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Woah! What's this weird sticky white stuff? D-Did you just pee on me?!?!
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Every time I eat instant ramen I always feel like an anime character and I haven't watched anime in years

The United States doesn't exist anymore

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“States of America”

Hundreds of millions of migrants to shart metrica every years.

Chinese spy’s are outpacing Indian migrants.

There should be more Indian shit eating invaders. I want them to rape every states of America citizens.

Police are mercenaries for each state trying to contain government collapse.

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>/bant/ - International/Random
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look out anime trannies!

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ukraine lost
russia won

nazis lost again LOOOOOOL!!!!!

time to kill yourself white subhuman

you will always be a subhuman cuckold failure scum of the earth BLOW YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT
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hehe gib money and catfood you fat