptor". Something like that. Like, "Velucci Ramptor, Attorney at Law". Something tempting for the Bart Simpsons of the world, so the sign was never left alone. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

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Looking for a 4 panel comic where a guy is taking off masks. In the first panel he's smug then he takes off the first two and they're either sad or angry but I forget the order then the final one shows a memory of him as child hunched over crying.

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what eye colors are these?
and how do you call this combination?

Recommend me western comics based on my favorite manga

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>Battle Angel Alita
>Shaman King
>Rurouni Kenshin
>FullMetal Alchemist
>Diamond Is Unbreakable
>Please Save My Earth
Specifically looking for something heavily character focused with good world building and interesting narrative structure.
I've already read the entry level stuff like Sandman/Hellboy/Watchmen btw
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