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Hunt tranimal ERPers down
Torture tranimal ERPers with blowtorches, knives and pliers
Kill tranimal ERPers with a gun shot to the head
Cut tranimal ERPers into tiny, little pieces
Stomp tranimal ERPers remains down the shower drain

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No nut day 30 complete
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would you handhold cirno?
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Moзгoвoй жиp

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Я вoт нe oчeнь yмный, нo oчeнь тoлcтый. И я вoт чтo пoдyмaл. Moзг тpaтит энepгию для paбoты. Tpaтишь энepгию - хyдeeшь. Paбoтaeшь мoзгoм - yмнeeшь. Кpyтo жe. Хyдeeшь и yмнeeшь. Пoчeмy дo cих пop нeт мeтoдики пoхyдeния чepeз yмнeниe?
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I have an announcement...

niece topic: scratchtubers

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history: it all started in 2018/2019, in Kropotkin, Krasnodar Krai, Liza had an Idea, moments after joining the childrens coding platform known as "scratch", she thought "what I formed a community full of "scratchers" who don't just post on the platform but also post on the video sharing site "YouTube"?" and that's how scratchtubing and the "scratchtuber community" was formed.

Members (former and or current (what I know of)):

Liza (PrincessAngelLiza)
Max (Max4459)
Niki (NikiDX)
Caragh (Starlight Siren)
Joe (Joerobinete)
Rufat (Technically a member (Neo-Purple))
Arty (ArtyMik908)

Kseniya (Kseniya Chan)
(I've decided to use yt and scratch usernames btw)
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>minha reação quando o ddd 97 começa a falar merda

Will Asian women be able to recover from the side profile meme?

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More and more people are starting to notice just how flat and revolting their faces are.
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I love showing off my homosexuality, ask me anything
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