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Homework help

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what torrent sites are you guys using to download movies/series?

SHE IS INTO ME [update]

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updates: yesterday was my birthday. She wrote to me in telegram "Congratulations, I wish the best for you"

help me out please.

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so I just put new parts in my old pc and I cannot figure out why I dont get a display on the mobo nor the graphics card outputs. I have tried multiple HDMI and display port cables in multiple different spots but I cant seem to figure it out. My mobo is showing a green light on boot which I know means the drive is failing to boot, but I cannot even get into bios
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Has anyone else been having trouble with their disc drive on their PC? It doesn't even show up on file explorer, anyone have any solutions?

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There was a let's play for some sort of Mario game (probably in the New Super Mario bros series) that had a parody musical segment the youtubers were singing in the tune of La Resistance from South Park.
I've been looking all over and can't find anything.
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Kyle Rittenhouse

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I'm looking for the ORIGINAL and UNEDITED videos from the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting.

All i can find on google is bullshit with newsroom talking-heads blabbing over it, or dumbass "reaction" videos.

I just want the original footage of the event.

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Can someone with an The Atlantic account make a PDF of this article so I don't have to buy an account? In compensation, I'll give you a funny animal picture.