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How to bypass YouTube's MEGA-CUCK ban on AdBlockers

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I've been using uBlock Origin with some custom filters to be able to block ads on Youtube. However, these filters have stopped working, and now i'm forced to delete my adblock if I want to get in the site.

Does anyone how can i block ads on Youtube now?
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Great Band With Missing Discography

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I've come across this album called Mephistopheles by the band Matron
This band only has half of their record on bandcamp and no where else. According to Muhtallum they have four full length albums. Macrocosm, Pale September, Morning Glory and Mepistopheles. However the first three albums are no where to be found and only half of Mephistopheles is available on their bandcamp. Besides that, they have no social media presence at all. The only leads I could find are the following links:
Pic related is one of their missing albums
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Every Christmas period since 2020, a few friends and I come together to make a dumb Youtube playlist full of meme Christmas videos for us to laugh at. This'll be the fourth time we've done it and everyone is running out of ideas so post any Christmas related funny videos you've got, they can be stupid as fuck too since it's always fun to hear people moan over a shit video. If possible, less than 5 minutes.

Some examples of things we would watch:

Also any vidya or anime Christmas videos would be appreciated too, thanks.
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Temporary Phone Numbers for SMS Verification.

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Does anyone know free, safe, reliable site for Temporary SMS?
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anime/shows with the classic angsty teenager protagonist like zuko?
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How do I upload flash games onto the internet archive? I haven't found any tutorials online, to be clear, I can upload the swf file but I don't know how to make the game playable via an emulator.

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I want an isekai anime or manga where the protagonist works his ass off to get stronger. Even better if he is part of a team of heroes who work well together to win.
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missing anime charts 1984-1989

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There was a whole bunch of these charts listing every anime that aired a certain year that gets posted on /a/ and /m/ every so often. I have a good number of them but I'm missing 1984 to 1989. Does anyone have them? I know they exist as I saw them on an old 8ch board a decade ago.

music recs

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I'm going on a road trip and need some new albums to listen to. pic related is what I've been listening to recently along with some personal favorites

help looking for edit of this meme

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does anybody have the edit of the meme above that says at the end, "none of these women want to fuck you", or something along those lines