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Comfy, multipurpose camping gear

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I can't get over how cool it would be to be able to combine all my /out/ gear into a single, inflatable tentcouch.
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Thru Hike

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Do we have any tripple crowners/or thru-hikers here? Share some stories!
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Your water bottle

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It’s best to keep it in the OUTSIDE of your pack, not the inside.

Just an FYI.
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So, I both asked /ck/ and /an/, but /ck/ was fucking useless and /an/ advised me to ask you too guys .
If you had the option to get an animal for milk, which one would you get?
Ive recently got a house in the countryside with some land and ill probably be moving there by the end of the next year.
Ive already planned for a garden for muh veggies and crops, but I also wanna slowly start getting some animals too.
Im definitely starting with some chickens, because they are relatively easy to take care of and id love some fresh eggs every morning and some meat. Probably gonna get a pig too, eventually. Thankfully, I already have buildings for those on my property
But what animal should I chose for dairy?
A cow seems like would be quite challenging for the first time. Also, it seems like its too much milk, dunno what to do with it every day, unless i try selling it which I just cant be arsed to do.
Sheep seems like a better option. Love sheep milk and especially cheese, but they also seem like they need a lot of care every day and you need to babysit them a lot.
Goat seems like the best option. They are basically retard-proof and basically take care of themselves, just have a patch of land where you can release them to graze whole day and theyll be fine, which I do.
On the other hand, goat milk is more of an acquired taste, I dunno if ill be able to just drink my coffee with goat milk every day, but I guess ill get used to eventually.
Any farmer anons here with experience?
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Is Helly Hansen a good brand? Worth the price?
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Walking Shoes - Most comfortable?

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I am looking for some shoes to use for daily walks on asphalt and grass.

What are THE most comfortable walking/light hiking shoe?

I used to have a pair of Nikes that were almost like socks. Super light weight. However, they were unstable and caused fatigue due to this.

Right now I'm using a pair of Tod's Driving Loafers which are very nice and comfortable to wear, but not when walking with them (I guess they're made for driving after all).

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Alright which one of you was it?
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/out/ in the Ozarks

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Is there enough open space land to camp for free in the Ozarks?
Any /out/jobs or locations where you can pick up any old job that isn't a wagie at McDonald's while still living innawoods? How cold is it in winter?
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How did people live in cold and wet climates way back in the day (1000+ years ago)? I'm talking Scotland, Scandinavia, etc. You're always filthy, cold and wet and yet they spent their whole lives in that. I understand they bathed every now and then but I'm sure most of the time they were filthy and miserable.
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