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Does anybody recognise this anime? The only image I have is someone else's screenshot of a reverse image search.

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>had $80 on cashapp
>dont have bank connected to it
>cash out , set to be on monday
my money dissapeared, theres no record of the $80 i had or anything, and it wont let me link my bank account until they send me a cashapp card.
did i lose $80?

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I'm looking for the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reaction face close-up, saying "Based." For some reason GIS is absolutely refusing me, considering it's a pretty widely used image. Thanks in advance!

Disabling WebTorrent?

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Is there a way to disable WebTorrent based videos playing? I'm using Firefox. Some sites clearly mention that you are connected to x many peers but I think many sites are actually using WebTorrent without telling the user anything. I don't want to be seeding shit without my knowledge, it's a legal risk

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Looking for a very specific image of a cat sitting on a stool by a table, with its paw on a really big loaf of bread. I've drawn it from memory but it's probably not that accurate.
I've lost the original so if anyone could post it, I would really appreciate it.

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Can someone turn my cat into a punk and cut out the background? I want to put him on a shirt.

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Does anybody know the artist source of this pic? Thanks in advance.
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Looking for an image of a crying fox girl who’s holding a sign. On the sign it says something about her trying to learn to read and write that way you won’t be ashamed of having her as an illiterate wife. Pic not related