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Co-op emulation games

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Can you recommend some good multiplayer games, that can be played via emulator netplay?
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Why is everyone on 4chan so evil and mean? What can be done about it?
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Forgot film name

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Can somebody help me remember the name of a film I watched in school? I think it was mainly a kind of revenge/ mystery story about a family man's bank account getting hacked, so he sets out to find the hacker and kill him or something. The main character had curly black hair and wore glasses iirc. I distinctly remember one scene where he went to a club or house party and there was a guy with a duck mask, the same one as pic rel.
Would be very happy if somebody could help me with this


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Hey, 4chan is my last hope. I've been trying for years now, please, help me get scooby doo and shaggy in fortnite. We got Peter griffin, so I think we can do it, with 4chans determination.

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What's the closest I can get to make it feel like I'm hugging someone/being hugged while I sleep at night without having another person?
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What Xbox 360 games should I get?

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(pic unrelated)
I'm open to any suggestions
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I'm on my phone. How do I convert youtube videos to webms small enough to post here? Pic unrelated.

woman dev who worked on space rocket or rover or something

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I'm looking for a picture of a woman who has her hands over her mouth in a gasping excited kind of way because a mission just went well that was space related. She was a developer. Someone then posted her contributions into the image which was just her making minor spelling corrections and stuff like it to her male counterparts.