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Haircut without electricity

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Hello, I live in an area of europe where power outages aren't uncommon and I would like a haircut which I can do myself with simple tools like a well sharpened knife or scissors so that I can always look my best if I am not only working/sleeping.

What is there in store for me?
FYI I have curly long hair like matt stone in this picture.

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I am a medical student and i have acquired a medical book pdf for free (medical book are so expensive) but the pdf is very laggy! I already tried to compress it on websites like ilovepdf or pdf24, it kinda helped but at the end either the quality is shit either it's still laggy!
Here is the mega link to my pdf:
If you have any solution anons you will make my day!
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Anyone have that webm where at first a tiktok video plays of one girl saying her 'ick' and then the guy opens a notepad of list of icks and it's like 200 long

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requesting a hyper realistic version of this as I don't know where to convert it. Also feel free to make it any style you anons would recommend

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does anyone know that one youtuber/comedian who came out of the sam hyde genre of just lying to your webcam for 5-10 minutes and uploading it

there was a standup show he did that i wanted to find where he started it by saying that he wouldn't leave the stage unless he was forcefully removed

the picture is not related!!!!

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Which alt chans have the most active community outside of this site? I already know the sharty is pretty active, as well as 7chàn.
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