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Searching for instrumental version of Love Trip by The Peggies

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Hello anons. I'm looking for a short video where a kid, can't say if he was from India or Pakistan, where he's dressed for Halloween, snaps his neck and starts walking slowly toward camera, and after 3 or 4 steps, he gets slapped.

Maybe this is not the board to ask for this material, but really haven't find that video in years. Could someone please help me?

Pic not related.

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Would anyone happen to have the image where Lammy is ordering from a fast food restaurant but she's too nervous to talk to the cashier because she doesn't have her guitar?

Need help in flight check-in

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I have a flight to mexico in a few days but i dont understand Volaris' shitty app. When it says "where are you traveling to" do i put the airport's information or the actual place im going to be staying?

Rapture Doomsday Cult

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A friend and I were talking once, and he mentioned something about a cult that believed if they killed people, the rapture would come faster. I tried to search for info on it but couldn't find anything. Does anybody know what he could've been talking about?

The Raid (2011) Bad translation SRT

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I remember forever ago seeing The Raid (2011) with hilariously bad translations.

Here's an article on it, but the link to the .SRT for it expired

4chanX filters

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Can I filter all posts from a flag except for those that contain certain words or have a certain name?
For example, if I want to filter all posts with a Spanish flag except those with the name Franco, how do I do it?

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Looking for a breakcore or breakcore-adjacent album that had this trollface as well as a bunch of other things on the cover. One song I remember from it has “me pregario” or something in the name and starts with a voice that sounds like Darwin Watterson screaming “WHAT THE FUCK! I’VE HAD IT WITH ALL OF YOU! I’VE HAD IT! I’VE FUCKING HAD IT!”

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I need help with one photo
Can someone edit it please
I don't wanna waste your time, so I have to say I only need a really good edit

What to edit

Left hand, the one less shown needs editing. The two fingers there look like they need a little touch. Also the nails on those 2 fingers are really bad looking compared to the nails on the other hand. (the only nail that I like is the first nail on the right hand, next two are close to being good but I think they miss a little something, especially on the sides it looks like they have little missing parts, due to poor quality probably)
The knuckles on the left hand looks little bit deformed aswell

I mentioned what I need for the right hand tho it's not as important as left hand is. But if you understood what I want there would be nice too

Also I want different nail polish color, will add photo of it

Other little thing is the ending of the left eyebrow
It looks blurred and not same like the other one
Also on the other side there's no space between the eyebrow and the glasses and it doesn't look good and simetric aswell, need it fixed to look like the right one

For the color of the lips I'm not sure
I think they look good but if you think they can look better with a bit more reddish shade let me see

And one last thing that I'm also not sure of is to add oversized hoops (earrings)
I'm not sure if it will look better with them or not
Also I'm not sure if they should be gold or silver color
But thats least important and don't really focus on it but the other things

Thanks alot
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