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might be a dumb request, but can someone tell me how I would go about modding Armored Core 6 to remove chromatic aberration? Apparently it requires DLL modding which I have no idea how to do or get starting learning.

I thought I could reverse engineer the chromatic abberation mod for elden ring but I have no idea how to decompile and read dll files.


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Looking for an edit I saw on twitter that starts with Creed playing "Higher" atthe superbowl half time then cuts to nazi parade footage and then to anime girls kissing. The account that posted it has since been deleted

Rick and Morty Season 7

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Looking for someplace to stream Rick and Morty Season 7 without having to pay for a streaming service.

Dead but Playable Mobile Games

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I'd like to /r/ if anyone knows of dead gachas or mobile games that have been made playable offline. Preferably not live-but-modded APKs. The closer to boot and play would be fine even if it's on mobile (but doesn't require root access).
An example is pick related which is a HTML5 port of a merge game, but is completely playable and completable on Flashpoint. There's no way of searching things in the description and I've tried all the usual ways of checking.
Old/dead Nutaku/DMM games would also be of curious, but that would be for me, not my mother.

Can't Log Into PSN Account

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I keep getting "an error has occurred" whenever I try to do anything online. Not even the store works. What should I do now? I can't even get into a log in screen
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Image source please.

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Back in the day (c. 2008) there was this flash file that would go around /f/. It played super chill vidya BGM with optional rain effects.

Does this survive in any form? Where can it be found/downloaded?

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Need a .flac rip of the Album "".
A .flac of just the Crank That (Soulja Boy) Single is fine too.