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Requesting Loudness' Thunder in the Eastin the Super Mario 64 soundfont

Research Source

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I'm hoping there's a proper research paper to support a "no duh" assertion that if I own something, I'm more likely to take care of it versus if I had just been given something.

Any leads?

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Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for help to find out about a page where I can receive donations since in my country work is scarce
I swear it's all with good intentions since I really need the money and to this day I'm still looking for work, thanks in advance for the help

Is Wacom really superior to other drawing tablet or is it just a meme?

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I'm considering upgrading my $30 XP-Pen tablet to a $373 Wacom Intuos Pro.
I wonder if the expensive tablet 10x the price provides a better experience.
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Looking for the colored R. Crumb panel where Crumb talks about his life, specifically the one where he's expressing proto-blackpill ideas through an anecdote of walking with his friend. It's frequently posted, but for some reason I can't find it through searching online

more specific details
>panel where he's in a psychiatrist chair
>panel where he gets sucked into a dark hole
>panel where he's crouched down, angrily drawing
>specifically mentions bob gere (i think)

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I'm looking for manga where the main character is an underdog. Basically Dragonball but with Yamcha as the protagonist.

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Any alt to It went private and now some czech series seems impossible to find. Any alternative websites?

Here's what I find in the previous thread:

Anything else?

Help me find a Game

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Long ago on /v/ I saw this webm of a game. The game looked like a turn based game with soldiers fighting an Oni, it gave off SMT vibes but it wasn't an SMT game. The UI resembled one of those dungeon crawling games with the Oni standing in the middle of the screen with the soldiers just being portraits. I wished I saved the webm. Can someone repost the webm again if you have it saved?