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The age of leather is at an end.
Synthetics are now superior in every way, even ethically.

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Solo camping first time

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How do I not die? I feel like someone could just walk up and ventilate my tent with a rifle
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Asheville North Carolina

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Anyone ever been here? Seems like a perfect place to live, as far as places go where you could actually find a job. Tons of public land in all directions, relatively low population density, nice weather. What's the catch?
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Japan out

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Why isn't Japan a bigger out location? It's covered with tons of forest. Most of the population is squeezed into Tokyo. Basically Japan has the same problem as northern New England, the terrain is so mountainous and nasty that they just can't build any more roads or cities, so it's just left to nature. Most of Japan looks comfy as fuck.
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>want to go /out/ for a month
>can’t because penile yeast infection will consume my dick if I don’t shower every 12 hours
How do I into hygiene innawoods?
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Please help I bought a dog and was told she’s a girl but I think I see a penis dj
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How do you clean/wash yourself when /out/ in the winter?
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what's the /out/ verdict? I keep seeing normalfags flip flop between "noo dont stack rocks it's le bad!" and "noo don't kick over rock stacks they're le helpful!"
I naturally want to be a contrarian but I can't do that if i'm not sure what the common consensus is
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Krautbros help me

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how usable are the standart Bundeswehr Mountain boots? will they kill my feet? how many kilometers will they last? i need to buy new boots next week and id appreciate input.
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