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Since when did everybody start fishing?

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>download fishbrain
>look at local spots that I thought were low traffic
>literally hundreds of reports
When did fishing become the new hiking meaning that every normie does it now? I swear it wasn't like this before covid.
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how hardcore are you?
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What is enough?

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>I live in New England, birthplace of faggot ass Lyme Disease, ticks are everywhere innawoods
>Already had Lyme twice in my youth, never want that shit again

I bought a pair of $100 pants from Duluth that were branded as "no bug/tick" which according to the label is some proprietary Permethrin infusion.
>catch tick
>put it on pants
>watch it walk all over for several minutes, completely unbothered by the "kills bugs and ticks guaranteed!" pants
>return pants because they clearly do not fucking work

So were these pants just trash? Or is Permethrin ineffective?

What is the best way to protect from these little fuckers? Between hiking, mushrooming, and camping i'm off trail at least 75% of the time essentially bushwhacking through trees and brush.
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Why do you even bother going outside?

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You aren't practicing survival or subsistence or marksmanship or axemanship. You aren't developing any skillsets of any kind. You aren't preparing for economic collapse or your personal exit from the system. You aren't shooting or catching your dinner or gathering any resource you need. Why don't you just stay home? Why do I have to compete with you for parking or even fucking look at you? What the fuck are you even doing out here? Just stay home and make avocado toast and play fortnight or whatever.
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What do you guys hunt with? Whether its small or big game
What kinds of guns/bows/knife equipment do you use/recommend
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alone in forest

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What are the things a single man can create using forest materials without others help?

Is freediving /out/?

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Just got certed and i think it’s my new favorite activity. General discussion, also anyone in CO want to dive some alpine lakes with me?
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How do you feel about disruptive, hostile eco-protesting?
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