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Vintage yeahhhhhh

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Flex your current vintage setup! Let me see emm! Photo is of my current Canon Av-1

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Why do you hate him?
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Lumix S5 for video

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Seeing these cameras go for about £600 on eBay used at the moment. I only just bought one a few years ago for about double the price used, what gives? I know the S5ii and iix have much better autofocus for video but honestly if you want to get into filmmaking, this camera is an absolute bargain now for what it can do.

The built in H265 with vlog is fantastic. L Mount means you can adapt a shit ton of vintage glass to it and it can be easily rigged out into a cinema camera if needed. Think I might snag myself another one soon to use as a B cam for documentary and gig work.
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Gen-z is slurping up each and every used digicam that comes on the market

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and even though i as a 40 year old millennifart boomer often shit on gen-z i think it is kinda cool. Just imagine them going to whatever social gathering they are assembling in, bringing out all these cool semi-vintage digicams that nobody gave 2 shits about until recently..
The market is absolutely booming right now.. they want it all. The shittiest model you can imagine? Guess what.. they want it and they want to pay more than yesterday.
In certain niche markets these things sell for even above ebay prices which is insane.
Gen-z is unironically making photography fun again?
It is also quite interesting to think about the conditions that made this possible in the first place. So what happened exactly? My viewpoint is the following:
Younger Gen-z social media users have only used cellphones for photography.. they have finally realized that the platform has limitations.. they look at pictures their parents took of them when they were kids using digicams and want that particular look etc, meanwhile the large camera companies have completely neglected this market segment thanks to plebs only using their phones. just look at Canon for instance.. they haven't released a single Ixus model in 7 years and their last hoorah was nothing special in terms of specifications so we have to go back even further to find their high end models. Other companies have done the same.. there is nothing to be seen from the likes of Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Samsung or any of the companies that for years made these ultra-compact and cool looking cameras.
It find it all really strange. You have a generation that simply loves this type of stuff and nothing to sell them. Just imagine these cameras with updated hardware, maybe some fresh colors and "limited edition" varieties.
Also feel free to post pics of cool digicams.
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grip gear

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what's your favorite piece of grip equipment, anon?
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What kind of camera do I need if I want to do sharp city photography. Does a FF sensor body not cut it anymore ? Or do I just some ultrasharp lens?
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Why is it that when I film in higher resolutions, the colors become much different (better, more natural looking).

I have a sonya6400, and the 4k footage has tremendously bette colors than 1080p footage. And I now just got a new gopro, and I see the same pattern. 4k has much better (more natural) colors than 1080p, and 5,3k is even better than 4k.

I've also tried youtubing some resulotion comparison videos on the same camera (with the same settings), and it's the same. Higher quality nearly always produces better and more natural colors.

What the hell is going on? I would like to not be limited to the highest possible resolution, but I just cannot unsee how bad the colors look on 1080p.
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Copy cat snappers

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Why is it that when I'm spotted with my camera trying to take a picture of something people immediately come up and also take a picture in the same direction using their smartphones? They don't even know why or what I am looking at.

Is this mental Illness of not wanting to be left out?
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If you do not have a CCD DSLR yet, BUY ONE NOW. Prices are going through the roof before this time next year
>Nikon D200, D70
>Pentax K10D (best)
>Canon Rebel T6i
>Sony A390 & A290
These cameras are absolutely unique and look more like film than any preset you can slap ontop of your fooljiflam raws or NIGGOR snapshits. Zoomers are going to catch on soon. These cameras are still <$100 with kit lens, and other lenses for them are dirt cheap, tack sharp, indestructible screw drive lenses. GET ONE NOW, or miss out and cope with paying $300 for a K10D!
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I photograph stuff, I'll post some stuff, first photos that I like, then portraits and other stuff.
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