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Why haven't you /out/ed under the northern lights yet?

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>inb4 he's a southernlet
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>blocks your path
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mountain thread

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so i was just reading about how Mount Mckinley is the biggest mountain in the world base to summit because everest and several others bases are super high above sea level. what other mountains would be the tallest this way (obviously not that hawaiian silly shit thats underwater) as a hiker the height base to summit is alot more important than just plain altitude
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What are some dangerous jobs that an able bodied person can make a bunch of money in?
I've been looking into wildland firefighting but it seems like Oregon is the only place to go for that. Also the pay doesn't seem substantial.
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Hey /out/,
I'm planning to go on a bike trip with this girl I like. It'll be about 70km, so we'll be out for a while.
I bought >pic rel last year for my trips so I don't have to carry all the water I need with me from the start.
Would it be too autistic to bring the water filter on this bike trip date? I'm worried she'll think I'm weird.
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Opinions and facts about cheap high quality forests to live near.
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>west virginia
Holy shit I share a board with plebs
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Found a meth lab in the woods last week

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> Mountain biking deep in the woods last week
> Take a trail, assume it's point-to-point, ending at the road
> Somehow get turned around. End up on the back of the mountain, in the middle of nowhere.
> The trail gets smaller and smaller.
> I'm hoping that means I'm closer to the road, but instead it dwindles to nothing. It's a glorified deer trail at this point.
> I see something in the distance.
> What the actual fuck??? It's a camper.
> Looks like pic related, exactly like Breaking Bad, maybe even more ramshackle.
> Covered in spray painted pentagrams, and the hood reads "LIAR"
> How the fuck did it get all the way out here?
> It's got to be five miles to the nearest road.
> I get a better look. There are spent propane tanks all over the place
> I see galvanized metal tubs. Someone has been cooking out here.
> Begin to put two and two together, and I get the feeling I'm being watched.
> Can't see in the windows. Realize someone might be looking back at me.
> Someone has been here recently.
> Realize the trail never led back to the road.
> It was an access path to a FUCKING METH LAB... (To be continued)
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What's your big 4 setup look like /out/?

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For me:

>Tent: MSR Hubba Hubba 2
>Bag: Gregory Baltoro 65
>Sleeping bag: Marmot Sawtooth 15
>Sleeping pad: Zlite
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Is this a good water filter?
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