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I got a new phone earlier this year (S23 Ultra -- Android 14) and all of my data copied over.

I cant find the file I used for my wallpaper on my storage / backup of my old phone. Can anyone please help me find the source of this image, or where Android stores the file?

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Can someone put a ribbon on his head? I also have 3 other images to put the ribbon.

The ribbon in comments.
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Help me finding a blog

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Hi, I'm trying to find an old graphic design blog. It was a blogspot from 2010-2012 I guess, 2014 at most. In one entry the author described Luke Pearson's (Hildafolk comics author) color theory and used picrel in specific as an example. He redraw it using a different character and a different color palette; which was moslty red and orange colors.
I swear it used to be very easy to fins some years ago and now I can't find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance.
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Torrents for courses

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Hi anons, I'd like to ask if any of you know of a place to download courses from.
I was thinking of taking some linkedin courses so i could get a job but apparently i have to pay for it, which i found to be incredibly gay.
So if any of you know about a place or something Sales representative or autocad related I'll be very grateful.

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Give me your best jokes /wsr/.


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Does anybody recognise this anime? The only image I have is someone else's screenshot of a reverse image search.