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funi 4chen screnshuts

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I would like some funny 4chan screenshots
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what is this manga ?

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i can't reverse, i like manga with dumb retard girls

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what's the best board on 4chan?

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What's the best way, the best site, these days to rip audio directly from youtube? Please

Aquarion Evol Manga

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Does anyone have the scans of the official English release of the Aquarion Evol manga since it's OOP?

Where to buy Bombyx mori

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So I found all these various websites and articles for raising silk moths but I can't find anywhere that sells their larvae. Am I just looking in the wrong places?

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Does anyone know if there is an archive or /bant/ and /i/?

Games with dream worlds.

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Games with dream worlds, dreamlike worlds or mental worlds. That's my request. Games like Klonoa, Dreams to Reality or Nights. Can be entire game or a segment or level.
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Name of band

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I found on YouTube with similar art style to Pic related. Modern band, 2010s maybe earlier. Jazzy crisp pop sound. Videos were minimalist paintings with slight animation. One was of a motel. Name was short one word, 4 or 5 letters. I recall the name sounding like a quick movement, like "jet" "zap" or"split". Thank you.
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