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what cartoon is this character from?
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Recommend me some Russian bop

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I want a few songs пo-pyccки (in Russian) which are fast-paced, optionally have some kind of trumpet backing the song, and we can't forget the lyrics (sth positive please). Think Mixed Nuts by Official Hige Dandism, obviously it doesn't have to be exactly the same, but that's the kind of rhythm I'm looking for. Thanks for any suggestions!
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I want an isekai anime or manga where the protagonist works his ass off to get stronger. Even better if he is part of a team of heroes who work well together to win.

help looking for edit of this meme

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does anybody have the edit of the meme above that says at the end, "none of these women want to fuck you", or something along those lines

Help finding song "oh my my my my"

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This song is very difficult to make out the lyrics, but it's a slow and very sad and nostalgic sounding song that I keep hearing but no matter what lyrics I search I can't find it. I even tried to hum or sing it (I sound awful trying to sing it) into a music sound finder app and it comes up with zero results. I don't use tiktok but I have seen other people use it on their phones and sometimes this song is used there.

Basically it sounds like

dooooo Dooooo DOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOO doooooooo DOOO!!!!!!! oh my my my my

(not sure if it's the actual words, but sounds like that) and it's a female singer with a warm and silky loving voice.

The song sounds incredibly sad, but also hopeful, like she's trying to make someone feel better about something they're sad about, or she is sad about.

Please help bros
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Who's this chick from?

REQ: Torrent or Mega of Manos : Hands Of Felt.

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Requesting Manos: Hands of Felt.
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Location with a landed ship

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On any year between possibly 1998 to 2002, was SS Ayrfield or any other shipwreck in or near Sydney in Australia completely exposed and surrounded by land? I can't find any information about that ever happening. At the location, a landed ship was next to dense trees and by far the closest I've found is SS Ayrfield in Sydney. But, there are buildings right next to the beach and that also doesn't match. I can't find precise information about those buildings but were they constructed for the Olympics in 2000? Earlier, was the beach more open? Or was there more water if it was through land reclamation? Do other possible locations, either in Australia somewhat near Sydney or in other countries in the Pacific region exist? For now it's best to not specify about other possibilities aside from Japan being extremely unlikely.

Music extension request

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I've come requesting for these two tracks to extended and properly looped for 30 minutes if possible. There's someone here who is really good at it. I would appreciate the assistance.