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Please help me find this song
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Bought this at the thrift store, is it worth anything? Just asking before I remove the plastic wrapping.

Open World games like Skyrim

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Really a big fan of Skyrim's open world and freedom to do whatever build, never liked it when the game chooses Your build for You like other RPGs, or where Your choice is limited.

Any other games like it? Bonus for moddability, Skyrim looks so dull and colorless (unlike Morrowwind which has more SOVL.) and eventually boring unless You Mod it.
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Schitzo rants

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I appreaciat the quality of scitzo rants. I know this is unconventional but I am asking in good faith for more schitzo rants similar to Francis E. Dec's rants.
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recommend more songs like this

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Smart Phone Emulator

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What's a good smart phone emulator for PC? I've used bluestacks, but it sucks ass, and I suspect it's funneling all data to not so savory organizations.