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Looking for a true crime(?) YouTube channel/video

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Saw a couple videos a few years ago and can't find them or the channel.
The guy narrating it sounded like a grizzled Brooklyn mobster, had a real way with profanity and was overall a good storyteller.
First video was some true crime thing I can't recall. Second video is the big one I really want to find; he starts by talking about that Chinese commercial in pic related, and the outrage over it, and then goes deep into a story from his own life that I still remember fairly vividly.
Essentially he used to work in some factory, and his boss was a WWII vet who hated Germans. He had his knife from WWII with his first and last initials carved in it followed by "maybe" (so _._.-maybe) as an in-joke since he figured if he stabbed someone with it during the labor wars, he could say that it says "maybe" so it might *not* be his, so basically a '40s "in minecraft." He used the knife during the war to cut the assholes out of dead Krauts, and put them in stew with other meats, then feed it to German PoWs, and called it "asshole casserole," and he said the Krauts, not knowing, loved the stuff.

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song sauce

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requesting sauce on the last song in this video

An alternative to adobe acrobat that provides as much functionality?

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Acrobat reader is probably the most robust PDF reader i know for W10, it can convert/read EPUBs, export PDF pages as images, convert other formats to PDF and lots of things more.

But it's an adobe software and it also installs multiple managers and updater apps that like to run on the background, like if it was a spyware.

Is there any alternative?

Where to find the video mentioned?

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The speeches archive for the Air Force Association's 2011 Air & Space Conference & Technology Exposition, National Harbor Md., Sept. 21, 2011 mentions the following,
>With about 24 hours notice, our first SCAR missions consisting of a package of Strike Eagles from the 48th Fighter Wing and CJs from the 52nd Fighter Wing, were airborne. While the majority of Libya's integrated air defensive system had been disabled, at this point, a tactical threat still remained. In fact, as the SCAR package approached Benghazi, an SA-8 tactical Surface to Air Missile system went active. And of course, as soon as this system went active, so did our CJs and as you can see from this video, things did not go well for the SAM.

I'm interested in the 2011 NATO intervention in Libya, and in particular in the suppression of Gaddafi's air defenses. This is one of few times I've seen a video targeting active air defenses referenced (pretty much every other video released has been targeting powered down air defenses), so I'm super interested in it.

I checked DVIDs, but that doesn't have it; the only targeting footage featured there seems to be from the RAF well after Operation Odyssey Dawn became Operation Unified Protector.
I also can't find any recordings of the Air Force Association's 2011 Air & Space Conference & Technology Exposition, National Harbor Md., Sept. 21, 2011 event itself. At this point I'd even be happy with a second hand recording of them showing it on a screen/tarp at the event.

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what logo is this? it's on a simplistic game I downloaded, some programming language or game engine maybe

Old 4chan blog archive

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Does anyone have a backup of the original 4chan blog? I'm looking for some posts from 2006ish and they don't seem to have been backed up onto, and of course doesn't archive 4chan domains

Christmas Vocaroo Guy

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Could someone who is really cool photoshop this to make it all Christmassy / Wintery, please? Maybe with Stars of Davids and those Muslim cresent moons and stars and and also crucifixes in the background. And the vocaroo guy could be wearing a lil Santa hat. And there could be lots of snow. And it could be festive and warm and cozy. And he could be holding a hot chocolate. Thank you.