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Tokyo Ghoul I kill 'cause I'm hungry

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Somewhere in 2015 I saw an amv of Tokyo Ghoul. The song was Hungry.
In 2020 I found the video game and get my dose of nostalgia.
I wanted to watch it again, but the video is blocked on youtube by copyright law.

I got an original link:

Also if you try to search it on yandex you can see some preview of it

Also I found a coub made out of this video:

Is there a way to get the amv?

I looked for it in different websites, but seems that noone uploaded it anywhere, except for youtube

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what are some old occult classic horror video games

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Who is this babe
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>A ladder of mass m = 8kg and length l = 10m is leaning against a wall at the heigth of h = 8m from the ground. Find the ground and wall reaction forces.

Now, it is obvious that Fgy = mg = 78.48N. I know two ways to solve the rest but I get different results:

>the torque method
We'll take the point where the ladder touches the ground as the point of rotation.
Tw = Tm (torque caused by the wall is equal to the torque caused by the mass (weight))
Tw = Fw x h = Fw x 8m
Tm = 3m x mg = 3m x 78.48N = 235.44Nm (3 because we have a 3-4-5 triangle but scaled by 2, so the center of the weight of the ladder pulls toward the half of the leg of length 6)
Solving all of this we get that Tw = Fgx = 235.44Nm / 8m = 29.43N.

>the sine theorem method
We know that sin a = h/l = 0.8, so a = 53.13°. b = 90° - a = 36.87°. Now, we can construct a similar triangle with angles a and b but with legs of Fgx (opposite of b) and Fgy (opposite of a). Hypotenuse would be Fg then. Using sine theorem, we have that:
Fgx / sin b = Fgy / sin a = Fg.
Now, simply solving for Fgx, we get that Fgx = Fgy (sin b / sin a) = 78.48N x 0.75 = 58.86N.

So you see that using these two methods we get two different answers that are different by exactly the factor of 2. Where am I going wrong here and which is the correct answer?
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I can't find this italian movie anywhere online, please help

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Trying to find this piece of shit film. It's not streaming on any pirated sites, and I can't fucking buy it because it's in region locked to Italy on streaming services that decline my card

It's called Una Sterminata Domenica or An Endless Sunday

I only want to watch it because the composer is Shiro Sagisu

Any help/advice is appreciated

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Given up because I can't find anywhere that still hosts a monster hunter gu torrent, help a brother out..
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Source of original track from here please?
It must be XXXTentacion, but which track?

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Requesting Loudness' Thunder in the Eastin the Super Mario 64 soundfont