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song name request

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can't find the song at the requested time (runs until the 49 second mark), the song linked in the description is played later and the one I am interested into isn't listed

Soredemo Missing OST

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I'm looking for the soundtrack that plays in episode 6, at 02:00 when she enters the antiques shop. I tried looking it up online, but the song doesn't show up in the album. Does anyone have it?

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Can someone at least tell me hard-coded fansubs still exist and are still going strong? (Or at least elements of them, like color-coded speech, karaoke, translation notes, and/or fancy fonts) I just don't feel comfy with those so-called "simulcasts..." A good example of a hard-coded fansub should look like the one to your left.
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Davinci Resolve Studio

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I'm looking for a magnet link for a non-infected version of Davinci Resolve Studio. I was able to find over 10 different ones (including from private trackers) but there's always some shenanigans going on if I check some of the "crack" .dll files on virustotal or whatever. It always connects to some weird malware ip addresses even though the actual binaries look clean at first glance

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Where and how do you pirate android games in the current year?
Rutracker has (outdated) apks for a couple games I wanted to try but they give "There was a problem parsing the package" when I try to install them.

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Anyone have good sources/readings on Eastern mysticism? Books, articles, pdfs, it can be anything.

Mob Squad Tokyo releases

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I've been looking everywhere for Mob Squad Tokyo releases after losing them. Does anyone have them and could share, or links to torrents that are actually being seeded?
I'm especially looking for Die!!Die!!Color!!! releases and early Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou ones.

Thanks to any anon who can help.

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can someone make a basedjack of this image
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