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AI songs

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How do I train an AI on a voice sample to make it sing properly and at rhythm like catbox related?
What are the free options?

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What sites let me watch movies and tv shows for free?

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May I have your pics from when 4chan used to be funny?
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Character becomes a helicopter to escape

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Hi frens, I’ve been searching for an anime for quite a while on my own, but I haven’t gotten any results yet, from a scene that I can remember there are at least two characters fighting , one gets defeated or something, so they just stars spinning her legs horizontally while being upright at high speed like a helicopter, and they just fly away. I probably saw it either as a gif, reaction image or inside a YouTube video.

I probably saw it either as a gif, a reaction image or as a snippet inside a YouTube video.

From what I could tell it had a similar style and vibe to Eiken or Golden Boy, but I could be incorrect about this.

The spinning was something like Chun Li's spinning bird kick, but instead of the character being upside down they where eight side up, and if I remember correctly the upper body was still, not spinning along with the lower body.

Google hasn't been a great help at finding the gif

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Requesting the pic of Bibi Netanyahu's "congratulatory" tweet to Trump showing a pic of JFK with the then-Prime Minister of Israel (Yitzhak Rabin I think)
>A tweet which many at the time interpreted to be an assassination threat from Netanyahu to Trump

Search engines have made it impossible to find, for reasons that should be obvious now.

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Does anyone know the sauce? Anon only mentioned that he has seen it on /hr/ and it's some French model.

trace this please

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can someone trace these dudes so its they're silhouettes for a base to draw over? kind of a tall order but if someone can do it I'd appreciate it

>white background
>black outline around bodies/clothes
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