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whats this music called?
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explain to me the economics of fascism and how they differ

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from capitalism and communism. in very simple terms preferably because i know nothing about economy. please also name me a source for what you're saying.
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9/11 flight AA77 Pentagon crash

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I'm looking for information indicating that the section of the building that was struck could have been intentionally chosen by the CIA or whatever.
I had read it once but don't remember where, maybe something about there being nothing really important there, or maybe documents that needed be detroyed, and something about an officer coincidentally not showing up to work inside it when it happened.

Or was all of it revealed to me in a dream?

apu megathread

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frens only
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Need some help finding a specific music track. In FF7 Rebirth, every big region has two "versions" of its theme. When you first enter the region, it will play the first version of the theme. After your do so many overworld quests (not sure but I think maybe the Towers quests will drive it), the theme will change to a different version. Usually more instruments added, more vocals, more bombastic, etc.

The Corel region has this happen. No matter what "Corel theme" music I find, I can only find the second version of its theme. Even the official OST that I found seems to only have the second version. I found several YouTube videos of the Corel theme, but they've all been the second version. I can find the first version of so many others, like the Grasslands and Junon, but not the first version of the Corel theme.

Can anyone help? You'll know the first version by comparing it to the second version. The first version is more low key, has less instruments and key notes, etc. Please, someone help me track this particular track down.
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Looking for a clip of a guy screaming "power to the people!" It was used in the intro to the Laura Ingraham radio show in the late 00s. Haven't found the clip or archives of the show anywhere. Have checked Google and Soulseek.

Searching for instrumental version of Love Trip by The Peggies

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Hello anons. I'm looking for a short video where a kid, can't say if he was from India or Pakistan, where he's dressed for Halloween, snaps his neck and starts walking slowly toward camera, and after 3 or 4 steps, he gets slapped.

Maybe this is not the board to ask for this material, but really haven't find that video in years. Could someone please help me?

Pic not related.